Sunday, September 30, 2012

NFL Week 4 Picks

Not Your Type

I am not done blaming the replacement officials for my crummy record in picking games.  With that said, here's three more losers:

Cincinnati -1.5 @ Jacksonville (3 nuts)

Seattle -2.5 @ St. Louis (3 nuts)

Miami @ Arizona -4 (4 nuts)
1-2, -4 nuts

blue whale
It is time to come on with the come on and get down with the get down.  Off top...

New England Patriots -4 at Buffalo Bills (3 nuts)
must win situation for different reasons.  New England cannot go three losses in a row and Buffalo needs to be one up on the Pats in this series.  Belicheck will pull everything out of the playbook to cover on the road.
Patriots 52 Bills 28 Easy like Sunday Morning.. Vintage Belicheck running up the score with straight cockiness.  (3 nuts)

San Francisco 49ers at New York Jets +4 (3 nuts)
need to stop frontin and hand the rock to Bilal Powell.  I am a little bit concerned about McKnight playing in Revis' spot.  But this indicates that the Jets are desperate and will do anything for a win 49ers 34 Jets 0 I didnt expect a route.  I thought Sanchize was going to show up at home in front of the crowd against the cream of the crop.  You can categorize Santonio Holmes in the bitch section for that fumble.  It look like he got back handed by Madea in one of Tyler Perry's movies. (-3 nuts)

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans -13 (3 nuts)
Damn that line jump from 11.5 to 13 is a bit discerning.  But homefield advantage and the Titans atrocious D should allow the Texans to have their way with them.
Titans 14 Texans 38 Locker was taken out of this game early.  Would he have made a difference who know's the positive is that Chris Johnson finally came through.  Is it because the lanes have been open and the defense respected Hassleback's arm?  Nonetheless it another win under my belt. (3 nuts)

...defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals Ray Horton is hard. 

blue whale's week 4 results 3 nuts

known associate:
seattle at ST. LOUIS +2.5 (4 nuts)
- seahawks 13 rams 19. +4 nuts.
carolina at atlanta OVER 47 (2 nuts)
- panthers 28 falcons 30. +2 nuts.
SAN DIEGO -2.5 at kansas city (3 nuts)
- chargers 37 chiefs 20. +3 nuts.
dolphins and jags in the afternoon.
- miami should've won straight up.

known associate week 4 results: 3-0. +9 nuts. 

billy rubin:
these got erased somehow, but here are my picks:
san diego -2.5 @ kansas city (3 nuts)
san diego @ kansas city over 43 (3 nuts)
SD 32 KC 20. +6 nuts
seattle -2.5 @ st. louis (2 nuts)
SEA 13 StL 19. -2 nuts
Week: 2-1 +4 nuts
Season: 5-7 -6 nuts

records through week 3:
known associate. 4-5. -2 nuts.
nyt: 2-7, -17 nuts

Thursday, September 27, 2012

College Football Week 5 Picks

known associate:
STANFORD -6.5 at washington (1 nut)
the trees' disciplined physicality will prevail over a banged up huskies squad. just a nut though... cuz primetime homedogs ain't nuttin to fuck wit. most times, at least.
- cardinal 13 huskies 17. -1 nut.
the trees held a (late) 10 point lead before the huskies ran off 14 unanswered. shoulda layed off a side. the under was the play.

saturday games to follow...
arizona state at CALIFORNIA +1.5 (4 nuts)
critical game for the bears and coach tedford. sun devils are overvalued having faced only backup QBs thus far.
- sun devils 27 golden bears 17. -4 nuts.
last time i pick zaff tednard, promise.

OREGON STATE +3 at arizona (1 nut)
- beavers 38 wildcats 35. +1 nut.
my one nut ncaa plays are now 7-2.

known associate week 5 results:  1-2. -4 nuts.

