Sunday, November 17, 2013

NFL Week 11

     Indented Servant
BAL @ CHI -3 (3 nuts)
Since this isn't an AFC North game, things should go the way the line points to.  Hopefully crazy shit doesn't apply to all games in the Northern divisions, or else crazy shit will happen in this game, such as Baltimore channeling the Colts and the Browns in addition to the Ravens, then having the power of three teams to Serpentor the Bears into submission.  This I command!
KC +7.5 @ DEN (3 nuts)
Alex Wright > Alex Smith > Alex P. Keaton > Alex Denvercovering
NE +3 @ CAR (3 nuts)
In a rematch of one of the better world championship of American football games in recent memory, what happened to the crappy looking Panthers and Patriots that were being sucky earlier this season? That question makes about as much sense as that Lex Luthor looking mothereffer on The Voice skiddleybopweeowwing Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy".  Anyway, Tom Brady's handsomeness and leg warmers will win out at the end of this game. 

billy rubin:
BUF +2.5 vs NYJ (3 nuts)
Divisional underdog at home, don't do me wrong.
DET -3 @ PIT (2 nuts)
Nothing associated with Detroit could ever be bad.
WAS +5.5 @ PHI (2 nuts)
Vengeance for the 'Skins.

Week 11: 1-2, -1 nut
Season: 15-18, + 1 nut

erased again...
known associate:
det at PIT +3 (3 nuts)
- lion 27 steelers 37, +3 nuts.
SF +3 at no (2 nuts)
- niners 20 saints 23, push.
NE +3 at car (4 nuts)
- pats 20 panthers 24, -4 nuts.
lvh supercontest picks: cle +5.5(l), ne +2.5(l), gb +5(l), sf +3(p), pit +2.5(w)
- lvh: 1-3-1

known associate Week 11: (1-1-1, -1 nut)
Season: (19-12-2. 25 nuts)
LVH picks: 22-21-2

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