Saturday, December 26, 2009

week (sweet) 16

marking the NFLs transition from the innocence of its regular season to the full-fledged debauchery of the post season. i really should stay away but i can't help it. here's some of what i'll be playing with real money in some form...

known associate:
Ravens @ Steelers Over 42.5
reputation and public perception must be the reason for this total. these aint you're usual balt or pitt defenses. ditto for the offenses.
(bal 20 - pit 23, W)
Texans +1 @ Dolphins
houston offense matches up well with miami defense which presents decent value on the dog, especially at the line here in tahoe (+3)
(hou 27 - mia 20, W)
49ers -14 vs. Lions
i'm kinda iffy on this even at the line i got (-12) but i figure the sf defense is good for at least one score. and ass smith is still playing for a 2010 job.
(sf 20 - det 14, push)

(week 2-0-1, season 28-18-2)


billy rubin:

the only real money i have on the line are the three fantasy football championships i'm in today, and the two third place games i'm playing as well. just wanted to brag a bit, here are my picks:

Saints - 14 vs. Buccaneers
the saints will win for sure, but once they lock this game up the backups might start trickling onto the field. the saints D isn't what it was earlier this season either. all of that seems to point to the bucs beating the spread, but i'm stubborn and i'll rely on my season-long maxim of betting against the bucs.
(Saints 17, Buccaneers 20 L)
Raiders @ Browns under 37
the browns tore up the chiefs in a barn burner last week, but this is still a showdown of crappy teams and i think overall ineptitude will prevail today.
(Raiders 9, Browns 23 W)
49ers -14 vs. Lions
homer pick of the week.
(49ers 20, Lions 6 Push)

(Week 1-1-1, Season 24-23-1)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week 15 - Fantasy Semifinals

Here are our Week 15 picks. Known Associate ain't waking up on time I'm picking myself in our two fantasy playoff matchups this week!

In more relevant news, here are our picks:


Billy Rubin:

Packers +2.5 @ Steelers
I don't see how this doesn't happen.
(Steelers 37, Packers 36 W)

Cardinals - 14 @ Lions
I really hope the crappy Cardinals show up today and lose so the Niners can stay alive, but even the crappy Cardinals should beat the Lions by more than two scores.
(Cardinals 31, Lions 24 L)

Chiefs -1 vs. Browns
Another epic battle of crappiness. Dwayne Bowe is back and I think that's the deciding factor in this game...and hopefully in another one of my fantasy playoff games.
(Browns 41, Chiefs 34 L)

(Week 1-2, Season 23-22)


man i been up since 9:18am, hungover. i ain't losing to no billy rubin.

known associate:
Browns +1 @ Chiefs
that nig cribbs fresh.
(cle 41 - kc 34, W)
Packers +2.5 @ Steelers
vegas must know something i don't.
(pit 37 - gb 36, W)
Buccaneers @ Seahawks Under 39
the bucs defense has improved. the bucs offense hasn't.
(tb 24 - sea 7, W)

(week 3-0, season 26-18-1)

back to sleep.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Clever Title About Week 14 Picks

Here are our picks for Week 14 in the 2009-10 NFL season.


Billy Rubin:

Dolphins +1 @ Jaguars
(Dolphins 14, Jaguars 10 W)
Redskins +1 @ Raiders
(Redskins 34, Raiders 13 W)
Jets @ Buccaneers over 36.5
(Jets 26, Buccaneers 3 L)

(Week 2-1, Season 22-20)


Known Associate:
these picks are a bit late but I was busy putting actual money on them. i'm using the lines from the bookie dude.

Saints -10.5 at Falcons
(no 26 - atl 23, L)
Packers -5 at Bears
(gb 21 - chi 14, W)
Texans -7 vs Seahawks
(hou 34 - sea 7, W)

(week 2-1, season 23-18-1)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lucky #13

Here are our picks for Week 13 in the NFL.


Billy Rubin:

Panthers -3.5 vs. Buccaneers
Even Matt Moore should be able to beat the Bucs.
(Panters 16, Buccaneers 6 W)

Patriots -4.5 @ Dolphins
For once, I agree that Tom Brady's handsomeness will prevail.
(Patriots 21, Dolphins 22 L)

Browns +13.5 vs. Chargers
Go poop!
(Browns 23, Chargers 30 W)

(Week 2-1, Season 20-19)


known associate:
I missed out on Tom Brady's handsomeness. Tony Romo, Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers will have to suffice.
Cowboys -1 vs. Giants
(dal 24 - nyg 31, L)
49ers -1 at Seahawks
(sf 17 - sea 20, L. thank you, coach singletary.)
Packers -3.5 vs. Ravens
(gb 27 - bal 14, w)

(week 1-2, season 21-17-1)