Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Favorite Albums of 2010

Before we get too far into 2011, I wanted to write a post about my favorite albums of 2010. Initially, I planned on listing all the albums I thought were good that I came across in 2010, but that list was getting kind of long and who am I to judge what's good and what's not? So here's a list of the albums I listened to and enjoyed the most in 2010. I tend to fixate on an album if I like it a lot, so this list isn't terribly long, and it's not organized in any particular order.

Big. K.R.I.T., K.R.I.T. Wuz Here: This was a free mixtape released digitally in the summer of 2010. I discussed it previously on this blog, but basically it's much closer to a legitimate album than merely a mixtape, and was received as such, with Big K.R.I.T. ultimately getting a record deal with Def Jam based on Wuz Here's success.

Die Antwoord, $O$: Another album I discussed in the post linked above. My sense is you either love Die Antwoord or you hate them. Clearly, I fall in the former category, but I can definitely understand that these guys aren't for everyone. I still love this song and this one too.

Das Racist, Shut Up, Dude: Another free digital mixtape that has been on heavy rotation for me since I first downloaded it. From what I've read on message boards, it doesn't seem like internet rap nerds think these dudes are that technically proficient at rapping, which I don't necessarily agree with, but even if they aren't they more than make up for it with their subject matter and wordplay. Just about every time I listen to a Das Racist track I pick up on another arcane reference, and they have some classic lines, i.e. "white people's skin is their jewelry". Das Racist also released a second free mixtape in 2010, Sit Down, Man, which isn't bad by any means, but Shut Up, Dude is my favorite for tracks like this and this.

Sleigh Bells, Treats: The debut album from this Brooklyn-based "noise pop" duo, is hard as fuck. I saw them live opening for Hot Chip and my ears were ringing for at least two days afterward, which isn't that great of thing for my long-term health, I suppose. I actually think i like their "softest" song the most (who doesn't love a song with a girl singing "666"?), but the heavier songs aren't any less appealing and they sound great blasting in your car.

Yelawolf, Trunk Muzik: Yet another free digital mixtape that got, and still gets, heavy rotation from me. I discussed this in that one post along with Wuz Here and $O$, and I'm getting sick of typing, so I won't go into too much detail here. Plus, Yelawolf has been getting a lot of press lately after signing to Eminem's label and following the release of his official ablum, which is basically a re-worked Trunk Muzik.

There you have it; those are the albums that served as the majority of the soundtrack to my 2010. There were plenty of other albums from 2010 that I thought were pretty good, including, but not limited to: Sufer Bloods' Astro Coast; The Jacka & Lee Majors' The Gobots 2.0; PRGz's Hood Headlinaz Vol. 2; Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Fantasty; Mark Ronson's Record Collection; E-40's double album; Reflection Eternal's Revolutions Per Minute; Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot...; Vampire Weekend's Contra and Roc Marciano's Marcberg.

Image via NH7.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Championship Weekend 2011

The football season is winding to a close, only three more games left for the world's degenerate gamblers. Here are our picks for today's NFC and AFC Championship games.


GB -3 @ CHI: I think the Packers should win, but my projections show it being only a one or two point victory, so I'm not super confident in this pick. I'd definitely buy the hook and/or tease this one.

PIT - 4 @ NYJ: I feel even less confident about this than I do about the Packers/Bears game. PIT should win, just not quite sure it'll be by enough to cover; my projections have them winning by only three. And I definitely think the Jets are the more likely underdog to pull out the upset today.

GB @ CHI over 42.5: I'm picking this just to have three picks. I think Vegas has the point totals correct, but I think this game has a decent shot of going over if the Bears offense and/or return game is going today.


known associate:
GB -3 @ chi
PIT -4 vs nyj
gb @ chi UNDER 42.5
i'm not playing any of these but i did buy both faves down to -2.5 earlier this week and have both first half unders on small parlays.
- known associate's final 2010-11 NFL record: 36-24-2

Friday, January 21, 2011

Help Save Webster the Cocker Spaniel

For those who don't know me, I love Cocker Spaniels. Well, I love dogs in general, but I really love Cocker Spaniels. On Facebook I follow one particular Cocker Spaniel rescue group based in Southern California - Camp Cocker. They seem to do really good work and they genuinely care about the dogs they rescue. The woman who runs the rescue group has a regular job and basically operates Camp Cocker in her spare time. Needless to say, boarding, rehabilitating and providing medical care for up to 20 dogs at one time can be expensive, so Camp Cocker is always seeking donations. I'm a monthly donor myself, which makes me feel like I'm doing something good for the doggies.

