Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bay Luv

Here's a mix I did at a good friend's recent birthday party. It's a bunch of mostly 90s-era Bay Area gangsta rap featuring the likes of Too $hort, the Luniz, Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Cellski, E-40, JT the Bigga Figga, San Quinn, Dubee, IMP, RBL Posse, Dangerous Dame and 11/5. Hope you enjoy it, whoever you may be.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

NFL Week 12

     Indented Servant
CAR -4.5 @ MIA (4 nuts)
In an all-animal team-name match-up, Panthers beat Dolphins on land.  If the game were played in water, I would make a different pick because Panthers don't belong in water.
SD @ KC -4 (3 nuts)
Possible headlines after KC wins this game: "Chiefs Take Charge(rs)",  "Multiple Dead Phones as Chargers Are Unplugged By Chiefs ", "KC Masterpiece in Saucing of San Diego".
TB @ DET - 8 (3 nuts)
Tampa Bay travels to Detroit to get some dome, but will end up wishing they never came.

billy rubin:
KC -3.5 vs SD (2 nuts): i love me some alex smith. kc's d at home at 10am pacific time should be too much for those beach bums from a whale's vagina.
PIT +2.5 @ CLE (2 nuts): cleveland isn't necessarily a bad team, and games within this division tend to be screwy, but i like the steelers as a road dog to win outright. watch me be all wrong.
CHI +2.5 @ StL (3 nuts): i guess i'm busting most of my nuts on this game by default. the rams can't really score, outside of that one crazy game against the colts, and the bears have a lot of weapons for mccown. there must be something going on here that i don't know about, but since ignorance is bliss i'm happy to roll with the bears.

Week 12: 1-2, -3 nuts
Season: 16-20, -2 nuts

partially erased...
known associate:
CHARGERS  +4 at kc (3 nuts)
- chargers 41 chiefs 38, +3 nuts.
ind at CARDINALS -3 (3 nuts)
- colts 11 cardinals 40, +3 nuts.
den at PATRIOTS +2.5 (2 nuts)
- broncos 31 pats 34, +2 nuts.
also playing jets, dolphins, cowboys, browns.
like niners but staying away from the public side on mnf.
lvh supercontest picks: sd +4.5(w), dal +2.5(w), mia +4(p), ne +2.5(w), az -2.5(w).
- lvh: 4-0-1

known associate Week 12: (3-0, +8 nuts)
Season: (22-12-2. 33 nuts)
LVH picks: 26-21-3

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NFL Week 11

     Indented Servant
BAL @ CHI -3 (3 nuts)
Since this isn't an AFC North game, things should go the way the line points to.  Hopefully crazy shit doesn't apply to all games in the Northern divisions, or else crazy shit will happen in this game, such as Baltimore channeling the Colts and the Browns in addition to the Ravens, then having the power of three teams to Serpentor the Bears into submission.  This I command!
KC +7.5 @ DEN (3 nuts)
Alex Wright > Alex Smith > Alex P. Keaton > Alex Denvercovering
NE +3 @ CAR (3 nuts)
In a rematch of one of the better world championship of American football games in recent memory, what happened to the crappy looking Panthers and Patriots that were being sucky earlier this season? That question makes about as much sense as that Lex Luthor looking mothereffer on The Voice skiddleybopweeowwing Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy".  Anyway, Tom Brady's handsomeness and leg warmers will win out at the end of this game. 

billy rubin:
BUF +2.5 vs NYJ (3 nuts)
Divisional underdog at home, don't do me wrong.
DET -3 @ PIT (2 nuts)
Nothing associated with Detroit could ever be bad.
WAS +5.5 @ PHI (2 nuts)
Vengeance for the 'Skins.

