Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Favorite Albums of 2011

Seeing as I'm an original and hate to do things that everyone else does just because, and since today is the last day of 2011, I've decided to step outside the box and make a list of my favorite albums from the past year. These are just the albums I enjoyed the most in 2011. There are probably tons more albums that I would have enjoyed just as much if I had known about them/given them a chance, but I've only got so much listening time and when I like something I like to hear it a lot, which is why Flockavelli was my soundtrack to the first six months of 2011. Anyway, without further ado, here are my favorite albums of the year, in no particular order.

Waka Flocka Flame, Flockavelli: Technically this album came out in 2010, and a lot of the individual songs are even older than that, but I kinda slept on Waka during his intiial mixtape surge and didn't cop Flockavelli until January or February 2011 and it didn't leave my cd player for several months. I'm pretty sure this is the hardest album ever and if you need proof, here you go. I can't wait for his new album to drop - BOW! BOW! BOW!

Frank Ocean, nostalgia,ULTRA: Odd Future's resident crooner's album kinda came out of nowhere in early 2011 and was just about the only thing I listening to other than Flockavelli from January to June. At first, "Novacane" and "Songs 4 Women" were my favorite songs, the latter partially for the Van Halen reference, but by the end even the "bad" songs had grown on me. On the strength of this album, Ocean got a couple notable features on Kanye and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne, which didn't make this list.

The Weeknd, House of Balloons: Another R&B dude who is often compared to Frank Ocean, The Weeknd digitally released House of Balloons, a "mixtape" that basically functions as an album, in March 2011. I downloaded it shortly after it was released, but I was in full Flockavelli-nostalgia,ULTRA mode and didn't give House of Balloons a listen until May or June, at which point it found its way into steady rotation on my ipod. Darker and dirtier than Frank Ocean's brand of music, House of Balloons kinda made me feel like a pervert when listening to it, but it's some good music, so I didn't mind. The Weeknd released two other "mixtapes" this year, but I've been too busy with other music to give either a good listen, not to mention that the third only came like two weeks ago.

Jay Rock, Follow Me Home: Everyone is on Jay Rock's fellow Black Hippy, Kendrick Lamar, but to me, Jay's Follow Me Home was the best Black Hippy release of 2011. Jay Rock has a voice that's pretty reminiscent of Xzibit, and while I never really loved Xzibit, the voice works for Jay Rock. I don't have too much to say about this album other than that it's some straight up Los Angeles gangster shit. Do with that what you will.

Killer Mike, PL3DGE: This is a very welcome surprise to me. I haven't really paid too much attention to Killer Mike the last few years and I kinda bought this album on a whim, but it quickly became my go to cd in the car. I think the case can be made that this was the best rap album of 2011 insomuch as it's got a solid combination of good to great production, strong raps that are accessible to the average listener, some good guests appearances, songs with a message and general across the board consistency.

Das Racist, Relax: I didn't really read reviews or much press on Relax, Das Racist's first "real" album, but my sense is that people would feel that it's more poppy/dancey and less rappy than their first two mixtapes, possibly levying that as a negative critique of the album. I definitely liked Relax, as evidenced by its inclusion on this list, but probably not quite as much as their mixtapes. It also has a Danny Brown feature and you can't go wrong with that.

Danny Brown, XXX: Speaking of Danny Brown, he's probably my current favorite rapper and XXX was a free digital album he released on Fool's Gold this year. I think his voice and delivery might be a bit much for some people, but they're really perfect for his overall aesthetic. If you like punchlines, drug and cunnilingus raps, then Danny Brown's your dude.

Cults, Cults: As evidenced by the rest of this list, I spent most of the listening to rap. I'm not sure if that's because I didn't really expose myself to other genres this year or if it's because there wasn't that much great indie/rock/pop music released in 2011. My guess, and hope, is it's the former. Regardless, Cults' self-titled debut album is clearly my favorite non-rap album of the year. I'm sure they've been described better elsewhere, but they have a very nostalgic sound to me without sounding too derivative. More importantly, they make really happy sounding music and they offer good advice.

ASAP Rocky, liveloveA$AP: The internets kinda love ASAP and I'm kinda tired of writing, so I won't say much here. this is the best weed-rap album I've heard in a while and definitely the best Southern rap album ever made by a Harlemite. Plus, it has my favorite rap verse of the year.

Young L, Praktica: Super fresh beats and super mediocre raps. A good combination as far as I'm concerned.

There you have it. This was pretty much the soundtrack to my year. I also want to acknowledge one of the hardest songs of the year from Waka Flocka and Slim Dunkin's Twin Towers 2 mixtape. RIP Slim Dunkin.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

NFL Week 16

Not Your Type

DET -2 @ SD (4 nuts)

MIN @ WAS -5.5 (3 nuts)

DEN -3 @ BUF (3 nuts)

known associate:
GIANTS +2.5 at jets (4 nuts)
chargers at lions OVER 52.5 (3 nuts)
dolphins at patriots OVER 49 (2 nuts)

billy rubin:
i woke up late so i'm stuck with the late games. plus, i haven't really put much time and effort into my projections this week. these picks are gonna be caca, buyer beware.

chargers +1 @ lions (2 nuts)

chargers @ lions over 52.5 (3 nuts)

niners -1.5 @ seahawks (2 nuts) - go niners!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

NFL Week 15

Not Your Type

CAR @ HOU -6 (3 nuts)

BAL -2.5 @ SD (4 nuts)

DET -1 @ OAK (3 nuts)

known associate:
PACKERS -11.5 at chiefs (3 nuts)
the reverse line movement is a concern but bad teams usually fare poorly after a coaching change. the chiefs are a bad team.

panthers at texans UNDER 45 (3 nuts)
superman hasn't faced a defense like houston's. texans offense will run the rock and the clock.

RAVENS -2.5 at chargers (4 nuts)
san diego has been feasting on garbage defenses. baltimore wins the line of scrimmage on both sides.

billy rubin:
saints -7 @ vikings (2 nuts): me thinks new orleans is due for a big win after barely beating the titans last week.

jets +3 @ eagles (3 nuts): eagles are weaksauce. jets will win outright.

ravens @ chargers under 44 (3 nuts): ravens D plus ravens O equals low scoring football.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

NFL Week 14

Not Your Type

BUF +7 @ SD (2 nuts)

NO - 3.5 @ TEN (3 nuts)

NE - 8 @ WAS (3 nuts)

billy rubin:

texans +2.5 @ bengals (3 nuts)

panthers +3 vs falcons (2 nuts)

niners -3.5 @ cardinals (2 nuts)

i'm not feeling very confident about any games this week, but i also kinda like raiders +12 @ packers. i just wish i had the balls to pick them.

known associate:
texans at bengals UNDER 37.5 (2 nuts)
bills at chargers OVER 49 (2 nuts)
GIANTS +4.5 at cowboys (5 nuts)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

NFL Week 13

Not Your Type

CAR +2 @ TB (4 nuts)

TEN +2 @ BUF (3 nuts)

DEN -1 @ MIN (3 nuts)

billy rubin:

titans +2 @ buffalo (3 nuts): battle of the inconsistent mediocre teams.

bears - 7 vs chiefs (4 nuts): battle of the backups.

broncos -1 @ vikings (3 nuts): battle for our salvation. i wish i had locked this in when denver was still the underdog.

known associate;
ravens -7 (2 nuts)
cowboys -4.5 (2 nuts)
saints -8.5 (5 nuts)

Blue Whale:
bengals +7 (3 nuts)
redskins +3 (3 nuts)
texans +1.5 (3 nuts)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Collits Football 2011 Championship Week

known associate:
ucla at OREGON -17.5 1st half (2 nuts)
the bruins are on the verge of a historical season. recently ruled bowl eligible regardless of tonight's inaugural pac-12 championship game result, they stand a good chance of becoming the first ever team to finish with a 6-8 record. historical, i tell ya. ducks roll to the rose bowl.
- bruins 17 ducks 35 (final score 31-49). a pick-6 and last second FG for the other side wasn't enough to ruin the cover. wish i would've remembered to take the ducks team total. +2 nuts.

oklahoma at OKLAHOMA ST -3 (2 nuts)
the pokes would be heading to the mnc game if not for an off-week upset loss to iowa state while the sooners have lost too much to injury. the weather is a slight concern.
- sooners 10 cowboys 44. +2 nuts.

