Saturday, December 28, 2013

NFL Week 17

     Indented Servant
SF -1 @ ARI (2 nuts)
GB -3 @ CHI (6 nuts)
CLE +6.5 @ PIT (2 nuts)

known assoiciate:
i took browns at +10 and the over as well as the jets for the AM but picks will be from the afternoon/snf games...
phi at COWBOYS +7 (4 nuts)
no romo but the 'boys still have plenty of weapons. plus, this eagles d got ran by the peterson-less vikings in week 15. plus, the plus seven.
- phi 24 dal 22, +4 nuts.
NINERS +3 at ari (2 nuts)
must-win for cards, but teams in that position don't fair well ATS unless they're home dogs, which the cardinals aren't. (minus home dogs, must-win teams are 13-21 ATS since 2007). plus, 'zona sucks at defending opposing TEs and #2 WRs (DBs suck besides peterson now that mathieu is out). plus, the cards blitz more than any other team and kaep's QBR of 85.1 against the blitz is the highest among QBs with at least 10 starts. plus the plus three.
- sf 23 az 20, +2 nuts.
buf at PATRIOTS -7 (2 nuts)
bills are a good team, at home. belicheat is 10-2 ATS in week 17.
- buf 20 ne 34, +2 nuts.
also played the over in chicago small.
lvh supercontest picks: dal+6.5(w), gb+4.5(w), ne-9(w), sf-1(w), stl+10.5(l)
- lvh: 4-1

known associate Week 17: (3-0, +8 nuts)
Season: (31-18-2. +44 nuts)
final LVH record: 40-32-3 (56%, which might've won me some money had i actually entered)

billy rubin:
these are late, so you'll just have to take me at my word
SF +3 @ AZ (3 nuts): i actually liked AZ earlier in the week when they were a dog, but not as favorites
CHI  +3 vs GB (3 nuts): chicago been doing me wrong all year, so they owe me
DAL +7 vs PHI (3 nuts): reverse reverse cowboys, no romo

Week 17: 2-1, +3 nuts
Season: 25-26, +10 nuts

Sunday, December 22, 2013

NFL Week 16

known associate:
SAINTS +3.5 at carolina (3 nuts)
- no 13 car 17, -3 nuts.
PATRIOTS -1 at bal (4 nuts)
- ne 41 bal 7, +4 nuts.
atlanta at 49ERS -13.5 (2 nuts)
- atl 24 sf 34, -2 nuts.
lvh supercontest picks: no+3(l), cle+2.5(l), ne+2.5(w), sf-12.5(l), pit+7(w)
- lvh: 2-3

known associate Week 16: (1-2, -1 nut)
Season: (28-18-2. 36 nuts)
LVH picks: 36-31-3

billy rubin:
NE -1 @ BAL (4 nuts)
DEN @ HOU o54 (2 nuts)
CIN - 7.5 vs MIN (2 nuts)

Week 16: 2-1, +4 nuts
Season: 23-25, +7 nuts 

     Indented Servant
OAK +9.5 @ SD (2 nuts)
ARI @ SEA -9.5 (3 nuts)
PIT @ GB -1 (3 nuts)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

NFL Week 15

     Indented Servant
CHI @ CLE +1 (3 nuts)
Something dumb is going to happen.  It will.
BUF @ JAX +2.5 (4 nuts)
More dumb things happen.
PHI -6.5 @ MIN (3 nuts)
Ball. Ball.

billy rubin:
SEA @ NYG u42 (3 nuts)
CAR -10.5 vs NYJ (3 nuts)
GB @ DAL o49.5 (3 nuts)

Week 15: 2-1, +3 nuts
Season: 21-24, +3 nuts 

known associate:
chi at BROWNS +1 (3 nuts)
- chi 38 cle 31, -3 nuts.
cin at STEELERS +2 (4 nuts)
- cin 20 pit 30, +4 nuts.
RAVENS +6 at det (3 nuts)
- bal 18 det 16, +3 nuts.
buyin pit to +3 even though i think they'll win straight up.
also playin oak. and jets, small because geno.
lvh supercontest picks: cle -1(l), pit +3(w), bal +6(w), nyj +11(w), buf -2.5(w)
- lvh: 4-1

known associate Week 15: (2-1, +4 nuts)
Season: (27-16-2. 37 nuts)
LVH picks: 34-28-3