Camp Cocker recently rescued a three year old male Cocker Spaniel from a high kill shelter in the Los Angeles area. His name is Webster. I haven't read too much about him or watched his videos, mostly because they make me sad, but he looks to be in pretty bad shape. He's coughing up fluids and he'll likely need a lot of medical attention.

I'm not quite sure who, if anyone, reads this blog, but if you love dogs and you can spare some money, maybe you can help Webster out by donating some money via the ChipIn link below. Per there website: Camp Cocker Rescue operates under the 501c3 of Katrina Dog Rescue, Tax ID #20-8687566. So, any donation would be tax deductible.

If you want more info about Camp Cocker, visit their website linked above or follow them on Facebook.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Divisional Week

Here are our picks for the divisional playoff games.

billy rubin:

GB +1.5 @ ATL: I actually think this line is pretty accurate, but I want Green Bay to win, so I'll take it. I'm glad I locked in GB +2.5 earlier in the week though.

PIT -3 vs. BAL: Again, I think Vegas is right on here. My projections have PIT winning 20-17, but I think there's a chance PIT beats the spread, so they're one of my blog picks. I would tease this in real life.

SEA +10 @ CHI: I don't want to go back to the well too often, but I have CHI winning by 4-6 points, not 10.

known associate agrees with billy rubin.
GB +1.5 @ atl
this is my strongest play of the weekend. the falcons' season record (and matty ice's home record) isn't legitimate as they've feasted on some terrible teams. i'm a bit concerned of the short week but the packers are peaking and i think they win straight up . i also bet a couple units on gb +3 earlier this week to be safe.
SEA +10 @ chi
i liked this play a lot more earlier this week. the bears are a different team than the one seattle beat in week 6 but cutler should screw it up just enough (in his first playoff game) for the seahawks to cover.
PIT -3 vs bal
it seems to obvious to take the points in this one. just a small play for me but i'll side with the books and bet against the public dog as the steelers are relatively healthy and the ravens o-line is banged up.

i'm also taking NE -6 first half in case anyone cares.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Divisional Weekend Preview - Part 1

The following is some expert analysis for the Bears-Seahawks game that will take place this Sunday in Chicago. Feel free to use this inside information as you please.

10:49 AM billy rubin: i kinda like seattle again this weekend
opening line is chicago -10
i think it should be closer to chicago -5
10:50 AM not your type: What's the weather forecast?
10:51 AM br: is the game saturday or sunday?
it's sunday
low 20s/high teens
partly cloudy
10:52 AM 0% chance of precipitation
but it's supposed to snow on saturday
nyt: Hmmm
br: that forecast will probably change by sunday though
nyt: Yeah
10:53 AM I think if it's ugly, I like the bears
br: there are a lot of things to consider though
10:54 AM both teams' return games
and both teams' qb's liking to throw to the opposition
and both teams' inability to run the ball
damn, fuck the seahawks if they advance to the nfc championship game
10:55 AM nyt: I think the bears will win simply because in the would a bear would definitely eat a seahawk
10:56 AM In the wild
br: but a seahawk could shit on a bear
and taunt the bear with fish from the sea
all it has to do is not go within striking distance of the bear
10:57 AM and attack stealthily from behind with its talons
nyt: But a bear can have tissue crumbs on its ass
br: that is true
if tv has taught me anything in the last few years, that is it
10:58 AM byt: Once a seahawk can do that, I might change my mind


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wild Card Weekend

This post is a little late, and I'm not sure if the other guys are going to be posting anything, but here are my (billy rubin's) picks for Wild Card Weekend:

SEA +10 vs. NO: This one's not looking so good right now, but it's early yet.

IND -2 vs. NYJ: I'm not terribly confident about this game; I think it's going to be ugly and either team could win, but I'm going with the Colts for our purposes here.

