Saturday, December 26, 2009

week (sweet) 16

marking the NFLs transition from the innocence of its regular season to the full-fledged debauchery of the post season. i really should stay away but i can't help it. here's some of what i'll be playing with real money in some form...

known associate:
Ravens @ Steelers Over 42.5
reputation and public perception must be the reason for this total. these aint you're usual balt or pitt defenses. ditto for the offenses.
(bal 20 - pit 23, W)
Texans +1 @ Dolphins
houston offense matches up well with miami defense which presents decent value on the dog, especially at the line here in tahoe (+3)
(hou 27 - mia 20, W)
49ers -14 vs. Lions
i'm kinda iffy on this even at the line i got (-12) but i figure the sf defense is good for at least one score. and ass smith is still playing for a 2010 job.
(sf 20 - det 14, push)

(week 2-0-1, season 28-18-2)


billy rubin:

the only real money i have on the line are the three fantasy football championships i'm in today, and the two third place games i'm playing as well. just wanted to brag a bit, here are my picks:

Saints - 14 vs. Buccaneers
the saints will win for sure, but once they lock this game up the backups might start trickling onto the field. the saints D isn't what it was earlier this season either. all of that seems to point to the bucs beating the spread, but i'm stubborn and i'll rely on my season-long maxim of betting against the bucs.
(Saints 17, Buccaneers 20 L)
Raiders @ Browns under 37
the browns tore up the chiefs in a barn burner last week, but this is still a showdown of crappy teams and i think overall ineptitude will prevail today.
(Raiders 9, Browns 23 W)
49ers -14 vs. Lions
homer pick of the week.
(49ers 20, Lions 6 Push)

(Week 1-1-1, Season 24-23-1)

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