TEXAS +3 at baylor (1 nut)
the longhorns are by far the best defense rg3 has faced. plus, betting underdogs with the better running game has been profitable and the bears' run d is dookie sauce.
- longhorns 24 bears 48. -1 nut.

considering wisky and lsu. already took both in a 7pt tease.
va tech vs CLEMSON +7 (1 nut)
- hokies 10 tigers 38. +1 nut.

championship week result: 3-1, +4 nuts.
also, tyrann mathieu, playmaker.

collits records through 12/3:
known associate. 29-24. +8 nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 10-15-1. -17 nuts

Sunday, November 27, 2011

NFL Week 12

billy rubin:

ARI +2.5 @ STL (3 nuts): arizona is less worse than saint louis. congratulations!
- cards 23 rams 20. +3 nuts.

TEN -3 vs TB (3 nuts): the bucs sacked up last week against green bay, but they will be back to their sub-mediocre road tendencies this week and the miserable titans will take advantage.
- titans 23 bucs 17. +3 nuts.

DEN +5.5 @ SD (2 nuts): this might very well be the game where san diego plays a good game and ends up covering, but if that's not the case jesus will continue to run the option on water and turn high school football to professional wine.
- broncos 16 chargers 13. +2 nuts.

week 12: 3-0. +8 nuts.

i almost want to swap out the broncos for NE -3.5 @ PHI, but i like denver's odds a little bit more.

Not Your Type

HOU @ JAX +6.5 (2 nuts)

CAR -3.5 @ IND (5 nuts)

NE - 3.5 @ PHI (3 nuts)

known associate:
browns at BENGALS -7 (4 nuts)
STEELERS -10.5 at chiefs (2 nuts)
giants at SAINTS -7 (4 nuts)

records through week 11 (and week 11):
Billy Rubin: 18-13-2. +16 nuts (1-1-1. -1 nut)
Not Your Type: 15-18. +5 nuts (1-2. 0 nuts)
Blue Whale: 15-11-4. +5 nuts (2-0-1. +6 nuts)
known associate: 13-20. -19 nuts (0-3. -10 nuts)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Collits Football 2011 Week 13

known associate:
black friday...
arkansas at LSU -12 (1 nut)
- razorbacks 17 tigers 41. +1
boston college at MIAMI -13 (2 nuts)
also took both in a 2 team teaser.
- eagles 24 hurricanes 17. -2
week 13 result: 1-1, -1 nut.
was too hungover to post on saturday but i did manage to win some on 'bama straight and a usc/stanford tease (which didn't need to be teased on either end).

collits records through week 13:
known associate. 26-23. +4 nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 10-15-1. -17 nuts

Saturday, November 19, 2011

NFL Week 11

Not Your Type

PHI @ NYG -5 (5 nuts)

Rumor has it that Boyz II Men is going to start for the Eagles in Vick's and Maclin's places. The Giants better win big.

SD @ CHI -3.5 (4 nuts)

Bears D will go Yogi Bear all over the Chargers like they are a pick-a-nick basket, Booboo.

BUF +2 @ MIA (1 nut)

I am going to pick the Bills until they win me some nuts.

known associate:
COWBOYS -7 at was (5 nuts)
PANTHERS +7 at det (3 nuts)
tb at PACKERS -14 (2 nuts)
smaller plays on stl, ne, mia, the overs in chi and min.

blue whale:
for those of you who pay attention to collits is getting interesting.
MEMPHIS TENN TITANS +6.5 at Atlanta Falcons (2 nuts)
Chris Johnson heating up
TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS +14 at Lambeau Field(4 nuts)
90% on Packers
NATI BENGALS +7 at Baltimore Ravens(4 nuts)
i give honor to underrated defenses

love panthers, patriots and the bills. And after tomorrow Ya Boy Vince Young

billy rubin:

titans+6 @ falcons (2 nuts): my projections have the titans winning straight up, so i'll take the points and hope for the best
- titans 17 falcons 23. push.

jags @ browns under 34.5 (3 nuts): i've got a 16-14 game here, which would be great, but coldhardfootballfacts has a 6-2 game, which would be even greater!
- jags 10 brows 14. +3 nuts.

packers -14 vs tampa (4 nuts): aaron rodgers at home versus tampa secondary on the road. 'nuff said.
- packers 35 bucs 26. -4 nuts.

week 11: 1-1-1. -1 nut.

records through week 10 (and week 10):
Billy Rubin: 17-12-1. +17 nuts (2-1. +3 nuts)
Not Your Type: 14-16. +5 nuts (1-2. -2 nuts)
Blue Whale: 13-11-3. -1 nut (1-2. -6 nuts)
known associate: 13-17. -9 nuts (2-1. +4 nuts)

Collits Football 2011 Week 12

known associate:
louisville at UCONN -1 (1 nut)
- cardinals 34 huskies 20. -1
kansas at TEXAS A&M -31 (1 nut)
- jayhawks 7 aggies 61. +1
penn st at OHIO ST -6.5 (1 nut)
- nittany lions 20 buckeyes 14. -1
navy at SAN JOSE ST +6.5 (1 nut)
- midshipmen 24 spartans 27. +1
also minimum play on the osu beavers at home.
virginia at FLORIDA ST -17 (1 nut)
- cavaliers 14 seminoles 13. -1
usc at oregon OVER 69.5 (1 nut)
- trojans 38 ducks 35. +1
known associate week 12 result: 3-3, 0 nuts.

collits records through week 12:
known associate. 25-22. +5 nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 10-15-1. -17 nuts

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NFL Week 10

BUF +5.5 @ DAL (3 nuts)

PIT @ CIN +4 (2 nuts)

HOU -3.5 @ TB (3 nuts)

blue whale be sayin:
Denver Broncos +3 at Kansas City Chiefs 2 nuts
I am not fond of Tebow. He does not make anybody around him better. It was either the Raiders caught themselves slipping disrepecting his arm by allowing him to throw or Denver's stable of wide receivers can catch..well. I am interested to see how he fares against the Chiefs who will be loading up the box to stop the run. Denver is the better team here. The NFL wants Tebow to succeed.
Memphis Tenn Titans at Cack Panthers -3.5 3 nuts
Off a bye week at home. This should be a high scoring affair. Chris Johnson is slowly showing some pizzazz. Cam Newton should be able to throw and run all over the Tennessee D.
Nawlins Saints at ATL Falcons PK 5 nuts
A win at home will put the Dirty Birds 1st place in the NFC south. In the dome they are unstoppable. Who has the Saints beat? Falcons had an impressive win over Detroit and convinced me that it is not Tampa Bay, but Atl that is gonna take their division. FYI Tampa Bay is gonna win at home against Houston.

billy rubin:

there are a lot of games i kinda like this week, but none i really love. so, here goes nothing:

texans -3.5 @ bucs (3 nuts): tampa is better, maybe even decent at home, but houston is better in general and playing well of late. the arian should assert his racial superiority over his foes.
- texans 37 bucs 9. + 3 nuts.

saints pk @ falcons (2 nuts): the saints seem to be an on-again-off-again team this year, and they were on last week, which would imply they'll be off this week. but, they're playing an average-at-best defensive team in atlanta and they're in a dome, so i like the saints' chances of eking out a win this week.
- saints 26 falcons 23. + 2 nuts.

bengals +4 vs steelers (2 nuts): the bengals, like my niners, have been covering machines this year, and i think they match up well against a not-elite steelers team. i actually think there's a decent chance the bengals win this one outright, although the steelers should come to play after losing to baltimore last week.
- bengals 17 steelers 24. - 2 nuts.

week 10: 2-1. +3 nuts.

i also kinda like buffalo, denver, detroit, jacksonville, niners and the jets.

known associate:
SAINTS PK at falcons (4 nuts)
TEXANS -3.5 at bucaneers (2 nuts)
giants at 49ers UNDER 42.5 (2 nuts)

records through week 9 (and week 9):
Billy Rubin: 15-11-1. +14 nuts (3-0. +10 nuts)
Not Your Type: 13-14. +7 nuts (2-1. +4 nuts)
Blue Whale: 12-9-3. +5 nuts (3-0. +9 nuts)
known associate: 11-16. -13 nuts (2-1. +3 nuts)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Collits Football 2011 Week 11

joe paterno jerry sandusky penn state child sex abuse scandal anal butt rape
known associate:
nebraska at PENN STATE +3.5 (1 nut)
for the children.
- huskers 17 pedophile state nittany lions 14 (+1 nut)
irreverent image notwithstanding, this penn state situation is some fucked up shit. here's a good read on it. it's even gooder when you consider it was written 7 months ago. why did it take this long for the authorities to press charges and the story to break nationally? yea, i'm sure the timing of joepa's 409th win (two weeks ago) to break eddie robinson's record for career wins had nothing to do with it. these fucks chose penn state football over the victims for as long as they damn could; leaving a monster free and able to roam, rape and pillage more boy's buttholes. a damn shame.

this game ended in the best possible result as far as i'm concerned. my bet covered while the nittany lions lost. let's hope the curse of the boy rapes lives on.

