Sunday, September 26, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 3

Week 3 of the 2010 NFL season is upon us, and we have worthless opinions to share on the results of this week's game. Enjoy.


Billy Rubin's picks:

Cincinnati -3 @ Carolina: Carolina is bad - not bad meaning good, but bad meaning bad. Cincinnati is mediocre, meaning mediocre. Mediocre > bad.

Cleveland +11 @ Baltimore: Baltimore hasn't quite figured out their offense this year, and while this might very well be the game where they do, I think it'll be closer than 11 points.

Buffalo @ New England over 42.5: Buffalo can't stop New England's passing attack, which should be worth a few TDs. New England can't stop the pass either and, while Buffalo's offense is bad, it's not as bad as it seems. I think.


NYT(again using Yahoo! Pick'em final lines):

Pick 1: PIT @ TB +3

The Buck-O's stick a pinky into the Steelers' booty with a shocker at home.

Pick 2: PHI -3 @ JAX

Vick will throw balls out of the stadium and the Eagles will cover...then Randall Cunningham will scramble...some eggs. The end!

Pick 3:

OAK +4.5 @ ARI

The Raiders, The Raiders will show the people of Arizona the advantages of having Daylight Savings Time.


known associate texted these to billy rubin earlier...

CINCY -3 at carolina
MIAMI -2.5 vs ny jets
green bay at chicago OVER 46.
i changed my mind. game hasnt kicked off...
CHI +3 vs green bay.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Genius

So, with our beloved Giants doing their best to reach the postseason, there has been plenty of talk of how general manager Brian Sabean deserves credit for putting together such a gutsy, enjoyable, and, most importantly, winning team. That's really a bunch of crap because what Sabean has done is finally piece together a kinda sorta league average offense after five consecutive years of dramatically subpar offensive campaigns. That's not hyperbole. From 2005 to 2009 the Giants ranked no higher than 10th in the National League in runs scored, and that was way back in 2006. In 2005, 2007 and 2008 they ranked 15th, and in 2009 they ranked 13th. By the way, there are 16 teams in the NL. So in three of the last five years the Giants have had the second worst offense in the league. Outstanding!

But wait, they're winning this year. Sabean must've finally figured out the game of baseball in his 14th year of being the Giants' GM, you say? Not really, the Giants ranked 10th in the NL in runs scored through yesterday's games (it's worth noting that tonight's game will probably boost them into 9th place, but there are still nine more games for them to exhibit their futility and fall back down to the lower third of the league).

Who cares? The team's winning, and that's what's important. Sure, that's what most people care about, but really, the more this team wins the longer we'll have Sabean around trying to rebuild late 90s/early 00s offenses, literally - Huff, DeRosa, Rowand, Burrell, Guillen. Which brings me to another issue; some people are saying Sabean's myriad transactions this year have been nothing short of genius (never mind the fact that he originally built the completely offensively inept team that needed to be totally rehauled on the fly just to be league average).

Don't get me wrong, some moves were indeed great, and necessary. Namely, jettisoning Bengie Molina to create room for Buster Posey. And getting Pat Burrell for nothing certainly has worked out. But I still don't quite understand the Cody Ross and Jose Guillen acquisitions. They didn't cost much, but the Giants already had a younger, better Jose Guillen in John Bowker (who was traded for Javier Lopez, and Lopez has been lights out for the Giants, but that's not my point right now). Ross offers more defensive versatility than Bowker or Guillen, and he's a better hitter than he's shown in his time with the Giants, but he's still not much to write home about. Not that Bowker is either, but please humor me.

So far in September, Cody Ross is batting .184/.279/.237 and Guillen is batting .259/.279/.431. Meanwhile, John Bowker is batting .250/.298/.477 for the Pirates. I'd rather have Bowker, who is two years younger than Ross and seven years younger than Guillen. Even if you prefer more advanced metrics Bowker is far superior, although certainly far from a really great option. Ross has a wOBA (weight On Base Average) in September of .233. Guillen's is .306. Bowker again beats both with a wOBA of .327. Granted, this is based on three weeks worth of stats and probably doesn't mean a whole lot, but it highlights the fact that Sabean doesn't really know how to assess offensive ability, and the Giants as an organization can't seem to develop any useful position players, save for extreme talents like Buster Posey (and hopefully Pablo Sandoval, although that's severely in doubt at this point).

