Thursday, September 13, 2012

NFL Week 2 Picks

loving the early start for Thursday Night Football this year. more opportunities to be a degenerate.

known associate:
i got my ass handed to me in week 1 but can't stop, won't stop...

CHICAGO +5 at green bay (2 nuts)
i don't exactly love this play but, at this point, i'm not sure there are 3 plays i'll like more this week. here are my reasons (in no particular order):
- packers are overrated. apparently, the public still envisions this team as the juggernaut they were for most of the past 2 seasons but it's looking more and more like they've been exposed (past 5 games: 1 ATS win, 3 straight up losses). and it's looking like the formula is this: good pass rush + good run d out of base or nickel/dime packages + play secondary deep. niners executed this perfectly. bears have the personnel to do an adequate job. we'll see if mccarthy and rodgers finally adjust.
- greg jennings is banged up, possibly out.
- packers secondary made alex smith look like aaron rodgers and only had 3 days to fix their problems.
- without a pass rush, packers d is ordinary at best. 2012 first round draftee, and supposed pass rush specialist, nick perry hasn't shown up yet.
- pretty sure the rival bears have been prepping for this matchup all summer after getting swept by the pack last season.
fade or follow. bears team total over 23 might be a safer bet, if available.
this is jay cutler's wifey...

- da bears 10 pack 23. -2 nuts
can't stop, won't stop... losing. both o-lines played like crap but rodgers is rodgers and cutler is cutler. and the packers didn't need nick perry because clay matthews played like it was 2010. still, if the fake FG touchdown and/or brandon marshall drop in the endzone went the other way my actual bet (chi +6.5) might've covered. that's what i'm telling myself, at least. but this was a lay off game, at best. bleh.

2 more picks to follow...
shit, almost forgot.
BAL +3 at phi (2 nuts)
HOU -6.5 at jac (3 nuts)
don't feel too great about these.
- and both hit. +5 nuts.
known assoicate week 2: 2-1. +3 nuts.

billy rubin:

man, i'm glad i'm lazy and i didn't pick chicago as one of my three picks because i thought that was a no-brainer. turns out, you need to have no brain to trust jay cutler with your hard-earned greenbacks. this is a pretty tough week with a few marquee matchups that oddsmakers appear to be right on about and a bunch of garbage games where all types of ridiculousness might happen. that said, i gotta make three picks and here they are:

BAL +2.5 @ PHI (3 nuts): come on now, seriously? am i missing something here. philly has a good D, but they could barely muster enough points to beat the browns last week. i'm sure this is too good to be true, but, damn, ain't much else this week.

BAL @ PHI under 46.5 (3 nuts): umm, two good defenses and one mediocre, maybe crappy offense? i'll take that.

BAL 23 PHI 24. Hit on the Ravens and the points; loss on the under by half a point. No net nuts. 

TEN +7 @ SD (2 nuts): yes, yes, banged up jake locker, titans on the road, blah, blah, blah. titans aren't awful and they're playing the chargers. this is about as good as it gets this week.

TEN 10 SD 38. Loss. Good lesson to re-learn every season: don't bet on a crappy offense to cover for you. -2 nuts

Week: 1-2 -2 nuts
Season: 2-4 -6 nuts 

blue whale says:

dang Jay Cutler's breezie is a straight up mynx.  No write ups with my picks today, I am shell shocked from the losses I took from Saturday's Collits Football Wagers.  When they interviewed Matt Barkley after the loss by Stanford Cardinals, that man looked like he wanted to cry...I was and am that man.

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills -3 ( 3 nuts)
Chiefs 17 Bills 35.  a high scoring affair  in which young spiller churned out another outstanding game in Fred Jackson'S steed.  +3 nuts

Washington Redskins -3 at St Louis Rams (3 nuts)
Redskins 28 Rams 31 Greasy the Third could not pull enough tricks out of his repretoire to over come the home team. -3 nuts

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers -5 (4 nuts)
Jets 10 Steelers 27 Steeltown needed this win for the home openner.  +4 nuts

Josh McDaniels is garbage so is Pete Carroll but at least he gave Marshawn the rock.  Cowboys and the Pats both came out flatter than Kate Middleton's exposed left and right breasts.  The NFC West has become the premier divivion and the Seattle secondary has next to nil competition.  When Russell Wilson took of his helmet to expose his good hair, two things ran across my mind: 1. Hindis across the globe finally can praise they have an American Football athlete to call their own and 2. Tubbs should stick to pastel suits and slip on shoes with no socks.  We have a Schism in the NFL  between Killer Cam and Greasy the Third.  The hardest runner this Sunday was Dwyer...everybody else had the cupcake matchups.

blue whale's week 2 results 4 nuts

Not Your Type

Somewhere in the outer-space are my week 1 picks.  Billy Rubin has proof that they exist.  I swear.

Arizona @ New England -13.5 (2 nuts) - This match up is based on the handsomeness of QBs.  I'm pretty sure that Tom Brady is 13.5 units better looking than Kevin Kolb. 

Cleveland @ Cincinnati Under 39.5 (3 nuts) - Can the Bengals score all 39 points?

 Washington -3.5 @ St. Louis (5 nuts) - RGIII will hurdle Rams players like there are foot-long turkey subs in the endzone en route to eating hella turkey and avocado and at least a 4 point victory.
0-3, -10 nuts

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  1. That balt philly line is fishy. Maybe they take into account this a let down game for Flacco after he looked like a great quarterback last week. It is Flacco after all, plus against that Philly D. Philly's secondary match up very well with baltimore's recievers. And Baltimore couldn't stop lawfirm from gaining yards. Lesean Mccoy shifty...

  2. agreed. i spent most of this morning deciding whether to buy back some of my wager then realized i still hadn't posted my picks... then got flustered and used them as one of my picks anyway. oh well.

    what y'all think about the niners tho? i wanna take em.