Friday, September 17, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 2

Welcome to week two of three guys trying to pick winners in order to win points towards being cool.

NYT: Since I'm lazy, I'm only going to choose against the spread using the final line provided by the pick'em game on Yahoo. Use Yahoo, they are great! Maybe join a public pick'em league to show them who's Boss Nass? Meesa pick now...

Pick #1

PIT @ TEN : PIT +5

These guys are gonna play like Spy vs. Spy, except substitute "DEF" for "Spy". Def Jef says "Give it Here".

Result: +1 - The Steelers stole the Titans' lunch money and bought Garbage Pail Kids.

Pick #2

STL @ OAK : STL +3.5

STL won't try to win, the WILL win.

Result: +1 - The Rams didn't win, but the Raiders, the Raiders only won by 2.

Pick #3

JAX @ SD: JAX +7

No Fakin' JAX here.

Result: -1 - My pick got laid on their backs.

Looks like I favor dogs in red costumes with blue capes .


known associate's favorite favorites:

HOU -3 @ was
texans are legit.

NE -2.5 @ nyj
tom brady > mark sanchez. in handsomeness, of course.

SD -7 vs. jax
bounce back game for the chargers. jags no good on the road.


i was kind of out of town and without computer access until just about now, but i texted known associate my picks this morning. they are/were:

KC +3 @ CLE
somebody is less crappy than somebody else, yay parity!

CHI +7 @ DAL
i actually like the bears this year. i haven't actually liked the cowboys since i used to root for them because my dad and uncle rooted for the redskins. plus, the cowboys are probably the most overrated team in professional sports.

TB +4 @ CAR
josh freeman > matt moore, in terms of dick size, of course.


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