MICHIGAN STATE -2.5 at iowa (1 nut)
for sparta.
- spartans 37 hawkeyes 21 (+1 nut)

looking at illini, noles, smurf turfs. and waiting on zona team total.
michigan at ILLINOIS PK (1 nut)
passed on fsu, zona team total wasnt offered. minimum wager on boise.
- wolverines 31 fighting illini 14 (-1 nut)

afternoon and primetime...
tennessee at ARKANSAS -16.5 (1 nut)
- volunteers 7 razorbacks 49 (+1 nut)
oregon team total OVER 35 (1 nut)
as blue whale listed below, the ducks have some fresh names on offense. stanford, meanwhile, has a stepfan. i also like the ducks for the game but i'll just roll with a 7 pt teaser (with ark) in addition to the team total because this really just might be the cardinal's year.
- ducks 53 trees 30 (+1 nut)
known associate week 11 result: 4-1. +3 nuts

'pokes for the mnc...

blue whale:
Wakeforest Demon Deacons at Clemson -16.5 2 nuts
Two weeks to prepare, Tahj and company should come out hard.
Texas Long Horns at Mizzou +1 2 nuts
Kentucky at Vanderbilt -13.5 2 nuts
commodores have 6th rank defense, they have been impressive the past two weeks.
Auburn at Georgia -12 2 nuts
return from decline. Bulldogs get their running back back.
are you gonna pick luck and an injured offense over flash and flare? I mean LeMichael , d'anthony , Kenjon, Lavasier, etc., etc...Im also feeling the fightin Illi over Michigan. two players on my radar for this week is Georgia St. running back Isaiah Crowell and Oregon St. wideout James Rodgers.

blue whale week 11 result: 3-1. +4 nuts

collits records through week 11:
known associate. 22-19. +5 nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 10-15-1. -17 nuts

Friday, November 4, 2011

Collits Football 2011 Week 10

known associate:
kansas st at OKLAHOMA ST -21 (2 nuts)
this cowboys offense is too fresh right now and the wildcats should be a bit deflated coming off their first loss.
- wildcats 45 cowboys 52 (-2 nuts)

WASHINGTON ST +5.5 1st half at california (1 nut)
not much of a homefield advantage at the ballpark for the bears. i'm taking the first half in case tedford finally pulls maynard and bridgford provides some kinda spark. moneyline is tempting too.
- cougars 0 golden bears 23 (-1 nut) final score: 30-7.

south carolina at ARKANSAS -5.5 (2 nuts)
cocks defense gettin much love despite not having played a top 50 offense.
- gamecocks 28 razorbacks 44 (+2 nuts)

lsu at alabama OVER 41.5 (1 nut)
locking this in now as i think it's gonna rise. still eyeing bama for the side bet. it may or may not be a blog pick depending on the line movement.
and BAMA -5 (1 nut)
roll tide.
- tigers 9 crimson tide 6 (-2 nuts)

known associate week 10 result: 1-4. -3 nuts

collits records through week 10:
known associate. 18-18. +2 nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 7-14-1. -21 nuts

Thursday, November 3, 2011

NFL Week 9

billy rubin:

i want to lock in a couple picks early, so here we go.

saints -8 vs bucs (4 nuts): brees' performance against tampa earlier in the season was an aberration. the saints are far superior to the bucs and the bucs are especially poor on the road. saints will win by two TDs or so.
- saints 27 bucs 16. this one got a little scary at the end as the saints coasted in the second half, but they held on for the cover. + 4 nuts.

niners -3.5 @ redskins (4 nuts): the niners head east for an early game, which is a concern, but this is another case where one team clearly outclasses the other. the skins' defense is quite good, which could pose problems for the niners, but the niners' d is even gooder and the skins' offense is so ungood, that this won't be a contest. niners should win by double digits.
- niners 19 skins 11. elite defense and mediocre offense triumphed over decent defense and horrid offense - hooray! + 4 nuts.

third pick coming at some future point. leaning buffalo, cincy and arizona right now.

bengals +2.5 @ titans (2 nuts): bengals' d is pretty solid. titans' offense has been struggling lately. cincy offense can put together some points. i think cincy should win this straight up like mrs. emilio estevez.
- bengals 24 titans 17. niners and bengals in the super bowl again? maybe just the super bowl of covering machines. + 2 nuts.

- billy rubin week 9 results: 3-0 + 10 nuts. and we're back!

blue whale:

Miami Dolphins +4 at Kansas City Chiefs

miami is 13th in the league defending the run and the chiefs are 9th in the league in running offense. Don't let that run offense ranking fool you, the air attack is so terrible they have no choice but to run. The only real threat seems to Dexter McCluster. Cassel is gonna have to beat Miami with his arm and I don't trust his arm. 3 nuts

Miami 31 Kansas City 3 it was written in the scrolls of Skellus- the old Wizard from Conan Destroyer +3

Denver Broncos +7.5 at The City Of Dope

Raiders are missing two key offensive elements that made them very potent. Mcfadden and Campbell. McFadden for obvious reasons the man is big play and can flat out run making defenders miss. Campbell was key because of his mobility and his knack for prolonging the play. His legs too made defenders miss and also gave his weapons time to get open. Now with Carson Palmer, who is a statue in the pocket, he will be sack target number one. 2 nuts

Denver 38 Oakland 24 besides the St Louis Rams, i think that the Raiders have a very underrated stable of wide recievers. Moore, Heyward Bey, Ford and Murphy. They shouldn't have let go of Higgins, now Housh is the odd man in. Raiders also have a very underrated O-line. If Taiwan Jones started he should go. Its obvious that Denver has alot of talent on that team, but their performance is construed because of the mishap opportunities Oakland ill afforded in this match up. +3 nuts

NYGz +9 at New England Patriots

Hate to say it but little Manning is playing at an elite level and the pats secondary is crap. New York's defense can provide the four man rush to keep Brady out of the pocket. Maybe not stop him but slow him down. The pats defensive saving grace is that they are good at defending the run and Bradshaw is playing with a broken bone is his foot. Pats will win this one but Giants keep it close. 5 nuts..also like the over.

New York G 24 New England 20 G-MEN are definitely sound on both sides of the ball. They are taking the NFC east, i can't see it go any oher way. Even with the slew of injuries in the secondary they experienced in the preseason, it seems that the schemes are solid as long as they have adequate talent in the right places. New england should definitely go off next week. +3

Teams with value are 415 niners, Nati, GB, and Browns (fade) and Indy (fade).

Next week Bears Bills Dolphins Pats Seahawks. this is also the week Chargers cover a game

Not Your Type

MIA @ KC -4 (2 nuts)

KC has a masterpiece while Miami gets put in a vice.
Turns out Crocket & Tubbs turned the Chiefs into BBQ sauce. (-2 nuts)

CIN +2.5 @ TEN (2 nuts)

You know which new show I like? Grimm.
You know how many nuts I got for this game? +2 nuts.

GB -5.5 @ SD (4 nuts)

The Packers will pack the box score with statistical meat. The Chargers will feel violated. Time to call the SVU.
This game was packed with offense. Aaron Rodgers was all, "Your momma smells like when I pee after I eat asparagus because I just golden showered her because she is dumb and ugly and walks with a limp and gave birth to you through her butt-hole and you throw three interceptions." And Philip Rivers was like, " Well, you are a dootie head." (+4 nuts)

known associate:
CIN +2.5 at ten (3 nuts)
GB -5.5 at sd (3 nuts)
bal at PIT -3 (3 nuts)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

NFL Week 8

known associate:
cardinals at RAVENS -11 (3 nuts)

COWBOYS +3 at eagles (2 nuts)

PATRIOTS -3 at steelers (4 nuts)

- known associate week 8 results: 0-3. -9 nuts. ravens might've covered if they showed up for the first half. cowboys and patriots were bad bets. i'm on a roll, people!

billy rubin:

i don't have any fancy pictures...

DET -3 @ DEN (2 nuts): detroit burned me last week, but they're a better team than denver and denver shouldn't be able to exploit their weak run D like the niners and falcons did. i just hope tebow's christian god doesn't grant him this victory.
- lions 45 broncos 10. where's your god now, tebow? +2 nuts

PIT +3 vs. NE (2 nuts): yes, i'm crazy. betting against tom brady's handsomeness is probably a mortal sin. hopefully tebow forgives my sins.
- steelers 25 patriots 17. when good looks don't work, sometimes you just have to resort to rape. +2 nuts

DAL + 3 @ PHI (3 nuts): i think dallas is going to win this game, so i'll gladly take the points.
- cowboys 7 eagles 34. like ka said, this was a bad bet. hey, nobody's perfect. -3 nuts.

i also expect the niners and saints to cover, but those are pretty big spreads so they didn't make the cut for this blog's purposes. i have a feeling miami will cover too, but i'm not ballsy enough to put any nuts on it, but i will wager one labia on miami +9.5.