Sunday, December 8, 2013

NFL Week 14

known associate:
TITANS +13.5 at den (3 nuts)
- ten 28 den 51, -3 nuts.
DOLPHINS +3 at pitt (2 nuts)
- mia 34 pit 28, +2 nuts.
cowboys at bears OVER 48 (3 nuts)
- dal 28, chi 45, +3 nuts.
lvh supercontest picks: cle+11.5(w), mia+3(w), ten+12(l), sf-3(l), buf+2.5(l)
- lvh: 2-3

known associate Week 14: (2-1, +2 nuts)
Season: (25-15-2. 33 nuts)
LVH picks: 30-27-3

     Indented Servant 
KC -3.5 @ WAS (4 nuts)
STL +4.5 @ ARI (3 nuts)
MIN @ BAL -6 (3 nuts)

billy rubin:
i guess i got deleted. these were/are my picks:
DEN -14 vs TEN (2 nuts)
NE -10.5 vs CLE (2 nuts)
DAL @ CHI o48 (4 nuts)

Week 14: 2-1, +4 nuts
Season: 19-23, 0 nuts 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

NFL Week 13

billy rubin:

CAR -8 vs TB (3 nuts)
CHI Pk @ MIN (2 nuts)
BUF -3.5 vs ATL (3 nuts)

Week 12: 1-2, -2 nuts
Season: 17-22, -4 nuts

     Indented Servant
CHI +1 @ MIN (4 nuts)
NO +5 @ SEA (2 nuts)
TB +7 @ CAR (3 nuts)

known associate:
slim pickins today...
chi at MIN -1 (3 nuts)
because bears d is dookie. especially their run d. and adrian peterson.
- bears 20 vikes 23, +3 nuts.
bears have only covered 2 games all season yet the public still loves them. maybe it's just hard for them to accept how horrid their defense is this year. to be fair, this play could've easily lost because of viking ineptitude: rhett ellison's dropped go-ahead TD turned interception at the goal line late in the 4q, the facemask penalty that negated a FG that would've won it earlier in OT, and of course christian ponder. i temporarily forgot how awful christian ponder is but luckily he was replaced by slightly less awful matt cassel for most of the game.
TEN +3.5 at ind (3 nuts)
not sure why the titans stopped running on the colts in the second half of their last matchup.
- titans 14 colts 22, -3 nuts.
not sure what to make of this game. on one hand, dumb ass harvard man ryan fitzpatrick threw 3 INTs (4 adjusted INTs) yet still had the titans in position to win the game straight-up until the very end. on the other hand, ryan fitzpatrick is, and always will be, ryan fitzpatrick. my dumb ass shoulda known that. either way, i think the colts are still overvalued. and it's interesting that hardly anyone is doubting andrew luck right now (3 TDs vs 6 TOs last 4 games) but i'm sure his being white and tattoo-less has nothing to do with it.
mia at NYJ PK (2 nuts)
- fins 23 jets 3, -2 nuts.
geno smith is unbettable.
kinda wanna take houston but can't pull the trig. loved the bills earlier in the week but they're just 1-3-1 ats in toronto and the falcons are used to the dome with a long prep week (though they could still be butthurt about losing their superbowl vs the saints, and blown out). sprinklin a lil on 'zona.
lean sd and sf and may play them.
lvh supercontest picks: ten +4.5(l), min pk(w), nyj-2(l), sf -8(w), sd pk(l)
- lvh: 2-3

known associate Week 13: (1-2, -2 nuts)
Season: (23-14-2. 31 nuts)
LVH picks: 28-24-3 (54%)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bay Luv

Here's a mix I did at a good friend's recent birthday party. It's a bunch of mostly 90s-era Bay Area gangsta rap featuring the likes of Too $hort, the Luniz, Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Cellski, E-40, JT the Bigga Figga, San Quinn, Dubee, IMP, RBL Posse, Dangerous Dame and 11/5. Hope you enjoy it, whoever you may be.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

NFL Week 12

     Indented Servant
CAR -4.5 @ MIA (4 nuts)
In an all-animal team-name match-up, Panthers beat Dolphins on land.  If the game were played in water, I would make a different pick because Panthers don't belong in water.
SD @ KC -4 (3 nuts)
Possible headlines after KC wins this game: "Chiefs Take Charge(rs)",  "Multiple Dead Phones as Chargers Are Unplugged By Chiefs ", "KC Masterpiece in Saucing of San Diego".
TB @ DET - 8 (3 nuts)
Tampa Bay travels to Detroit to get some dome, but will end up wishing they never came.

billy rubin:
KC -3.5 vs SD (2 nuts): i love me some alex smith. kc's d at home at 10am pacific time should be too much for those beach bums from a whale's vagina.
PIT +2.5 @ CLE (2 nuts): cleveland isn't necessarily a bad team, and games within this division tend to be screwy, but i like the steelers as a road dog to win outright. watch me be all wrong.
CHI +2.5 @ StL (3 nuts): i guess i'm busting most of my nuts on this game by default. the rams can't really score, outside of that one crazy game against the colts, and the bears have a lot of weapons for mccown. there must be something going on here that i don't know about, but since ignorance is bliss i'm happy to roll with the bears.