Defense is definitely a factor to consider, and Ross has value based on the fact that he CAN play centerfield, whereas Guillen and Bowker would never find themselves in center under any circumstances. That likely played a key role in the Giants' decision to pick up Ross, since Aaron Rowand is sooooo good at everything. However, while Guillen still appears to have a pretty strong arm in rightfield, fangraphs indicates that his overall defense is lacking, based on a UZR/150 of -4.9. Bowker, on the other hand, wouldn't necessarily be a defensive upgrade over Guillen, as his UZR/150 is 11.7 in leftfield, but -36.1 in right.

What's my point? I think it's partly that my hatred for Brian Sabean is justified and partly that, while it is fun to root for the Giants to go as far as they can this year, the reality is this isn't a very good team and whatever it achieves this year will be more than it should have. Then next year Brian Sabean will put together another crappy offensive team that will barely score enough to eek out just enough wins to make their games relevant in September. Then sooner or later there will be no Lincecum, Cain or Sanchez and we'll just have Buster Posey (hopefully) and a whole bunch of crap. Hummm baby, indeed.

Monday, September 20, 2010

NFL Week 2 - Results

known associate : 1-1-1(overall: 4-2-2)
Billy Rubin: 3-0(5-2-1)
Not Your Type: 2-1(5-2-1)

Friday, September 17, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 2

Welcome to week two of three guys trying to pick winners in order to win points towards being cool.

NYT: Since I'm lazy, I'm only going to choose against the spread using the final line provided by the pick'em game on Yahoo. Use Yahoo, they are great! Maybe join a public pick'em league to show them who's Boss Nass? Meesa pick now...

Pick #1

PIT @ TEN : PIT +5

These guys are gonna play like Spy vs. Spy, except substitute "DEF" for "Spy". Def Jef says "Give it Here".

Result: +1 - The Steelers stole the Titans' lunch money and bought Garbage Pail Kids.

Pick #2

STL @ OAK : STL +3.5

STL won't try to win, the WILL win.

Result: +1 - The Rams didn't win, but the Raiders, the Raiders only won by 2.

Pick #3

JAX @ SD: JAX +7

No Fakin' JAX here.

Result: -1 - My pick got laid on their backs.

Looks like I favor dogs in red costumes with blue capes .


known associate's favorite favorites:

HOU -3 @ was
texans are legit.

NE -2.5 @ nyj
tom brady > mark sanchez. in handsomeness, of course.

SD -7 vs. jax
bounce back game for the chargers. jags no good on the road.


i was kind of out of town and without computer access until just about now, but i texted known associate my picks this morning. they are/were:

KC +3 @ CLE
somebody is less crappy than somebody else, yay parity!

CHI +7 @ DAL
i actually like the bears this year. i haven't actually liked the cowboys since i used to root for them because my dad and uncle rooted for the redskins. plus, the cowboys are probably the most overrated team in professional sports.

TB +4 @ CAR
josh freeman > matt moore, in terms of dick size, of course.


Albums of the Last Five Months

So, it's been a little bit since I did one of these posts, and I just know that somebody somewhere was just dying to read a new one. Instead of running down all the albums I've listened to over the past five months or so, I'm going to highlight a few albums that really stood out to me during that time.

The first, and probably the best, is Big K.R.I.T.'s K.R.I.T. Wuz Here. I guess it's technically a mixtape, but there's minimal annoying DJ yelling, and all the tracks are album quality, in terms of lyrics and production, if not mastering (the levels are pretty low). There are plenty of other blogs that go for in depth reviewing the album, but to me it sounds a lot like vintage mid-90s Dirty South rap, before everything got too crunk. That's not to say that this is a throwback album, or doesn't sound fresh for 2010, just that it's got a more classic sound with less trendy, more introspective lyrics. According to K.R.I.T.'s wikipedia page, he was recently signed to Def Jam. I'm eagerly awaiting a major label album with some better engineering and hopefully a big enough budget to clear all his samples. Here are a few of my favorite tracks from K.R.I.T. Wuz Here: "Return of Forever" (featuring Big Sant), "Hometown Hero", "Glass House" (featuring Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa), "Moon & Stars" (featuring Devin the Dude). Okay, there really isn't a bad song on this album. Go download it here, and thank me later. Oh, he kinda looks like Tracy Morgan too.