Blue Whale texted in:
baylor at west virginia OVER 85 (3 nuts)
Bears 63 Mountaineers 70  Two high powered offenses and two bust ass defenses.  Geno Smith has definitely established himself as one of the top Qb prospects in the college nation and upped his votes in the Heisman Candidacy despite playing inferior competition.  Hopefully he can overcome the Pat White stigma in the NFL.  On a side note WVU has not covered the spread in the past weeks.  Their offenses will keep them ahead but their defenses allow the back door. (3 nuts)

tennessee at GEORGIA -14 (3 nuts)
Vols 44 Bulldogs 51 To me Georgia St. is an underrated college football team they dont get the national attention of Bama LSU and newly third ranked Florida St. Seminoles.  they can hang with the best of them. On a wagering standpoint, maybe 50/50 when it comes against the spread.  They are my pick to head to the bowl. Them and USC. (-3 nuts)

mississippi at ALABAMA -30.5 (3 nuts)
Rebels 14 Tide 33 31 points is too much of a large spread.  I did not do any research in this game.  I just gambled on the superioirty of Roll Tide and homefield advantage.  I did not take into account that it is a divisional game and bama has convered the past four weeks. (-3 nuts)

2012 NCAA Record through week 4:
known associate: 7-5. -5 nuts
Blue Whale: 0-3. -9 nuts

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

NFL Week 3 Picks: Marisa Miller Edition

because she's a niner fan.

Billy Rubin texted:
49ERS -7 at minnesota (3 nuts)
SF 13 MIN 24. -3 nuts
buffalo at BROWNS +3 (3 nuts)
BUF 24 CLE 14. Late cover by BUF, but a loss nonetheless. -3 nuts
TEXANS -1.5 at denver (2 nuts)
HOU 31 DEN 25. +2 nuts
Week: 1-2 -4 nuts
Season: 3-6 - 10 nuts 

known associate:
small morning plays on the under in miami, over in new orleans, bears, bucs and titans.
back in a bit to nut up.
- chi, tb, ten all covered. the over pushed and the under lost, both in OT.

atlanta at CHARGERS -3 (3 nuts)
i'm still not buying the falcons as an elite team. the broncos handed them the ball 4 times (while they commited no turnovers of their own) yet only won by 6, at home. plus, it's rough going west after an east coast MNF game. the last time a team covered in this dynamic was 1998.
- falcons 27 chargers 3. -3 nuts. 
the falcons are an elite team.

houston at BRONCOS +2 (2 nuts)
von miller and elvis dumervill provide the first big test for this texans o-line. also, peyton manning angry.
- texans 31 broncos 25. -2 nuts.
this marked the first time since peyton's rookie season that he didn't cover as a home dog. teasers covered though.. yay.

PATRIOTS +3 at baltimore (3 nuts)
speaking of angry. motivated pats team have been profitable in the brady/belichick era (21-11-1 ATS as underdog, 11-1 ATS as a dog coming off a loss). i'll take tom and bill with a week to adjust to the loss of aaron hernandez.
- patriots 30 ravens 31. +3 nuts.
replacement ref ineptitude was on full display in primetime but i'll take the result. the bet covered while torrey smith was raised up on angel's wings to lead his team to victory.
known associate week 3 results: 1-2. -2 nuts.

Not Your Type texted:
FALCONS +3 at san diego (3 nuts)
LIONS -3.5 at tennessee (3 nuts)
new england at RAVENS -3 (3 nuts)
2-1, +3 nuts

and Blue Whale texted:
atlanta at CHARGERS -3 (3 nuts)
Falcons 27 Chargers 3 I assumed that the Falcons would falter on the road.  With the return of Ryan Mathews, I thought the the Chargers would have the final piece in the offense that would make them competent in the scoring game.  It is clear that San Diego is missing a true stud wide reciever or tight end. (-3 nuts)

pittsburg at RAIDERS +3.5 (3 nuts)
Steelers 31 the Greatness 34 ballsy pick on my part.  Too much action on Pittsburgh to not take the
Raiders.  Kudos for McFadden for coming through, God Bless to DHB.  (3 nuts)

eagles at cardinals UNDER 42 (3 nuts)
Eagles 6 Cardinals 27 the way the Cardinals defense has been performing at home, I thought that they were good enough to stop the Eagles putrid offense.  In turn, I did not trust Kolb's arm and decision making to overcome any opponent.  (3 nuts)

blue whale's week 3 results 3 nuts

record through week 2:
known associate. 3-3. no nuts.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

College Football Week 4 Picks

known associate:
(texted the first two to Blue Whale earlier)
louisiana tech at ILLINOIS -3 (2 nuts)
- bulldogs 52 fighting illini 24. -2 nuts. dumb bet.