Week 12: 1-2, -3 nuts
Season: 16-20, -2 nuts

partially erased...
known associate:
CHARGERS  +4 at kc (3 nuts)
- chargers 41 chiefs 38, +3 nuts.
ind at CARDINALS -3 (3 nuts)
- colts 11 cardinals 40, +3 nuts.
den at PATRIOTS +2.5 (2 nuts)
- broncos 31 pats 34, +2 nuts.
also playing jets, dolphins, cowboys, browns.
like niners but staying away from the public side on mnf.
lvh supercontest picks: sd +4.5(w), dal +2.5(w), mia +4(p), ne +2.5(w), az -2.5(w).
- lvh: 4-0-1

known associate Week 12: (3-0, +8 nuts)
Season: (22-12-2. 33 nuts)
LVH picks: 26-21-3

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NFL Week 11

     Indented Servant
BAL @ CHI -3 (3 nuts)
Since this isn't an AFC North game, things should go the way the line points to.  Hopefully crazy shit doesn't apply to all games in the Northern divisions, or else crazy shit will happen in this game, such as Baltimore channeling the Colts and the Browns in addition to the Ravens, then having the power of three teams to Serpentor the Bears into submission.  This I command!
KC +7.5 @ DEN (3 nuts)
Alex Wright > Alex Smith > Alex P. Keaton > Alex Denvercovering
NE +3 @ CAR (3 nuts)
In a rematch of one of the better world championship of American football games in recent memory, what happened to the crappy looking Panthers and Patriots that were being sucky earlier this season? That question makes about as much sense as that Lex Luthor looking mothereffer on The Voice skiddleybopweeowwing Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy".  Anyway, Tom Brady's handsomeness and leg warmers will win out at the end of this game. 

billy rubin:
BUF +2.5 vs NYJ (3 nuts)
Divisional underdog at home, don't do me wrong.
DET -3 @ PIT (2 nuts)
Nothing associated with Detroit could ever be bad.
WAS +5.5 @ PHI (2 nuts)
Vengeance for the 'Skins.

Week 11: 1-2, -1 nut
Season: 15-18, + 1 nut

erased again...
known associate:
det at PIT +3 (3 nuts)
- lion 27 steelers 37, +3 nuts.
SF +3 at no (2 nuts)
- niners 20 saints 23, push.
NE +3 at car (4 nuts)
- pats 20 panthers 24, -4 nuts.
lvh supercontest picks: cle +5.5(l), ne +2.5(l), gb +5(l), sf +3(p), pit +2.5(w)
- lvh: 1-3-1

known associate Week 11: (1-1-1, -1 nut)
Season: (19-12-2. 25 nuts)
LVH picks: 22-21-2

Sunday, November 10, 2013

NFL Week 10

The sauce du jour is weak because that's what most of this week's matchups are. Here are our picks:

billy rubin:
BUF +4 @ PIT (3 nuts)
SEA -4 @ ATL (3 nuts)
NO -6.5 vs DAL (4 nuts)

Week 10: 2-1, +4 nuts
Season: 14-16, +2 nuts 

     Indented Servant
DAL @ NO - 6 (3 nuts)
CIN +1 @ BAL (2 nuts)
OAK +7 @ NYG (2 nuts)

Week 10: (2-1, 3 nuts)
Season: (18-12, 20 nuts)

known associate:
phi at GREEN BAY +1 (3 nuts)
- eagles 27 pack 13, -3 nuts.
BUFFALO +3 at pit (3 nuts)
- bills 10 steelers 23, -3 nuts.
cin at BALTIMORE -1.5 (2 nuts)
- bengals 17 ravens 20, +2 nuts.
lvh supercontest picks: gb -1.5(l), atl +6(l), bal +1.5(w), buf +3(l), oak +7(w)
- lvh: 2-3

known associate Week 10: (1-2, -4 nuts)
Season: (18-11-1. 26 nuts)
LVH picks: 21-18-1 (54%)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

