Thursday, October 6, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 5

known associate:
just watched the first 3 episodes of new girl but before that, i finished capping week 5.
my strong leans are... cin, ten, gb and the over.
also lean... buf, car, det, min.

CIN PK at jax. 3 nuts.
should've locked this in early. bengals offense adequate, defense solid.
- bengals 30 jaguars 20. +3 nuts.
TEN+3.5 at pit. 3 nuts.
bonus hook won't be needed. thank you steeler nation.
- titans 17 steelers 38. -3 nuts.
GB-5.5 at atl. 4 nuts.
julio jones don't play defense. tarvaris jackson just ran the no huddle for over 300 yards passing against these falcons. tarvaris jackson! also, aaron rodgers.
- packers 25 falcons 14. +4 nuts.

lions and bills would be my 4th and 5th picks. small plays on vikes and the overs in buf and atl too.
- known associate week 5 results: 2-1, +4 nuts.

billy rubin:

i don't particularly like the way the line is moving for cincinnati, so i'm going to lock my picks in now.

CIN PK @ JAX (4 nuts): cincinnati's not a great team, but they're not really a bad team either. jacksonville, on the other hand, is a bad team, even at home.
- bengals 30 jags 20. +4 nuts

TEN +3 @ PIT (2 nuts): matt hasselbeck > ben roethlisberger, or is it titans' o-line > steelers', something like that. i have tennessee winning this game straight up, so i'll gladly take the three points.
- titans 17 steelers 38. -2 nuts

DET -5 vs CHI (4 nuts): unless the bears have magical MNF powers, or stafford finally breaks this week, this game should be pretty close to a laugher. although, stupid matt forte has been screwing me in fantasy all year so far (i don't have him in any leagues, but it seems i'm always playing him and he's always putting up big numbers), so maybe he'll find a way to screw me here too.
- lions 24 bears 13. +4 nuts

i also like BUF (+ 3 vs. PHI), HOU (-5 vs. OAK, although maybe ghost Al Davis will have something to say about that), SF (-3 vs. TB), and GB (-5.5 @ ATL).
- billy rubin week 5 results: 2-1, +6 nuts.

Not Your Type:

NO -6.5 @ CAR (3 Nuts)
Some kind of weird shootout is going to happen where Steve Smith will have either 20 yards or 200, but the Saints taking the ball away should be the difference and enough to beat the number.

KC @ IND -2(2 Nuts)
One of these teams is feeling more Luck-y, punk.

NYJ +7.5 @ NE(2 nuts)
Conspiracy Game of the Week

NYT Week 5 Results : 0-3, -7 nuts

blue whale:

morning game I like Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings -3
Vikes looking to get their first win. They have everything right in the first half and squander it away in the second half. Just give the rock to Purple Jesus and he will take away all your iniquities. 5 nuts
Zona 10 Minny 34 age old question has been answered. Jesus is not anglosizzzaxon nor a brother..the man is purple.

afternoon game I like San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos +3.5
divisional matchup and its still early in the season for San Diego to be on heat, maybe still winding up. Not a good road team. Not now. Last season I too believed in this notion and San Diego beat Denver on the road and also covered the spread. 3 nuts
San Diego 29 Denver 24 tebow came through and almost saved the day

Sunday Night Football. I like Green Bay Packers -6 at Atlanta Falcons
Rodgers and the Packers travel to Atlanta to play some back yard football. Green Bay wins by 10. 27-17. 2 nuts...because Atlanta is hard at home. Fadeable.
Green Bay 25 Flatlanta 14. my first official winning week.

teams that have value now in my opinion Seattle, San Francisco, Buffalo, Green Bay, San Diego and New England. Be Cautious with Seattle because of the injury to Jackson, but Whitehurst played well in his steed. Niners, maybe after Next week against detroit for I am still skeptical. We will see how Detroit does in a divisional Matchup tomorrow.
i doubted detroit and look what happens. they covered the spread in a divisional matchup. The lions clearly is on a mission and has value. next week is a matchup in ninas.

records through week 4 (and previous week):
Billy Rubin: 7-4-1. +8 nuts. (2-1. +2 nuts)
known associate: 6-6. -1 nut. (2-1. +1 nut)
Not Your Type: 5-7. -3 nuts (2-1. +4 nuts)
Blue Whale: 5-6-1. -7 nuts (1-2. -4 nuts)

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