CLEMSON +14.5 at florida state (1 nut)
- tigers 37 seminoles 49. +1 nut. 
tigers lost a 14 point lead then snuck in through the backdoor. the over was the play. plenty speed and skill on offense: watkins, hopkins, thompson, wilder, ellington, manuel, boyd...

utah at arizona state UNDER 50 (1 nut)
- utes 7 sun devils 37. +1 nut.

week 4 results: 2-1. 0 nuts.

2012 NCAA Record through week 3:
known associate: 5-4. -5 nuts
Blue Whale: 0-3. -9 nuts

Friday, September 14, 2012

College Football Week 3 Picks: Lindsay Myhre Edition

his chin looks like coed puss.

known associate:
Washington State at UNLV +8.5 (1 nut)
cougars aren't good enough to be laying more than a TD on the road. plus it's on espn and home dogs usually fare well under the bright lights.
- cougars 35 rebels 27. +1 nut. 
it took a few tries but the rebels finally slithered through the backdoor late. then mike leach's horrid clock management afforded them a try for a miracle tie at the very end. a degenerate play but a decent bet nonetheless.

florida at TENNESSEE -2.5 (4 nuts)
gators are too banged up to win a second straight game in a hostile environment. tyler bray and his playmaking wr duo headline a clearly superior vols offense while 6'6", 380lb (!) nose tackle daniel mccullers anchors an improving defense under first year dc (and saban disciple) sal sunseri.
- gators 37 volunteers 20. -4 nuts.
the vols were in control until the floodgates opened late in the 3rd quarter. cordarrelle patterson is a poor man's julio jones. justin hunter is a poor man's aj green. and the vols, as a whole, are a poor man's SEC powerhouse.

alabama at arkansas UNDER 53 (1 nut)
expecting ball control offense on both sides.
- crimson tide 52 razorbacks 0. +1 nut.
arkansas was considered a national title contender 3 weeks ago but has since been exposed, not only as a team but, as a program. that cheating bastard petrino done fucked 'em up.

cal at ohio state OVER 55 (1 nut)
this buckeye offense looks much improved under urban meyer, and they're only gettin better from here on out. the golden bears lost plenty on D but still have young beast keenan allen on O.
- golden bears 28 buckeyes 35. +1 nut.
ea$y, even with points left on the field. (cal's 3 missed FGs and 1 long TD called back due to an unnecessary illegal block.) maynard's crap is tolerable because without him there would be no keenan but i'm starting to think tedford needs to go. new blood for the new facilities. brendan bigelow impressed.

houston at ucla OVER 76 (2 nuts)
blue whale already sayin.
- cougars 6 bruins 37. -2 nuts. bad bet.

lean trees power over trojans finesse. dunno if i'll nut up though.
btw, we'll be using Las Vegas Hilton lines from here on.

notre dame at MICHIGAN ST -5.5 (1 nut)
spartans veteran D over a young qb making his first start on the road. le'veon got some twinkle toes for a big back.
- irish 20 spartans 3. -1 nut. bad bet.

known associate week 3 results: 3-3. -4 nuts.
i need to manage my nuts more wisely. and i shoulda played the trees. trojans couldn't even wait until the mnc game to get outmuscled. no team looks unstoppable at this point. not even the tide.

blue whale:
let us keep it PAC 12

USC Trojans -9 at Palo Alto Cardinals (3 nuts)
Three seasons in a row, Luck had his way with the Trojans.  Finally he is gone and the Trojans have a shot of beating the Cardinals and well.  Never mind the fact that they have to travel cross country to Palo Alto, fatigue is not an option for three things are on Coach Kiffin's mind: revenge, BCS and running up the score to stay up in the rankings.  That Trojan defense is young and suspect, but i think the USC offense is good, er great, enough to blow this game wide open.  I might make a small play on the over but no nuts on it.
- Trojans 14 Cardinals 21. wow the Trojan's BCS bowl hopes have been crushed by Stepfan Taylor who to me is as vanilla as a colored college running back can get. 