NFL Week 9

known associate's week 9 thoughts from the pacific northwest:
the bills were bout to be one of my bigger plays of the year but thad lewis's gimpness is looking to make it a no play. kc's house of cards may stand yet another week. slim pickins otherwise in this heavy bye week but i do like the jets to bounce back (or at least keep it close) and the texans to keep their season alive. also expecting plenty points in dc and gb. fwiw, the fins were in this group until the jonathan martin situation scared me off of laying nuts. picks in the AM after i see the injury reports..
posted these at 9:55am but billy rubin must've overwritten...
no at NYJ +6.5 (3 nuts)
- saints 20 jets 26, +3 nuts.
sd at was OVER 49.5 (3 nuts)
- chargers 24 skins 30 (OT), +3 nuts.
ATL +9 at car (1 nut)
- falcons 10 panthers 34, -1 nut.
also hou+1 and buf +5.5
lvh supercontest picks: nyj +6(w), hou+2.5(l), atl+7.5(l), buf+3(l), sd-1(l)
- lvh picks: 1-4

Week 9: (2-1, +5 nuts)
Season: (17-9-1. 30 nuts)
LVH picks: 19-15-1

     Indented Servant
TEN -3 @ STL (3 nuts)
 Jeff Fisher's mustache.
BAL @ CLE +1.5 (3 nuts)
If I were Cleveland, my abandonment issues with the Ravens would make me not let them into Cleveland again, because after the game, they will just leave again. I'd cry and write in my journal and watch Up and cry some more when (SPOILER ALERT) the UP man's wife dies.  Then I'd read Old Yeller and cry some more when (SPOLIER ALERT) Old Yeller gets capped. I sure do spend a lot of time crying.
IND -2 @ HOU (3 nuts)
The Colt's defense should hold whatever offense the Texans can cobble together at bay.  Andrew Luck will show off for the Sunday Night cameras.

Week 9: (3-0, 9 nuts)
Season: (16-11, 17 nuts)

billy rubin:
CAR -9 vs ATL (3 nuts): putting your faith in cam newton and ron rivera probably isn't the wisest strategy, but atlanta is awful and i have carolina winning in a blowout. hopefully it doesn't end up staying close late, allowing rivera and newton to screw this one up.

SD +1.5 @ WAS (3 nuts): again, i'm probably crazy counting on rivers and the chargers traveling east and getting the job done, but washington's d is pretty terrible. the over is probably the safer bet here, but i really like the chargers today.

SEA -15.5 vs TB (3 nuts): this is a big number, but of all the awful teams i'm going against today tamps is the awfullest. seattle's o-line is banged up, so there's definitely a chink in the armor for tampa to attack, but i can't see tampa's offense moving the ball at all when vjax is their only real weapon. at some point, and it could be earlier than later, the tampa d will cave and this one will be a joke. 

Week 9: 1-2, -3 nuts
Season: 12-15, 0 nuts

Sunday, October 27, 2013

NFL Week 8

     Indented Servant
ATL +2.5 @ ARI (3 nuts)
The Falcons are finally going to snap out of their season-long stupor.  If not, you can take the "or"  out of the last word of the first sentence and substitute "id" and apply it to me.

CLE +7 @ KC (2 nuts)
Something in my heart, ooooo has got me hooked on the idea that the Browns are going to win this game.  Take a back seat, "you".

GB -8.5 @ MIN (3 nuts)
Josh Freeman is going to look terrible again tomorrow.  That is a recipe for disaster, along with one tablespoon of earthquakes and a dash of giant lizard monsters fighting moths and/or giant lizard robots and  two cups of flood water and marshmallow.

Week 8: (2-1, 2 nuts)
Season: (13-11, 8 nuts)

known associate:
DAL +3 at det (4 nuts)
- boys 30 lions 31 +4 nuts
pit at OAK +2.5 (2 nuts)
- steelers 18 raiders 21. +2 nuts
atl at ARI -2.5 (3 nuts)
- falcons 13 cards 27. +3 nuts
lvh supercontest picks: dal +3.5(w), oak +2.5(w), ari -2.5(w), min +9.5(l), nyg +5.5(w)
- lvh results: 4-1