- bill rubin week 8 results: 2-1 +1 nut (and +1 labia)

Not Your Type
me no complete sentences or grammar

CIN -1.5 @ SEA (3 nuts)

BUF -4 @ WAS (2 nuts)

NE @ PIT over 52.5 (3 nuts)

blue whale:

Dallas Cowgirls at PHILADELPHIA IGGLES -3 3 nuts
What drawn me to this side pick was not the performance or defensive level of each side or who came off a bye week or which coach was running his mouth. What drawn me was that my book offered a plus value of 110 to the +3 points on the side of the boys at first glance. I am accustomed to a negative value on both sides of the wager, dog or favored. In most instances the dog points will offer a greater negative value. This was used as a marketing ploy to lure money to the dog side bet, as this wager was a better opportunity than the Cowboys Moneyline bet. Cowboys value adjusted from +110 to +105 to -110 right before kick off. +3

and the total 48.5 over 3 nuts
now I didn't account for the dallas cowboys to not show up at this game they were good for at least 17-21 points on the road. -3

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs -3 3 nuts
injuries have really molassessed the supposedly high powered offense. I also read somewhere that Philip River's arm strength is slowly diminishing and is also lacking confidence without his prime weapon in Antonio Gates. Hopefully the bye week has settled these issues but the new CBA imposed on teams a mandatory 4 day rest period in which there is no conditioning or practicing. Maybe the San Diego Chargers will come into Arrowhead a bit tighter than the Chiefs who have their 3 past games. Both teams are primed to explode offensively, my money is on the Cheifs at home.
happy halloween frakes my daughter is a pirate
It isn't like loosing money is not worse on this game, but i really dislike pushing. The NFL is all of sudden been consistent in throwing the dice up on some real crap matchups on Monday Night Football. There was too much talent on both teams to produce a real high scoring matchup. Once again it was very lack luster, even the outcome of the overtime was like playboy magazine titty. No No No Not a field goal, I was expecting a hail mary pass or a screen pass to McCluster and he would take it to the house. That boy was catching fire. It would be fresh if the NFL adopted the college rule of the overtime game. Something is wrong with River's psycology. It must be the amalgamation of all those concussions and the fact he has six kids. The NFL is entering a new era and Rivers knows that he can be replaced just like that, although it is a longshot for that too happen. San Diego should be thinking about drafting Landry Jones in 2012. Would you draft Keenum or RG3? Those studs are like 5 or 6 year seniors. Isn't that considered "old" by NFL draft standards? FINALLY$ap was released and it really was hyped up. In Tuscaloosa LSU at BAMA. Next Week off the bizzzaaatt....bills, pats (should be pissed), dolphins, ninas (NFL's Stanford) , steeltown (no let down), zona (st louis blew their load and on the road) and green bay bay bay.

records through week 7 (and week 7):
Billy Rubin: 10-10-1. +3 nuts. (0-3. -7 nuts)
Not Your Type: 9-12. +1 nut (2-1. +3 nuts)
Blue Whale: 8-8-2. -4 nuts (1-1-1. -1 nut)
known associate: 9-12. -7 nuts. (0-3. -10 nuts)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Collits Football 2011 Week 9

Yesterday I went with Rice -28. My reasoning was Rice hasn't been beat by 26 points at home or on the road. Houston on the otherhand I thought was gonna score 49 points and let off the gas pedal in the later quarters allowing the backdoor cover. Low and behold Keenum threw for 9 tds and the Cougars covered the spread and the total by themselves. Personally I think this was a gimme in all facets of public perception. A small sense of enticing hope and remedy after the barrage of upsets in the Week 8 of Collits football. I am on a 11 game loosing streak, 3 feet low and falling...onto the next....

....................................................... 10.28.11 .......................................................

blue whale:
total 57 under 3 nuts
I dont have a feel for a side in this matchup for both teams have sound defense and mediocre offense. Although the Horned Frogs rank 8th in the nation under the scoring category, TCU offense is not as potent as it was when Andy Dalton was under center. And thats all a brother knows...
BYU 28 TCU 38 combined 66..... believe it or not when I was typing my pick I typed "over" not "under". and then now i am three nuts less.
weekend love leaning towards thee ohio state, clemson over, USC, arkansas over and syracuse.

....................................................... 10.29.11 .......................................................

known associate:
baylor at oklahoma st UNDER 41 1st half (1 nut)
cowboys defense is underrated and #2 wr hubert anyiam is lost for the season... but really this is just an action bet since i'll be watching rg3 and (the banged up) justin blackmon anyway.
- bears 0 cowboys 35. +1 nut. final score: 24-59. rg3 didn't play his best game, #81 was beastin as usual.

-7.5 at ohio st (1 nut)
i don't buy into the thinking that the badgers will be flat coming off their stunning, last second defeat at east lansing. they should've won that game and the buckeyes are facing an angry team at the wrong time.
- badgers 29 buckeyes 33. -1 nut. i need to stop betting against these buckeyes.

STANFORD -7.5 at usc (3 nuts)
andrew luck and the cardinal are on a mission to claim the mnc. the trojans could hang close for a half but will eventually be outsmarted and overpowered by a stanford team that never takes their foot off the pedal (scoring a td in all but 2 quarters of play this season). thank the trojans and their double digit win at notre dame last week for presenting good line value here.
also OVER 61 (2 nuts)
- cardinal 56 trojans 48 in overtime. +5 nuts. i probably should've layed off this game as the betting lines were pretty sharp.

considering clemson, washington and cal... but right now, it's party time.

CLEMSON -3.5 at georgia tech (1 nut)
- tigers 17 yellowjackets 31. -1 nut.
SOUTHERN MISS -10 at utep (2 nuts)
- golden eagles 31 miners 13. +2 nuts.

known associate collits week 9 results: 4-2, +6 nuts.

blue whale:
easy like sunday morning picks.....
was a bit preoccupied to post my morning picks but i went with +4 Michigan St., Northwestern -8.5 and the Arkansas Vanderbilt total 54 over.

South Carolina Gamecocks at Tennessee Volunteers +3.5 3 nuts
no lattimore, no qb. Alshon can't do it by himself.

Clemson -3.5 at Georgia Tech YellowJackets 3 nuts
Tahj Boyd and Sammy Watkins over everybody.

Mississippi State Bulldogs -10 at Kentucky Wildcats 3 nuts
I will take my chance with the double digit road favorites because Kentucky is that fadeable

good luck i really like wisconsin (but something about trends saying that Wisconsin doesnt cover here), usc (athletically the have the speed on both sides of the ball, but stanford has the nerdy acumen to cover 100 times in a row) and texas (but -28.5 points is a bit much) as well. Michigan State, I should have known better to just lay off.

Blue Whale collits week 9 results: 1-3, -6 nuts.

collits records through week 9:
known associate. 17-14. +5 nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 7-14-1. -21 nuts

Friday, October 21, 2011

NFL Weak 7

billy rubin:

that's not a typo in the title, this week is weak! so i'm gonna lock my picks in early and not worry much about it.

redskins +2.5
@ panthers (2 nuts): cam newton's early season magic is wearing off. the skins have a solid defense. john beck can't be any worse than rex grossman. the skins should win this game straight up.
- redskins 20 panthers 33. so much for that redskins D, eh? -2 nuts

lions -3.5 vs. falcons (2 nuts): the lions lost to the niners and should come out guns a-blazin' on sunday. the falcons passing attack has not been good this year and the lions pass rush won't help the birds get on track this week. detroit's susceptible to the run, as proven by the niners last week, but the falcons' running game isn't exactly elite, although they did rush for 166 yards in week 6.
- lions 16 falcons 23. so much for that detroit D, eh? -2 nuts

ravens -8 @ jaguars (3 nuts): this line keeps going down and i don't know why. the ravens are a pretty solid defense, particularly against the run, going against a very one-dimensional offense, with the one dimension being the run. this one shouldn't be close at all.
-ravens 7 jaguars 12. so much for that ravens D, eh? -3 nuts

- billy rubin week 7 results: 0-3 -7 nuts.

Not Your Type
KC @ OAK -3.5 (3 nuts)

CHI -1 @ TB (3 nuts)

SD @ NYJ -1 (3 nuts)

known associate:
SD +1 at nyj (3 nuts)
sanchez is favored over rivers?
- chargers 21 jets 27. rex ryan was rightly favored over norv turner. -3 nuts.

GB -9.5 at min (2 nuts)
the vikes rookie qb may end up being an upgrade over mcnabb but only the packers can keep the packers from covering.
- packers 33 vikings 27. ponder kept the packers from covering. -2 nuts.