The Holy War BYU Cougars -3.5 at Utah Utes (3 nuts)
Utes quarterback Jordan Wynn was being thought as a contender just like other Pac 12 qbs Barkley and Price.  Now that he is gone for the season and he was an important part of the offense.  Usually these match ups are low scoring and play close to the vest.  Both defenses are stout, but without Wynn, The Utes lost to a lowly Utah St last week in overtime.
- Cougars 21 Utes 24. cougars missed 2 ...2! field goals that might have helped me out here... but oh know I forgot about the hook. 

Houston University Cougars at UCLA Bruins over 76 (3 nuts)
whoa that LA Tech pick was the steal, it's true that the Cougars are going through a transition right now in offensive coordinator.  My bet is going towards that they get it going after the second week. Especially against a surging UCLA team that is on fire right now and can be scored on. I do expect a high scoring affair with point contributions coming from both sides.
- Cougars 6 Bruins 37 I was right about the bruins.  I did not take into account that Houston would sit down this game.  I am 0 and 3...I need to go back to school.

2012 College Record through week 2:
known associate: 2-1. -1 nut

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

NFL Week 2 Picks

loving the early start for Thursday Night Football this year. more opportunities to be a degenerate.

known associate:
i got my ass handed to me in week 1 but can't stop, won't stop...

CHICAGO +5 at green bay (2 nuts)
i don't exactly love this play but, at this point, i'm not sure there are 3 plays i'll like more this week. here are my reasons (in no particular order):
- packers are overrated. apparently, the public still envisions this team as the juggernaut they were for most of the past 2 seasons but it's looking more and more like they've been exposed (past 5 games: 1 ATS win, 3 straight up losses). and it's looking like the formula is this: good pass rush + good run d out of base or nickel/dime packages + play secondary deep. niners executed this perfectly. bears have the personnel to do an adequate job. we'll see if mccarthy and rodgers finally adjust.
- greg jennings is banged up, possibly out.
- packers secondary made alex smith look like aaron rodgers and only had 3 days to fix their problems.
- without a pass rush, packers d is ordinary at best. 2012 first round draftee, and supposed pass rush specialist, nick perry hasn't shown up yet.
- pretty sure the rival bears have been prepping for this matchup all summer after getting swept by the pack last season.
fade or follow. bears team total over 23 might be a safer bet, if available.
this is jay cutler's wifey...

- da bears 10 pack 23. -2 nuts
can't stop, won't stop... losing. both o-lines played like crap but rodgers is rodgers and cutler is cutler. and the packers didn't need nick perry because clay matthews played like it was 2010. still, if the fake FG touchdown and/or brandon marshall drop in the endzone went the other way my actual bet (chi +6.5) might've covered. that's what i'm telling myself, at least. but this was a lay off game, at best. bleh.

2 more picks to follow...
shit, almost forgot.
BAL +3 at phi (2 nuts)
HOU -6.5 at jac (3 nuts)
don't feel too great about these.
- and both hit. +5 nuts.
known assoicate week 2: 2-1. +3 nuts.

billy rubin:

man, i'm glad i'm lazy and i didn't pick chicago as one of my three picks because i thought that was a no-brainer. turns out, you need to have no brain to trust jay cutler with your hard-earned greenbacks. this is a pretty tough week with a few marquee matchups that oddsmakers appear to be right on about and a bunch of garbage games where all types of ridiculousness might happen. that said, i gotta make three picks and here they are:

BAL +2.5 @ PHI (3 nuts): come on now, seriously? am i missing something here. philly has a good D, but they could barely muster enough points to beat the browns last week. i'm sure this is too good to be true, but, damn, ain't much else this week.