Week 8: (3-0. +9 nuts)
Season: (15-8-1. 25 nuts)
LVH picks: 18-11-1 (62%)
- tracking lvh for fucks to see how i compare to the contestants (and possibly join one of these years). i believe previous winners have hit around 67%. not sure what the average cut off is for winning prize money at the moment but it's obviously lower than 67%.

billy rubin:
DAL +3 @ DET (3 nuts)
KC - 7 vs CLE (2 nuts)
WAS @ DEN o59 (5 nuts)

Week 8: 2-1, +6 nuts
Season: 11-13, +3 ntus 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

NFL Week 7

known associate:
ne at NYJ +3.5 (3 nuts)
- pats 27 jets 30. +3 nuts
sd at JAC +7.5 (3 nuts)
- chargers 24 jags 6. -3 nuts
den at IND +6 (3 nuts)
- broncos 33 colts 39. +3 nuts
lvh supercontest picks: nyj +4(w), jac +7.5(l), hou +6.5(w), ind +6.5(w), phi-3(l)
- lvh results: 3-2

Week 7: (2-1. +3 nuts)
Season: (12-8-1. 16 nuts)
LVH picks: 14-10-1

     Indented Servant
CLE +9 @ GB  (2 nuts)
DEN @ IND +6.5 (2 nuts)
MIN @ NYG -3.5 (3 nuts)

billy rubin:
these are late, but i texted known associate before the games started so they're legit.
CHI -1 @ WAS (2 nuts)
BUF +7 @ MIA (4 nuts)
CAR -7 vs. StL (4 nuts)

Week 7: 2-1, +6 nuts
Season: 9-12, -3 nuts 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

NFL Week 6

Billy Rubin:
gb at BAL +2.5 (4 nuts)
NO +1.5 at ne (4 nuts)
WAS +5.5 at dal (2 nuts)

Week 6: 1-2, -4 nuts
Season: 7-11, -9 nuts

known associate:
gb at BAL +2.5 (5 nuts)
- pack 19 ravens 17. +5 nuts
det at CLE +2.5 (2 nuts)
- lions 31 browns 17. -2 nuts 
CAR +2.5 at min (2 nuts)
- panthers 35 vikes 10. +2 nuts
lvh supercontest picks: bal +2.5(w), cle +2.5(l), car +2.5(w), buf +7(w), was +5.5(l)
- lvh results: 3-2

Week 6: (2-1. +5 nuts)
Season: (10-7-1. 13 nuts)
LVH picks: 11-8-1

     Indented Servant

I don't know what happened to the picks I posted this morning.  There may have been two of us working on the blog at the same time.  But here is what I had - I swear!

NO +1.5 @ NE (4 nuts)
IND -2 @ SD (2 nuts)
OAK @  KC -7.5(3 nuts)

Week 6: (1-2, -3 nuts)
Season: (9-9, 3 nuts)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

College Football Picks

i'll start this off like a square and play what will be the most watched game of the weekend...

ALABAMA -8 at texas a&m (3 nuts)
johnny football and his boys walked out of tuscaloosa with an upset victory last season. they should at least be able to keep it within a TD at home, right? i don't think so. 'bama was in a tough spot, coming off an emotional last second defeat of rival LSU. after spotting the aggies a 20-0 lead, the crimson tide got their shit together to make a game out of it, eventually losing by 5, 29-24. this year, there will be no let down as the crimson tide are coming off their bye week with revenge on their minds and a whole offseason for saban to devise ways to stop manzeill. not that they already hadn't after making in-game adjustments the first time around. also, a&m's defense has regressed. i say 'bama by 2 TDs.
- Crimson Tide 49, Aggies 42 (-3 nuts)
started off looking like a bad bet, then an easy cover, only to get backdoored at the very end.

other ncaa thoughts:
i like watching teddy bridgewater throw but it would be nice if his recievers weren't always open by 5 yards. Blue Whale says FSU's jameis winston is the new quarterblack to watch. i will.
speaking of FSU, and watching...

wisconsin at ARIZONA ST -5.5 (2 nuts)
- badgers 30, sun devils 32 (-2 nuts)

rutgers at louisville OVER 56 (2 nuts)
semi degenerate, semi value play.

2013 NCAA record through 10/9: 0-2 (-5 nuts)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

NFL Week 5

     Indented Servant
KC -3 @ TEN( 2 nuts)
Barry Word is bond, son.
SEA @ IND +3 (3 nuts)
Seattle has been living a charmed life on the  road so far this season, so the roll has to come to an end, right?
CAR -2 @ ARI (4 nuts)
Cam Newton will discover that Fig Newton, Juice Newton, and the Neutron Dance are not related to him.  In other news, there will be  an American football game between the Carolina and Arizona clubs in which one will emerge victorious.  Well played, sirs, well played!  Oh yeah, Carolina by a nose - a three point nose.