BAL -9 at jax (5 nuts)
what billy rubin said.
- ravens 7 jaguars 12. wtf? -5 nuts.

also like the steelers and the overs in carolina and london.
- known associate weak 7 results: 0-3 -10 nuts. fade away folks.

former ravens cheerleader, current clooney cumdumpster.

blue whale:

The Three B's

Chicago Bears -1.5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London Wembley Stadium 3 nuts

Chi 24 Bucs 18..too easy drill sergeant. Bears needed this win going into the bye week. Forte is too fresh. The bears are should cover or win straight up from here on out solely because of him.. +3 nuts

The Bolts 1 at New York Jets 4 nuts

Bolts 21 Gang Green 27. i don't know what happened in this game. All I know is Plax fuck shit up when up shit is vacant -4 nuts

Seattle SeaHawks at Cleveland Browns -3 3 nuts

Hawks 3 Browns 6. Alot of people in wasted their time, money and gas on this Sunday. In Cleveland. I think the only reason why people in Cleveland buy Browns Jerseys are because the team colors are nice. How about that one true fan who traveled from Seattle to Cleveland? I really hope the Niners drop 56 points on the Browns like its a college game. ahhh push it

looking ahead already...niners, black and yellow, balt and nygzzz. Why is Stanford 9 point favorites over USC? Is the line indicating that this is the first sound defense that Stanford's offense is going against? Or is it due to the fact the USC soundly beat Notre Dame on the road? Nonetheless Stanford is gonna handle biz dot com

just finished watching Beats, Rhymes & Life:The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest. loved it. notstalgic. made my head nod. Somewhere Micah 9 fumes.

records through week 6 (and previous week):
Billy Rubin: 10-7-1. +10 nuts. (1-2. -4 nuts)
known associate: 9-9. +3 nuts. (1-2. 0 nuts)
Not Your Type: 7-11. -2 nuts (2-1. +8 nuts)
Blue Whale: 7-7-1. -3 nuts (no plays)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Collits Football 2011 Week 8

....................................................... 10.20.11 .......................................................

known associate:
ucla at ARIZONA -4.5. 1 nut.
i shoulda took this earlier at -3 but i'll lay a nut on it anyway. mike stoops lost this arizona team. i think the wildcats let loose behind their NFL-caliber qb and get the cover in front of the primetime home crowd.
- bruins 12 wildcats 48. foles and criner did what they do. ka'deem carey continues to impress with limited touches. and slick rick should be out of a job soon. +1 nut.

....................................................... 10.21.11 .......................................................

Blue Whale:
West Virginia University Mountaineers -14
at Syracuse Orangerevenge game for the Mountaineers as Geno Smith will stake an application into the Heissman candidate race. With Smith under center, WVU is ranked 4th in the nation is passing yards and The Cuse is ranked 112th in passing defense. 2 nuts

Rutgers Scarlet Knights +2 at Louisville Cardinals
just because San San Te is the kicker. because I am greedy I like the RUTGERS ML too. 4 nuts

for the weekend Im leaning big chalk and totals oregon ducks, nebraska, iowa ok st/mizzou over, wash/ stanford over, texas a n m, wisky, boise st., houston and bama.

- Blue Whale week 8: 0-1-1. -2 nuts.
....................................................... 10.22.11 .......................................................

known associate:
locked in 2 plays early for saturday...
penn st at NORTHWESTERN +4.5. 2 nuts.
the old man's team is hard on d but soft on o and have yet to be tested on the road. 80% dan persa should suffice.
- nittany lions 34 wildcats 24. -2 nuts.

oregon st at WASHINGTON ST -3. 2 nuts.
this game will be played on a semi-neutral field. the cougars just played a near-elite stanford team tough for a half and have me believing they're on the upswing.
- beavers 44 cougars 21. -2 nuts.

surely more to come. (waiting out the lines for the tigers, badgers, and yellow jackets for starters.)

AUBURN +21 at lsu. 2 nuts.
the top ranked lsu tigers have lucked into facing first time starting qbs (due to injury) each of the past two weeks. they'll be facing a rookie starter once again this week, but under different circumstances, as the (one-time alabama mr. football) clint mosely era begins for the auburn tigers. lsu is hard and they'll do enough to win, but i'm thinking they already have 'bama on their minds. auburn will be up for this game and the cover.
- bad tigers 45 good tigers 10. -2 nuts.

GEORGIA TECH +3 at miami. 1 nut.
due to some fucked up scheduling, the yellowjackets' last 3 opponents each had an extra week of prep time. the hurricanes are a dangerous team, with or without that extra week, but i still think the wrong team is favored here and will gladly take the points. but just 1 nut cuz i still got love for jacory harris, who might be playing the best football of his career.
- yellowjackets 7 hurricanes 24. -1 nut.

more for the afternoon...
utah at CAL -1. 1 nut.
maynard's been unimpressive but his stable of receivers (led by his beastly brother keenan allen) should carry cal. the bears are done with the tough part of their schedule.
- utes 10 bears 34. +1 nut.

WISCONSIN -7.5 at michigan st. 1 nut.
spartans just slayed the wolverines but the badgers are a different animal.
- badgers 31 spartans 37. -1 nut.

washington at stanford OVER 64.5. 1 nut.
the huskies are the most capable and athletic offense the cardinal will have faced thus far.
- huskies 21 cardinal 65. +1 nut.

- known associate week 8 results: 3-5. -5 nuts. time to be more selective.

collits records through week 8:
known associate. 13-12. -1 nut
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 6-11-1. -15 nuts

Monday, October 17, 2011

If It Isn't Love On Top

What the shit, Beyonce? You jacked New Edition's dance moves for your VMA performance, and then you use them again in the actual video too! In a rehearsal studio, no less. I've seen this video before and it was better when Ralph Tresvant was singing lead. Paying homage to the greatest R&B video of all time is all well and good, but at least give New Edition some credit in the video so all the youngsters know where you got your moves from.

Be the judge yourself, here's Beyonce's video for "Love On Top":

Here's the original, far superior New Edition video for "If It Isn't Love":

Also, here's where Beyonce got her moves at 1:21 of "Love on Top" (O:51 of "Every Little Step"):

I will say that Beyonce's T&A > Ralph T.

Also, special thanks to Juanito for the title to this post.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 6

Knot You're Tipe

PHI @ WAS +3(1 nut)

IND @ CIN -6.5(5 nuts)

MIN @ CHI -2(4 nuts)

NYT Week 6 Results: 2-1, +8 nuts

billy rubin:

CIN -4.5 vs. IND (3 nuts): good defense and ok offense will prevail over the vacuum left by peyton manning.
- bengals 27 colts 17. +3 nuts.
NO -6.5 @ TB (4 nuts): bucs are back at home, but brees should be able to torch their secondary and the saints D is good for at least one turnover.
- saints 20 bucs 26 -4 nuts.
MIN +2 @ CHI (3 nuts): minnesota will win this game. bears D is soft and cutler will do something crazy to cost his team a scoring drive. AP will continue to walk on water like mac 10.
- vikings 10 bears 39. -3 nuts.

i'm also feeling GB -14 vs StL, WAS +3 vs PHI, SF +5.5 @ DET and BUF +3.5 @ NYG.
billy rubin week 6 results: 1-2 -4 nuts.

known associate:
billy rubin must've overwritten my picks earlier this morn but i was able to access them via the back button....
ind at CIN -5. 4 nuts.
- colts 17 bengals 27. +4 nuts.
MIN +2.5 at chi. 2 nuts.
- vikings 10 bears 39. -2 nuts.
CAR +3.5 at atl. 2 nuts.
- panthers 17 falcons 31. -2 nuts.
known associate week 6 results: 1-2. no nuts.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Collits Football 2011 Week 7

....................................................... 10.15.11 .......................................................

known associate:
BAYLOR +9 at texas a&m. 2 nuts.
the 76.5 point total suggests this will be a shootout. and i will take rg3 and the points over tannehill any day, in any shootout.
- bears 28 aggies 55. -2 nuts. this game was a bit closer than the final score indicates. rg3 is still super fresh.

OKLAHOMA ST -7 at texas. 2 nuts.
can't keep the blackmon down.
- cowboys 38 longhorns 26. +2 nuts.

ohio st at ILLINOIS -3.5. 1 nut.
i bet against both these teams (and lost) last week. the illini didn't have the letdown game i expected. i'm betting it won't come this week against this crap buckeye team.
- buckeyes 17 illini 7. -1 nut. ok fine.. you win, buckeyes.

beware the crooks...

collits records through week 7:
known associate. 10-7. +3 nuts (week 7: 1-2. -1 nut)
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 6-10. -13 nuts

Thursday, October 6, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 5

known associate:
just watched the first 3 episodes of new girl but before that, i finished capping week 5.
my strong leans are... cin, ten, gb and the over.
also lean... buf, car, det, min.