BAL @ PHI under 46.5 (3 nuts): umm, two good defenses and one mediocre, maybe crappy offense? i'll take that.

BAL 23 PHI 24. Hit on the Ravens and the points; loss on the under by half a point. No net nuts. 

TEN +7 @ SD (2 nuts): yes, yes, banged up jake locker, titans on the road, blah, blah, blah. titans aren't awful and they're playing the chargers. this is about as good as it gets this week.

TEN 10 SD 38. Loss. Good lesson to re-learn every season: don't bet on a crappy offense to cover for you. -2 nuts

Week: 1-2 -2 nuts
Season: 2-4 -6 nuts 

blue whale says:

dang Jay Cutler's breezie is a straight up mynx.  No write ups with my picks today, I am shell shocked from the losses I took from Saturday's Collits Football Wagers.  When they interviewed Matt Barkley after the loss by Stanford Cardinals, that man looked like he wanted to cry...I was and am that man.

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills -3 ( 3 nuts)
Chiefs 17 Bills 35.  a high scoring affair  in which young spiller churned out another outstanding game in Fred Jackson'S steed.  +3 nuts

Washington Redskins -3 at St Louis Rams (3 nuts)
Redskins 28 Rams 31 Greasy the Third could not pull enough tricks out of his repretoire to over come the home team. -3 nuts

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers -5 (4 nuts)
Jets 10 Steelers 27 Steeltown needed this win for the home openner.  +4 nuts

Josh McDaniels is garbage so is Pete Carroll but at least he gave Marshawn the rock.  Cowboys and the Pats both came out flatter than Kate Middleton's exposed left and right breasts.  The NFC West has become the premier divivion and the Seattle secondary has next to nil competition.  When Russell Wilson took of his helmet to expose his good hair, two things ran across my mind: 1. Hindis across the globe finally can praise they have an American Football athlete to call their own and 2. Tubbs should stick to pastel suits and slip on shoes with no socks.  We have a Schism in the NFL  between Killer Cam and Greasy the Third.  The hardest runner this Sunday was Dwyer...everybody else had the cupcake matchups.

blue whale's week 2 results 4 nuts

Not Your Type

Somewhere in the outer-space are my week 1 picks.  Billy Rubin has proof that they exist.  I swear.

Arizona @ New England -13.5 (2 nuts) - This match up is based on the handsomeness of QBs.  I'm pretty sure that Tom Brady is 13.5 units better looking than Kevin Kolb. 

Cleveland @ Cincinnati Under 39.5 (3 nuts) - Can the Bengals score all 39 points?

 Washington -3.5 @ St. Louis (5 nuts) - RGIII will hurdle Rams players like there are foot-long turkey subs in the endzone en route to eating hella turkey and avocado and at least a 4 point victory.
0-3, -10 nuts

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

NFL Week 1 Picks

Are you ready for some borderline racism???

The NFL is back and Barack Obama is a Muslim who hates farming. What more is there to say?

Here are our picks for Week 1:

billy rubin:

PHI @ CLE under 43 (2 nuts): Cleveland's football team is clearly named after Leroy Brown, because they are bad, bad, baddest team in the whole NFL perhaps. For what it's worth, which is probably nothing, this pick was almost over 47 in CAR @ TB.

NO -8 vs. WAS (3 nuts): Redskins will win the battle of face grease and having players that look like Three Stacks, but the Saints will win the battle of scoring a lot more points than your opponent.