GB +2.5 @ PHI: I'm more confident about this game. I expect the Packers to win straight up, but I'll gladly take the points.


known associate:
BAL -3 @ kc
bal-kc UNDER 40.5
GB +2.5 @ phi

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

College Bowl Plays Part Two

part one here.

orange bowl: stanford vs virginia tech
- STANFORD -3 for 1 unit
i'm usually partial to quarterblacks but the hokies thrive on forced turnovers and i just don't see the harbaugh/luck led cardinal committing many.
- STAN -0.5 1st quarter for 1.5 units
season averages for 1st quarter: cardinal 12, hokies 6.3. plus, a couple hokies will be benched.
- STAN -2.5 2nd half for 1 unit
i'm guessing tyrod won't carry his team for an entire 60 minutes.
result: win, win and win.
cardinal 40 hokies 12 and jed york busted a couple nuts picturing this...

jim harbaugh andrew luck san francisco 49ers
sugar bowl next.

sugar bowl: arkansas vs ohio state
- ARK +3.5 for 3 units
- ARK MONEYLINE +135 for 1.5 units to win 2 units
sec > big ten so tonight i'ma side with the melanin deficient pro-style quarterback again. i'll admit, i'm a bit wary of tOSU's nfl caliber talent but they played a cupcake schedule that included only 4 games away from home (going 1-2-1 against the spread in those games). the wrong team is favored here.
result: loss, loss. buckeyes 31 razorbacks 26
"i dunno right now... my foot, that's all i know." –#2
- ARK -0.5 2nd half for 3 units
result: win. razorbacks 16 buckeyes 3

small bowl, small play on thursday night.

godaddy.com bowl: middle tenn st vs miami (ohio)
- parlay UNDER 24.5 1st half/MIAMI +3 for 0.5 unit to win 1 unit
for fucks. stay shady, mr. dasher.
result: loss. redhawks 14 blue raiders 14 half.
damn those big plays.
- MIAMI +1 2nd half for 0.5 unit
result: win. redhawks 21 blue raiders 7.

cotton bowl: lsu vs texas a&m
- A&M +3 for 5 units
again, i think the wrong team is favored. hopefully it works out for me this time.
- parlay A&M +3/UNDER 24.5 1st half for 0.5 unit to win 1 unit
here i go again with the 1st half under.
- parlay A&M +3/AUB -0.5 1st half (monday night) for 0.5 unit to win 1 unit
- A&M -0.5 2nd half for 2 units
result: loss x4. i suck.

this dude has some knockers...

hunger bowl: boston college vs nevada
- NEVADA -7 for 2 units
the eagles boast the #1 rushing defense this season... but they've only played 2 top 50 rushing offenses; losing to both.
result: push. wolfpack 20 eagles 13. i saw it but i'm still not sure i believe bc scored 13 points.

mnc game: oregon vs auburn
the ducks' "blur" offense is scary but the tigers are battle-tested (6 wins vs top 25 teams vs 1 win for oregon) and match up fairly well. auburn's major weakness is their secondary but oregon's receivers are mediocre... so the auburn corners should be able to keep them in check with man coverage while the front seven (plus safety help) can focus on slowing down the prolific oregon running game. on the other side of the ball, i seriously doubt the undersized ducks will be able to contain auburn's smashmouth attack. in addition, the two most dominant players in this game will be wearing burnt orange– QB cam newton and possible #1 overall pick DT/DE nick fairley. definitely not the game to bet the mortgage on but i'll take the tigers.
my plays...
- AUB PICK for 0.5 unit
result: win. tigers 22 ducks 19.
- AUB -0.5 1st half for 2 units (locked in early)
oregon usually makes their run late in the second half when opposing defenses are gassed so auburn should control the game until then, at least. just wish i waited to place this bet as the line's moved to a pick.
result: win. tigers 16 ducks 11.
- UNDER 37 1st half for 2 units
one last go around with the first half under. this total is extremely high and although points will be scored, the majority should come in the second half when nerves settle and the defenses wear down. plus, these teams are coming off the longest layoff of any two teams playing in the mnc game. i figure there'll be some rust involved. a few punts and/or field goals (instead of touchdowns) should seal the deal.
result: win.
- parlay AUB PK 1st half/UNDER 36.5 1st half for 0.5 unit to win 1 unit
also added...
- tease AUB +8/UNDER 80.5 for 0.5 unit
results: win and win.

pending the lines, leaning over and ducks for the second half.
- OVER 38 2nd half for 0.5 unit
- parlay OREGON -1.5/OVER 38 for 0.25
results. loss, loss. ducks 8 tigers 6.

fade away!

final 2010-11 bowl season record:
straight bets: 18-14-1. 2 units
parlays/teasers: 3-10. -3.75 units
total -1.75 units

Sunday, January 2, 2011

NFL Week 17


SD @ DEN +3.5

JAX +3 @ HOU

MIN @ DET -3.5

known associate:
NE -4.5 vs mia
CAR +14 @ atl
STL-3 @ sea

billy rubin:
NYG -4.5 @ WAS
DAL @ PHI o43.5
TEN @ IND o48