CIN PK at jax. 3 nuts.
should've locked this in early. bengals offense adequate, defense solid.
- bengals 30 jaguars 20. +3 nuts.
TEN+3.5 at pit. 3 nuts.
bonus hook won't be needed. thank you steeler nation.
- titans 17 steelers 38. -3 nuts.
GB-5.5 at atl. 4 nuts.
julio jones don't play defense. tarvaris jackson just ran the no huddle for over 300 yards passing against these falcons. tarvaris jackson! also, aaron rodgers.
- packers 25 falcons 14. +4 nuts.

lions and bills would be my 4th and 5th picks. small plays on vikes and the overs in buf and atl too.
- known associate week 5 results: 2-1, +4 nuts.

billy rubin:

i don't particularly like the way the line is moving for cincinnati, so i'm going to lock my picks in now.

CIN PK @ JAX (4 nuts): cincinnati's not a great team, but they're not really a bad team either. jacksonville, on the other hand, is a bad team, even at home.
- bengals 30 jags 20. +4 nuts

TEN +3 @ PIT (2 nuts): matt hasselbeck > ben roethlisberger, or is it titans' o-line > steelers', something like that. i have tennessee winning this game straight up, so i'll gladly take the three points.
- titans 17 steelers 38. -2 nuts

DET -5 vs CHI (4 nuts): unless the bears have magical MNF powers, or stafford finally breaks this week, this game should be pretty close to a laugher. although, stupid matt forte has been screwing me in fantasy all year so far (i don't have him in any leagues, but it seems i'm always playing him and he's always putting up big numbers), so maybe he'll find a way to screw me here too.
- lions 24 bears 13. +4 nuts

i also like BUF (+ 3 vs. PHI), HOU (-5 vs. OAK, although maybe ghost Al Davis will have something to say about that), SF (-3 vs. TB), and GB (-5.5 @ ATL).
- billy rubin week 5 results: 2-1, +6 nuts.

Not Your Type:

NO -6.5 @ CAR (3 Nuts)
Some kind of weird shootout is going to happen where Steve Smith will have either 20 yards or 200, but the Saints taking the ball away should be the difference and enough to beat the number.

KC @ IND -2(2 Nuts)
One of these teams is feeling more Luck-y, punk.

NYJ +7.5 @ NE(2 nuts)
Conspiracy Game of the Week

NYT Week 5 Results : 0-3, -7 nuts

blue whale:

morning game I like Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings -3
Vikes looking to get their first win. They have everything right in the first half and squander it away in the second half. Just give the rock to Purple Jesus and he will take away all your iniquities. 5 nuts
Zona 10 Minny 34 age old question has been answered. Jesus is not anglosizzzaxon nor a brother..the man is purple.

afternoon game I like San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos +3.5
divisional matchup and its still early in the season for San Diego to be on heat, maybe still winding up. Not a good road team. Not now. Last season I too believed in this notion and San Diego beat Denver on the road and also covered the spread. 3 nuts
San Diego 29 Denver 24 tebow came through and almost saved the day

Sunday Night Football. I like Green Bay Packers -6 at Atlanta Falcons
Rodgers and the Packers travel to Atlanta to play some back yard football. Green Bay wins by 10. 27-17. 2 nuts...because Atlanta is hard at home. Fadeable.
Green Bay 25 Flatlanta 14. my first official winning week.

teams that have value now in my opinion Seattle, San Francisco, Buffalo, Green Bay, San Diego and New England. Be Cautious with Seattle because of the injury to Jackson, but Whitehurst played well in his steed. Niners, maybe after Next week against detroit for I am still skeptical. We will see how Detroit does in a divisional Matchup tomorrow.
i doubted detroit and look what happens. they covered the spread in a divisional matchup. The lions clearly is on a mission and has value. next week is a matchup in ninas.

records through week 4 (and previous week):
Billy Rubin: 7-4-1. +8 nuts. (2-1. +2 nuts)
known associate: 6-6. -1 nut. (2-1. +1 nut)
Not Your Type: 5-7. -3 nuts (2-1. +4 nuts)
Blue Whale: 5-6-1. -7 nuts (1-2. -4 nuts)

Collits Football 2011 Week 6

....................................................... 10.6.11 .......................................................

blue whale:
California Golden Bears at Oregon Ducks under 66 total
I don't really pay attention to the Pac 12 division as most of my action goes towards the SEC and Big 10 conferences. The double digit spread scares me but it is not farfetched that the Ducks can easily blow the Bears out the water. Oregon relies heavily on their run game led by LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner. On the flipside Cal has a stout run denfense but their passing defense ranks 80 in the country. Ducks QB Darron Thomas should be able to throw for 250 yds while beating Cal with his legs as well. Oregon defense isn't the same as last years and can give up copious amounts of points, well enough to let Cal score 24. Oregon will take care of the rest enough to stay under the total. Plus 91% of the concensus is on the over. tre nuts.
- ducks 43 bears 15. +3 nuts. oregon run game proper
friday's lean Boise State Broncos

known associate:
cal at oregon OVER 66. 1 nut.
i'm posted with the squares today. the bears can't contain the duck "blur" offense unless they fake injuries and their offense is much improved.
- cal went scoreless in the 2nd half; turning it over on downs twice near the endzone. frustrating loss but i wouldn't necessarily call it a bad beat. bears got spanked. ducks lose too. -1 nut.

....................................................... 10.7.11 .......................................................

blue whale:
Boise State University Broncos at Fresno State Bulldogs over 58.5 total
Its the return of the Moore and Martin show under college primetime lights. Broncos should score high on the Bulldog as both secondary defensive players Phillip Thomas and Derron Smith are injured. Broncos top corner back Jerrell Gavins is out for the year as well. Going with the 86%. Bulldogs will not get shut out at home maybe good for 24 points. Broncos good For 41. 2 nuts
- broncos 57 bulldogs 7. +2 nuts. Doug Martin fell off my map. Lattimore, Dyer and then James...oh and that stable they got at Wisky

known associate:
boise state team total OVER 40.5. 1 nut.
i don't know much about fresno state but i am familiar with the broncos' prolific offense. i also know, the initial bcs rankings are just around the corner and wisky just leapfrogged bsu in the polls. translation: look for the broncos to win with style points on national tv.
- broncos had 37 points by halftime. +1 nut.

....................................................... 10.8.11 .......................................................

known associate:
apparently, this is what happens when my friday night isn't spent drankin with the folkers...

ohio state at NEBRASKA -10.5. 2 nuts.
last week, the cornhuskers got butt-rammed by the badgers. this week, they'll power (bottom) their way past THE sorriest ohio state team in a minute.
- buckeyes 27 huskers 34. not THE ohio state team i expected to see but they still lost. fuck them, in the butt. -2 nuts.

illinois at INDIANA +14. 2 nuts.
hoosiers fresh off a QB switch getting two touchdowns at home vs an illini team just off an emotional win, playing its first road game.
- illini 41 football hoosiers 20. almost lucked into a backdoor push. -2 nuts.

texas a&m at TEXAS TECH +9.5. 2 nuts.
take the points in this shootout. the red raiders might even win this straight up.
- aggies 45 red raiders 40. tech might've won if a&m hadn't blocked a FG attempt and returned it for a TD. +2 nuts.

east carolina at HOUSTON -11. 1 nut.
doubt ecu's D can hang with case keenum and co.
- pirates 3 cougars 56. ea$y. +1 nut.

auburn at ARKANSAS -10. 1 nut.
tyler wilson on the come up.
- tigers 14 razorbacks 38. +1 nut.

OKLAHOMA -10.5 vs texas. 1 nut.
neutral site, 9am game. wake, bake, and watch the sooners smoke the horns. or win by 11, at least.
- sooners 55 longhorns 17. ea$y. +1 nut.

(the one on the right decent)

blue whale:
didnt have time to do any research but off the bat i like:

so far....
Louisville at University of North Carolina -13.5
- louis 7 UNC 14. -2 nuts. huh?!?!

Maryland at Georgia Tech over 63.6 total
- Maryland 16 GT 21 t 38. -2 nuts. what happened to the triple offense vs g techs boast that they are gonna score on every possession?

Illinois -14 at Indiana (fade this)
- illini 41 hoosiers 20. +2 nuts. funny when i said fade this pick..what a looser.
each play is 2 nuts
came through the weekend with a lukewarm winning streak thinking i was bad. Aesop's fable: punks jump up to get beat down
i'll come through with afternoon games..

2 nuts for each...
Arizona -2 at Oregon State
- wildcats 27 beavers 37. -2 nuts.