DET -8.5 vs. STL (3 nuts): Pretty sure lions kill rams in the wilderness and even if that's not the case, it will be on the gridiron on Sunday.

known associate:
mia at HOU -12.5 (3 nuts)
- dolphins 10 texans 30. +3 nuts. ea$y.
stl at DET -8.5 (3 nuts)
- rams 23 lions 27. -3 nuts. stafford threw 2 red zone interceptions and another pick-6. that's at least a 13 point swing right there. bad beat. fisher is still a good coach though.
- sf at GB -4.5 (3 nuts)
niners 30 packers 22. -3 nuts. go niners! i'll never bet against jim harbaugh in week 1 again.

Blue Whale sayin late:


NATI +6.5 at Balt
these games always play close to the vest.  And i might be crazy but Baltimore is a declining team especially in the secondary.  AJ green and rook Mohammed Sanu are going to run crazy all over that field.  I'm keeping my eye on baltimore rookies Tommy Streater from the U and Courtney Upshaw from the tide both have potential to contribute on their respective postions of the ball. ( 2 nuts)
i didnt account for the inept football security of young Dalton who fumbled the ball and over threw a pass for a pick six.  Also there was a terrible call on a boldin reception that should have been ruled an incompletion because he clearly did not have possession of the football as it touched the grass when he landed in the end zone.  Ravens looked scary good. -2 nuts
Diego at -1 The Town
i am going with the hometeam in this matchup and San Diego always starts the season on a slow and sour note. I love the Raiders Recievers, these boys have Hort (that's gangsterism for 'heart') plus its an extra added bonus that they drafted Juron Criner who was unhearalded coming out of the sun devils.  I expect DMC to have a good game and a good year.  (4 nuts) this was a garbage game that had no discipline of both teams on both sides of the ball.  I fooled my self thinking that Raiders were the better of the team.  - 4 nuts

Diego at The Town over 47.0
my fingers hurt (3 nuts) -3 nuts

but....from what i've seen on sunday: Panther's fadeable newton is exposed.  pete carroll is on some bullshit and he needs to invest in superglue for his recievers.  julio jones is the blue notes to matt ryan's Harold Melvin.  The Saints needed Vilma on D harder than a hog needs slop (nothing to take away from Greasy the Third).  Niners are the reason why Nortenos world wide are banging harder this season. and peyton Manning's multiple neck surgeries were a cover up to turn that dude into the quarterback version of Robocop, i mean he did all that without even grinning. word to Andre Ward.. more after monday night my good people.

2012 records through week 1:
known associate: 1-2. -3 nuts.
billy rubin. 1-2. -4 nuts.
Blue Whale: 0-3. -9 nuts.


NCAA Football Week 2 Picks

known associate:
i made a few plays last week, splitting my 2 big wagers (alabama and cal) and profiting a tiny bit overall. gonna start documenting for week 2...
(using beteagle lines at time of posting)

USC -14.5 1st half at syracuse, played at metlife stadium (4 nuts)
i'm thinking the trojans make it through their schedule unscathed then lose to 'bama in the mythical national title game. lane kiffin and matt barkley should be in full swagger mode playing in front of them east coast writers, on a semi-big stage.
- trojans 14 orange 3 (final score 42-29). -4 nuts.
not enough swag. also, give me marqise lee over robert woods... but it's close.

auburn at MISSISSIPPI STATE -3 (2 nuts)
year 2 A.C. (after cam) brings coach chizik a tiger team heavy on youth but light on talent. i played safe (or dumb) and bought the hook for my real life wager since this should be a lower scoring SEC slugfest.
- tigers 10 bulldogs 28. +2 nuts. ea$y.

LOUISIANA TECH -3 at houston (1 nut)
the cougars are looking like a train wreck post case keenum era. (OC mike nesbitt was released after refusing to put the ball in star RB charles sims hands in a 17pt loss to texas state as 36 point faves.) methinks a veteran offense will lead the tech bulldogs to an easy cover.
- bulldogs 56 cougars 49. +1 nut. 
charles sims had a total of 32 touches as the cougars put up more of a fight than i expected

lean gators.
should've played it. but was too busy with this beast...

2012 collits record:
known associate. 2-1. -1 nut

final 2011 collits records:
known associate. 29-24. +8 nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 10-15. -17 nuts