Saturday, September 8, 2012

NCAA Football Week 2 Picks

known associate:
i made a few plays last week, splitting my 2 big wagers (alabama and cal) and profiting a tiny bit overall. gonna start documenting for week 2...
(using beteagle lines at time of posting)

USC -14.5 1st half at syracuse, played at metlife stadium (4 nuts)
i'm thinking the trojans make it through their schedule unscathed then lose to 'bama in the mythical national title game. lane kiffin and matt barkley should be in full swagger mode playing in front of them east coast writers, on a semi-big stage.
- trojans 14 orange 3 (final score 42-29). -4 nuts.
not enough swag. also, give me marqise lee over robert woods... but it's close.

auburn at MISSISSIPPI STATE -3 (2 nuts)
year 2 A.C. (after cam) brings coach chizik a tiger team heavy on youth but light on talent. i played safe (or dumb) and bought the hook for my real life wager since this should be a lower scoring SEC slugfest.
- tigers 10 bulldogs 28. +2 nuts. ea$y.

LOUISIANA TECH -3 at houston (1 nut)
the cougars are looking like a train wreck post case keenum era. (OC mike nesbitt was released after refusing to put the ball in star RB charles sims hands in a 17pt loss to texas state as 36 point faves.) methinks a veteran offense will lead the tech bulldogs to an easy cover.
- bulldogs 56 cougars 49. +1 nut. 
charles sims had a total of 32 touches as the cougars put up more of a fight than i expected

lean gators.
should've played it. but was too busy with this beast...

2012 collits record:
known associate. 2-1. -1 nut

final 2011 collits records:
known associate. 29-24. +8 nuts
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts
Blue Whale. 10-15. -17 nuts

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