Kansas at Oklahoma State under 74.5
- jayhawks 28 cowboys 70. -2 nuts. i knew Ok State's offense was potent but good God. Weeden and his stable of playmakers never let up. Justin Blackmon is on my watchlist along with South Carolina wr Alshon Jeffery, Cal wr Keenan Allen and Oregons Da'Anthony Thomas who is Straight Outta Compton.

Florida +14.5 at LSU
- gators 11 tigers 41. -2 nuts. LSU clearly deserves to be number 1

collits records through week 6:
known associate. 9-5. 4 nuts (week 6: 5-3. +1 nut)
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 6-10. -13 nuts (week 6: 3-5. -3 nuts)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Help A Dog Out

I've done this once before, but I'd like to appeal to our reader(s) on behalf of a Cocker Spaniel stuck in a shelter in Los Angeles who is suffering from a really bad case of mange, which is "a skin disease caused by parasitic mites that causes severe itching, hair loss, and the formation of scabs and lesions." I know I probably love dogs and, specifically, Cocker Spaniels more than anybody who might read this, but if you can spare a few bucks, or if you're not sure what team to put your $25 on, but it's just burning a whole in your pocket, please think about helping this dog get the treatment she needs.

Here's a link to a page about her story and the organization that's trying to help her. The image is kinda disturbing because her mange is so bad, so I apologize in advance.

Here's the ChipIn that's been set up for her.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 4

picks to come in the next few days. in the meantime, here's a short video.

known associate:
initial leans... saints, vikings, giants, pats and the sunday night over
MIN -2 at kc. 4 nuts.
this line is soft because both teams are winless and the chiefs kept it close against an overrated chargers team last week. meanwhile, vikes DT kevin williams returned from suspension and proved he's still an elite talent, further bolstering a line that includes all-pro jared allen and emerging brian robison at DE. minnesota has outscored opponents 54-7 in first halves. this will be the week they stop fuckin around and ride their horse All Day to close out the game.. while the chiefs continue to give andrew luck a reason to return for his senior season on the farm.
- chiefs 22 vikings 17. note to self: don't go big on questionable teams, on the road. -4 nuts.

NO -7 at jax. 4 nuts.
i'll take drew brees and blitz-happy gregg williams to cover against rookie blaine gabbert and the jags lackluster passrush.
- saints 23 jaguars 10. saints left some points on the board. +4 nuts.

den at GB -11.5. 1 nut.
also, small plays on detroit, carolina and probably the overs in oakland and baltimore.
- packers 49 broncos 23. +1 nut.
known associate week 4: 2-1. +1 nut.

blue whale:
leaning towards bills, lions, pats/raiders over..ride the hot hand

NFL has not been kind to me, I have better success with college football. Note that i think that this week's board is straight crap. I am on a loosing streak so my picks are fade material.

San Francisco Ninas at Philadelphia Iggles -9.5 Niners on the road for the second straight week as their stout run defense faces a rumored prolific offense in the Eagles. Niners haven't allowed a 100 yd rusher in the past three games and the unheralded Lesean McCoy has rushed for more than 120 yds in two games this season. Smith will have trouble throwing the ball to his recievers but the ground attack should be able to shred up that eagles run defense. Vick should be able to score through the air as well. Eagles by 2 tds, for three nuts. fade me.

final score NINAS 24 Iggles 23. told you

Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahacks +5 the only thing that I got going for this game is that CenturyLink Field is very loud and a tough place to play for opposing teams. That and 94% of the public is on Atlanta. I mean why would you bet against Matt Ryan when you have Tavaris Jackson. Or Roddy, Julio and Tony when you have one Dude named Sidney. I know Turner lost a step but would you put your money on Marshawn Lynch? That goon from the Town who brushed off the entire saints Defense during that incomparable 67 yard td run during the playoffs. three nuts. fade this too

final score DirtyBirds 30 Seahacks 28. i got lucky

last but not least Denver Broncos +12 at Green Bay Packers Kyle Orton is one of the most unreliable QBs in this league. But During his days as a Chicago Bear, Matt Forte campaigned strong for rookie of the year consideration, tight end Greg Olson caught 8 tds. As a Bronco QB Brandon Marshall caught double digit TDS and had over 1000 YDS receiving. Even Brandon Lloyd metamorphasized from broke dick to big cock under Orton as a signal caller. New England D gives up the most points and the Green Bay comes second. Green Bay is gonna win this game for sure but not by 12. I dont know errr 4 nuts. like totally fadable

final score Broncos 23 FudgePackers 49. fade.

billy rubin:
my strongest leans right now are minnesota, lions, saints and skins. also kinda feeling niners, titans, texas, raiders and ravens, but to a much lesser extent than those first four.

and here are my picks:

MIN -3 @ KC (4 nuts): that's what i get for posting after known associate. i'm not worried about the extra point though, i think minny should win by at least a TD for the simple fact that vikings running game > chiefs running game.
-KC 22 MIN 17. i don't think betting on games involving AFC west teams is all that smart. -4 nuts.

NOS -7 @ JAC (4 nuts): i guess these two games must be locks if known associate and i agree, huh? brees vs. gabbert, you make the call.
-NOS 23 JAC 10. lower scoring and a little closer than i thought, but good enough for me. +4 nuts.

DET +2.5 @ DAL (2 nuts): i've got detroit winning this game straight up and tony romo possibly being murdered by suh. seriously though, detroit shouldn't have a problem passing on dallas and the lions' defense should be enough to keep the battered cowboys in check. for what it's worth, i still feel pretty strongly about washington -3 at st. louis.
-DET 34 DAL 30. thank you, tony romo and jason garrett. +2 nuts.
billy rubin week 4: 2-1, +2 nuts

Not Your Type

NYG -1 @ ARI (2 nuts): Eli Manning will look constipated while defeating the Cardinals. What? He always looks like that?

NYJ @ BAL -4 (5 nuts): Run.

BUF @ CIN over 43.5 (3 nuts) Throw.

records through week 3:
Billy Rubin: 5-3-1. +6 nuts.
known associate: 4-5. -2 nuts
Blue Whale: 4-4-1. -3 nuts
Not Your Type: 3-6. -7 nuts

Collits Football 2011 Three (..but actually fif week)

....................................................... 9.29.11 .......................................................

Blue Whale:
University South Florida Bulls -2.5 at Pittsburg University Panthers
Bulls opened up as 3 point favorites with 94% of the consensus picking the Bulls. Now the line is at -2.5. In my opinion books are loading up an buying that .5 point so the Bulls maintain that value. At first glance the line looks fishy. The way South Florida have been rolling over opponents I would think the spread would be -7 or even -10. But the Panthers have the Bulls' number. The past two game they have matched up, Pitt have given South Florida QB BJ Daniels fits going 4/8 with 54 yds passing and 2 ints and 15/29 with 132 yds and 1 int. Revenge should be a factor on the primetime stage. That's why I am putting 3 nuts on South Florida -2.5.
- panthers 44 bulls 17. -3 nuts. lesson learned bet against the heavy public.

leans for saturday: stanford, lsu, clemson, virginia tech, baylor, wisky and roll tide.

known associate:
still shying away from betting against espn thursday night home dogs so...
houston at utep OVER 65 for 1 nut.
not televised locally.. so this isn't a degenerate play, fwiw.
- cougars 49 miners 42. i lied. it was televised on the (newly discovered) cbs sports network. and the offenses were so dominant they winded themselves. really. at the end of one long screen play, rb charles sims fell/dove across the goal line due to exhaustion, then needed help getting back to the sideline. case showed nice touch and accuracy. joe flashed speed. this game was played in 95 degree heat. +1 nut.

might have a play tmrw. saturday, for sure.

....................................................... 9.30.11 .......................................................

Blue Whale:
Utah St. at Bringham Young -7.5
This degenerate matchup is gonna turn my week around. Can't see it any other way. BYU for two nuts. Adding under 50 for two more.
- cougars 27 aggies 24. -4 nuts. maybe college ain't my forte.

....................................................... 10.1.11 .......................................................

known associate:
baylor at KSU +3.5. 2 nuts.
robert griffin III is fun to watch but i'm picking arthur brown and the home-dog wildcats for an outright win.
- wildcats 36 bears 35. rg3 is officially my latest quarterblack mancrush. the former high school track star has almost as many passing tds (18) as incompletions (20) this season. one of those tds was a cold-blooded backfoot 35 yarder on 4th down to the equally impressive kendall wright. unfortunately for the bears, one of those incompletions was a late game interception (rg3's 1st this season) by arthur brown that set up the winning field goal for the wildcats. +2 nuts.

arizona team total OVER 22.5 (at usc). 1 nut.
the trojans are bunk and WR juron criner (6-4, 215) has a favorable matchup against CB nickell robey (5-foot-8, 165 pounds).
- trojans 48 wildcats 41. criner got his td. true freshman ka'deem carey is someone to watch. both defenses are bunk. +1 nut.

alabama at florida UNDER 44.5. 1 nut.
also played the tide at -3. dre kirkpatrick is fresh. trent richardson > mark ingram.
- crimson tide 38 gators 10. -1 nut. roll tide.

collits records through 10/1:
known associate. 4-2. 3 nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 3-5. -10 nuts

Saturday, September 24, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 3

Billy Rubin:

CLE -2 vs MIA - 3 Nuts: Miami's probably not that bad a team, but this is their first road game. I know they've been a better road team under Sparano, but I still think playing at home should play to Cleveland's advantage in this game. Miami's D has been far from stout so far this year, although they've played two of the better offensive teams the first two weeks. Cleveland's offense hasn't exactly lit up the scoreboard either, but I think this might be just the right circumstances for the Browns to cover.