The second album that was on heavy rotation for me over the last several months is Trunk Muzik by Yelawolf, a white and Cherokee rapper from Alabama (Big K.R.I.T. is from Mississippi, by the way). I had seen posts on various hip hop blogs about Yelawolf, but he kinda looks like Travis Barker and I didn't really want to listen to Travis Barker rap. But then known associate told me that Trunk Muzik was actually pretty good, so I decided to download it and find out for myself. Lo and behold, it was pretty good - I think I ended up becoming more of a fan than known associate, probably because my 98 Volvo's stereo bumps a little harder than his 96 RAV4. I think this album, which, like Wuz Here, is technically more of a mixtape, is definitely made for the car. Trunk Muzik built up quite a buzz for Yelawolf, who I believe shares the same management as Outkast's Big Boi, and is featured on a song on Big Boi's latest album; and Yelawolf signed with Interscope earlier this year. This is the title track, and here a couple other standout tracks. Download the album/mixtape here.

The third album that I've played the shit out of is Die Antwoord's $O$. You can read about Die Antwoord here. I'm getting a little lazy, so here are some links to some of my favorite songs from the album. They seem to be a love 'em or hate 'em type of group, so approach with caution. I personally love them, but my girlfriend hates them. This song is hilarious to me, but it's not on $O$. I don't really like this song, but the video is worth watching. Ok, that's it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 1 - The Results Show

Not Your Type: 3-1-1
known associate: 3-1-1
Billy Rubin: 2-2-1

...and some dude gets voted off!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 1

Imma pick some teams and scores and stuff and write a run-on sentence while I'm at it because I don't believe in sentence structure or punctuation.;,:"^picks now -

Lines are based on as of 9:33 PM. The numbers are based on the average of the high and low numbers provided.

Pick #1:

Bengals vs. Partriots over 44

I'm looking for some Tooshdowns.

Result: Success - The score wasn't looking too good early on, but these guys easily surpassed 44. Wes Welker showed that leg surgery can't slow him down and Chad 85 played like it was 2007.

Pick #2:

Colts vs. Texans: Texans +2.5

Hella passing, with the Texans having a bit more hella.

Result: Success - Schaub didn't get the numbers I thought he'd get, but Manning threw enough for two Alex Smiths. Arian Foster flexed his leg muscles, though. If he was a little metal marble, he ran himself ragged and ran the Texans to victory.

Bonus points for anybody that gets the obscure reference.

Pick # 3:

Ravens vs. Jets: Ravens +2.5

The Ravens will crack open a soda and put some Crush on the Jets. They will have it all and make it real.

Result: Success - Apparently, naming some of the Jets' hit songs worked.


Billy Rubin is at Disneyland, and he's typing in the third person. I'm using Vegas Insider's current line for Caesers/Harrah's/Rio for my lines, except for the cocaine lines, I'm using cocaine for those.

Here are my picks:

Seattle +3 vs. San Francisco: I'm a hater and I hate Mike Singletary. Plus, Pete Carroll is a bad NFL coach, but Mike Singletary is a worse NFL coach. And Jimmy Raye.

Result: Success! Good job Niners, you made me look smart...and in the process you all looked like damned fools. (I didn't actually watch the game, so I don't really know what anybody looked like. Except Mike Singletary and Jimmy Raye, they look like morons all the time).

Baltimore +2.5 @ New York Jets: Mark Sanchez isn't that great. Shonn Greene can't catch. The Jets WRs are weaksauce. Joe Flacco is secretly really good and there's only one Darrelle Revis.

Result: Success! Mark Sanchez did his best Alex Smith.

Detroit @ Chicago, over 44.5: It's gonna be like they're smoking hella blunts in Chicago - pass, pass, pass, pass, pass.

Result: Failure! (cue sad trombones). Matthew Stafford wasn't supposed to get hurt this early. Geez, give me a heads up next time.


known associate will most definitely not be laying down any real money on the following picks:

Dolphins -3 @ Bills... win 15-10 miami
Packers -3 @ Eagles... win 27-20 green bay
Texans +1.5 vs. Colts... win 34-24 houston
(3-1-1 overall)

image via zimbio.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

NFL Kickoff Special

happy NFL folks!
we're not dead.
we'll have 3 picks per week starting this weekend but here's a lil treat to get y'all started.

known associate and billy rubin agree:
saints -5 & over 49

bet the house!

sorry, didnt have time to find a better image.

not your type picks:
vikings +5 & over 49