Week 11: 1-2, -1 nut
Season: 15-18, + 1 nut

erased again...
known associate:
det at PIT +3 (3 nuts)
- lion 27 steelers 37, +3 nuts.
SF +3 at no (2 nuts)
- niners 20 saints 23, push.
NE +3 at car (4 nuts)
- pats 20 panthers 24, -4 nuts.
lvh supercontest picks: cle +5.5(l), ne +2.5(l), gb +5(l), sf +3(p), pit +2.5(w)
- lvh: 1-3-1

known associate Week 11: (1-1-1, -1 nut)
Season: (19-12-2. 25 nuts)
LVH picks: 22-21-2

Sunday, November 10, 2013

NFL Week 10

The sauce du jour is weak because that's what most of this week's matchups are. Here are our picks:

billy rubin:
BUF +4 @ PIT (3 nuts)
SEA -4 @ ATL (3 nuts)
NO -6.5 vs DAL (4 nuts)

Week 10: 2-1, +4 nuts
Season: 14-16, +2 nuts 

     Indented Servant
DAL @ NO - 6 (3 nuts)
CIN +1 @ BAL (2 nuts)
OAK +7 @ NYG (2 nuts)

Week 10: (2-1, 3 nuts)
Season: (18-12, 20 nuts)

known associate:
phi at GREEN BAY +1 (3 nuts)
- eagles 27 pack 13, -3 nuts.
BUFFALO +3 at pit (3 nuts)
- bills 10 steelers 23, -3 nuts.
cin at BALTIMORE -1.5 (2 nuts)
- bengals 17 ravens 20, +2 nuts.
lvh supercontest picks: gb -1.5(l), atl +6(l), bal +1.5(w), buf +3(l), oak +7(w)
- lvh: 2-3

known associate Week 10: (1-2, -4 nuts)
Season: (18-11-1. 26 nuts)
LVH picks: 21-18-1 (54%)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

NFL Week 9

known associate's week 9 thoughts from the pacific northwest:
the bills were bout to be one of my bigger plays of the year but thad lewis's gimpness is looking to make it a no play. kc's house of cards may stand yet another week. slim pickins otherwise in this heavy bye week but i do like the jets to bounce back (or at least keep it close) and the texans to keep their season alive. also expecting plenty points in dc and gb. fwiw, the fins were in this group until the jonathan martin situation scared me off of laying nuts. picks in the AM after i see the injury reports..
posted these at 9:55am but billy rubin must've overwritten...
no at NYJ +6.5 (3 nuts)
- saints 20 jets 26, +3 nuts.
sd at was OVER 49.5 (3 nuts)
- chargers 24 skins 30 (OT), +3 nuts.
ATL +9 at car (1 nut)
- falcons 10 panthers 34, -1 nut.
also hou+1 and buf +5.5
lvh supercontest picks: nyj +6(w), hou+2.5(l), atl+7.5(l), buf+3(l), sd-1(l)
- lvh picks: 1-4

Week 9: (2-1, +5 nuts)
Season: (17-9-1. 30 nuts)
LVH picks: 19-15-1

     Indented Servant
TEN -3 @ STL (3 nuts)
 Jeff Fisher's mustache.
BAL @ CLE +1.5 (3 nuts)
If I were Cleveland, my abandonment issues with the Ravens would make me not let them into Cleveland again, because after the game, they will just leave again. I'd cry and write in my journal and watch Up and cry some more when (SPOILER ALERT) the UP man's wife dies.  Then I'd read Old Yeller and cry some more when (SPOLIER ALERT) Old Yeller gets capped. I sure do spend a lot of time crying.
IND -2 @ HOU (3 nuts)
The Colt's defense should hold whatever offense the Texans can cobble together at bay.  Andrew Luck will show off for the Sunday Night cameras.

Week 9: (3-0, 9 nuts)
Season: (16-11, 17 nuts)

billy rubin:
CAR -9 vs ATL (3 nuts): putting your faith in cam newton and ron rivera probably isn't the wisest strategy, but atlanta is awful and i have carolina winning in a blowout. hopefully it doesn't end up staying close late, allowing rivera and newton to screw this one up.

SD +1.5 @ WAS (3 nuts): again, i'm probably crazy counting on rivers and the chargers traveling east and getting the job done, but washington's d is pretty terrible. the over is probably the safer bet here, but i really like the chargers today.

SEA -15.5 vs TB (3 nuts): this is a big number, but of all the awful teams i'm going against today tamps is the awfullest. seattle's o-line is banged up, so there's definitely a chink in the armor for tampa to attack, but i can't see tampa's offense moving the ball at all when vjax is their only real weapon. at some point, and it could be earlier than later, the tampa d will cave and this one will be a joke. 

Week 9: 1-2, -3 nuts
Season: 12-15, 0 nuts