DET -3 @ MIN - 2 Nuts: Hopefully this isn't just me trying to make up for not going big enough on Detroit last week. Division game on the road, I know, but I think the Lions should be able to pass all over Minny. I really hope this isn't the week Stafford's shoulder breaks this year.

CIN - 2.5 vs. SF - 2 Nuts: I wasn't sure if I should go with this game, against my hometown Niners, or Baltimore over St. Louis, but the line for Baltimore keeps moving in the wrong direction for my liking, so I'm taking the Bengals. Niners first road game and it's an early game. Those factors and the fact that the Niners haven't be very good at all in any facet of the offensive game should be enough for Cincy to win by a field goal and let Cris Collinsworth finger his asshole in peace. There are a lot of moving pieces in this game though, so I wouldn't be totally surprised if the Niners shock it/Bengals implode.

0-2-1 (-5 nuts)

Blue Whale:

HOU at NOR -4 2 Nuts: Saints will not go down at their house

KAN 14 at SDG 2 Nuts: I'm not trying to start any mess. Kansas City can't be that bad. In a divisional matchup it's hard to take the favorite in a double digit spread. Kansas City has weapons and I think with McCluster getting touches out of the backfield, he adds a nice dimension to the offense. Haley is in the hot seat and this is a must win situation for him and the Chiefs. Plus the reason why I'm taking the Chiefs is because they are a two TD dog in this matchup and the book is offering a moneyline wager for this game still. Public is heavy on both the Chargers spread and ML by 79% each. Nothing is easy in Vegas.

JAC 2.5 at CAR 2 Nuts: Again I am going against the concensus here as the public has jumped on the Cam Newton Bandwagon with 79% on the Panthers ML. Newton is electrifying but this is the NFL where teams will eventually figure you out. Newton is 0-2 for a reason, he has 4 picks to his 3 tds. Granted it is still early in the season but teams will exploit that weakness. Blaine Gabbert will prove to be an exceptional upgrade from Luke McCown and hopefully spread the defense just a little to create space for MJD to run amuck.

2-1 (2 nuts)

known associate:
sf at CIN -1. 3 nuts
- niners 13 bengals 8. a win is a win is a win (unless you bet cincy). go niners.
ne at buf OVER 54.5. 2 nuts
- pats 31 bills 34. ea$y.
WAS +3.5 at dal. 2 nuts
- skins 16 tony romo 18. uhh, i still don't know what to make of this game.. but i'll take it.
you blow, she go. you pop, she stop. (one nut.)

Not Your Typo:

NYJ -2.5 @ OAK: 2 nuts
ATL +1 @ TB: 2 nuts
ARI -3 @ SEA: 3 nuts
0-3 (-7 nuts)

records through week 2:
Billy Rubin: 5-1. +11 nuts.
Not Your Type: 3-3. 0 nuts
known associate: 2-4. -3 nuts
Blue Whale: 2-3-1. -5 nuts.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Collits Football 2011 Two


Blue Whale says:
North Carolina St. Wolf Pack Vs. Cincinnati Bearcats total 60.5 over

Hard to pick the side here, both sides have burnt me in the past. I know that both teams can score a ton especially on weak defenses, which both teams also have. The Wolfpack have averaged 35 points a game this season while allowing 22 points from opposing teams. The Bearcats dropped 72 points on Austin Peay and 49 on an inept Akron Zips. Dont know what else to say but you cant cap point shaving. 4 Nuts
- bearcats 44 wolfpack 14. -4 nuts.

known associate:
WOLFPACK +7 at bearcats. 1 nut
touts and public are heavy on cincy. i'll go the other way since i've finished my NFL capping and i'm a degenerate that has nothing better to do on this fine thursday night in the city.
(i took this at +7.5 -110 if any y'all care)

i still like the wolfpack though.
- the public, touts and titties won. i didn't. dumb bet. -1 nut

collits records through 9/22:
known associate. 1-1. no nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 3-2. -3 nuts

Sunday, September 18, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 2 RESULTS

Billy Rubin
YTD: 2-1. 4 nuts.
Week 2 results: 3-0. 7 nuts.
New YTD: 5-1. +11 nuts.

Not Your Type
YTD: 1-2. -4 nuts.
Week 2 results: 2-1.+4 nuts.
New YTD: 3-3. 0 nuts

known associate
YTD: 1-2. 0 nuts.
Week 2 results: 1-2. -3 nuts
New YTD: 2-4. -3 nuts

Blue Whale
YTD: 0-0. 0 nuts.
Week 2 results: 2-3-1. -5 nuts.
New YTD: 2-3-1. -5 nuts.

Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 2

it's the return...

known associate:
locking in one pick early...
BAL -5.5 at ten. 4 nuts
ravens are an elite team this year. titans aren't.
- titans 26 ravens 13. i need to constantly remind myself that no team is as good or as bad as they seem (unless they're the chiefs). bad bet. -4 nuts
and then...
kc at DET -7.5. 3 nuts
the bills were able to pressure cassel. stafford and the beastly d-line should rout. don't sweat the hook... -7.5 and -3.5 at -110 or better are two of the best bets in football.
- lions 48 chiefs 3. jamaal charles wouldn't have made a difference. easy money. +3 nuts.
SD +6.5 at ne. 2 nuts
henne was able to pass against these pats so take the points in this shootout. 1pm pst start so no early west coast team fatigue to worry about.
- patriots 35 chargers 21. the chargers offense showed no interest in covering the spread (4 turnovers in NE territory plus a turnover on downs at the goal line). bad beat. -2 nuts.
(bought full points on these last two for non-nut purposes.)

TB +3 @ MIN: 3 nuts
I'm in trouble if Donovan McNabb throws for 10% more yards than he threw for last week. On the wishlist: LaGarette Blount punching AP in the hamstring.
+3 nuts. It wasn't looking good for most of the day, but it happened.

KC @ DET -7.5: 4 nuts
Lions will eat Chiefs most days of the week, unless they are in the boardroom.
+4 nuts. I wanted to put all my nuts into this game, but I was too chicken poop.

ARI @ WAS -3: 3 nuts
I hate to trust nuts on a team led by Rex Grossman, but I'm going to go against my better judgement and do it anyway.
-3 nuts. I should have gone with my instinct to stay away from this game.

Blue Whale:
Tampa Bay at Minny -2.5
Vikes get no respect at their own house what happened to the courteous 3 point spread home teams are suppose to get. Minnesota pass rush was effective enough to prevent Rivers from airing it out big time. You think young Freeman will fair any better? Historically, Mcnabb never loses twice in a row. Or was that only when he was with the Eagles? Nonetheless, I have to pick against Just Not Your Type. 2 nuts

Houston at Miami +3
Damn Miami was 1-7 at their own house last season. Henne looked really good last week against New England and Houstons D looked really good against Indy impotent offense. I think Miami Offense will shine in this game. DBs can't keep up with Marshall and Bess. 4 Nuts

Philly -2.5 at Atlanta
Atlanta is hard at the dome. But I can see why the public swayed the Falcons from being -1.5 favorites to +2.5 underdogs. Who is Matt Ryan gonna throw to? Roddy? Covered by Nnamdi . Julio? Asante got him. Gonzalez? Whatever. Mike turner can't catch plus he lost a step. Philly got speed and starpower. That's AND 1 football. 4 nuts

Blue Whale gets 3 extra picks to make up for missing week 1 and he's opted to use them all this week...
chi at NOLA -4.5. 3 nuts
OAK +4 at buffalo. 2 nuts
DAL -3 at sf. 5 nuts

Billy Rubin:
kc at DET -7.5. 5 nuts
HOU -3 at mia. 1 nut
CLE -1.5 at ind. 1 nut

records (after week 1):
Billy Rubin. 2-1. 4 nuts.
known associate. 1-2. 0 nuts.
Blue Whale. 0-0. 0 nuts.
Not Your Type. 1-2. -4 nuts.