Week 5: (2-1, 1 nut)
Season: (8-7, 6 nuts)

billy rubin:
BAL +2.5 @ MIA (3 nuts)
PHI @ NYG -1 (2 nuts)
CAR -2.5 @ AZ (3 nuts)

Week 5: 1-2, -3 nuts
Season: 6-9, -5 nuts 

known associate:
BAL +2.5 at mia (3 nuts)
- ravens 26 fins 23. +3 nuts
NE -1.5 at cin (3 nuts)
- pats 6 cats 13. -3 nuts.
phi at NYG +1 (2 nuts)
- eagles 26 football giants 21. -2 nuts
lvh supercontest picks: ne+2(l), bal+3(w), gb-7(w), sf-6.5(w), nyg+1(l)
- lvh results: 3-2
also under in ari, over in gb, and maybe dal, jac.

Week 5: (1-2. -2 nuts)
Season: (8-6-1. 8 nuts)
LVH picks: 8-6-1

Thursday, September 26, 2013

NFL Week 4 Picks

known associate:
starting of with a homer play for tnf. the rest to follow.
SF -3 at stl (2 nuts)
betting the value and trusting that the past 2+ seasons are more indicative of this niner team than the past 2 games. everyone and their momma seems to think the niners super suck but this is still one of the most stacked rosters in the league. and a team with that talent coming off 2 losses is always a good bet. in short, teams are never as good or bad as they seem. unless they're the rams. nah, really.. good balanced offenses give the niners trouble. that aint the rams. the only thing i dont like is that it's a thursday night road game. sorry for the scattered 2 minute write-up.
- niners 35 rams 11. +2 nuts.
NE +3 at atl (4 nuts)
- pats 30 falcons 23. +4 nuts
mia at NO -6.5 (2 nuts)
- fins 17 saints 38. +2 nuts.
lvh supercontest picks: sf-3 (w), ne+2.5(w), no-6.5(w), cle+4.5(w), chi+3(l)
- lvh results: 4-1
also played hou.
maybe phi, buf, oak.

Week 4: (3-0. +8 nuts)
Season: (7-4-1. 10 nuts)
LVH picks: 5-4-1

     Indented Servant
NYG @ KC -4 (3 nuts)
DAL - 2 @ SD (3 nuts)
WAS -3 @ OAK (3 nuts)

Week 4: (2-1, 3 nuts)
Season: (6-6, 5 nuts)

billy rubin:
i posted my picks on time last week, but i guess i did it at the same time as known associate or indented servant and mine got erased, so you'll just have to take me word for it.
SEA -1.5 @ HOU (3 nuts)
CHI +4 @DET (2 nuts)
TEN @ NYJ u40.5 (2 nuts)

Week 4: 1-2, -1 nut
Season: 5-7, -3 nuts 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

NFL Week 3 Picks

billy rubin: i'm on vacation this week and didn't get to finish my capping, so these picks are kinda from the seat of my pants.

BAL +1 vs HOU (3 nuts)
Rice is out, Pierce is in. Houston's overrated, Baltimore is probably underrated now. The End. 

StL @ DAL o47 (2 nuts)
I think each team's offense is better than the opposing defense, so points shouldn't be too hard to come by.

MIN -7 vs CLE (2 nuts)
This is just a gut play, but I have a hard time believing Cleveland's offense can keep them in this game.

Week 3: 1-2, -1 nut
Season: 4-5, -2 nuts

known associate:
SD +3 at ten (5 nuts)
- chargers 17 titans 20. push.
az at no OVER 48.5 (1 nut)
- cardinals 7 saints 30. -1 nut.
hou at BAL -1 (1 nut)
- texans 9 ravens 30. +1 nut.
lvh supercontest picks: sd+3(p), bal+2.5(w), pit+2.5(l), gb-2.5(l), nyg+1(l)
gonna make 5 picks a week for fucks.
- lvh results: 1-3-1

Week 3: (1-1-1, no nuts)
Season: (4-4-1, 2 nuts)
LVH picks: 1-3-1

     Indented Servant

CHI -2.5 @ PIT(3 nuts)
JAX +19 @ SEA(1 nuts)
BUF +2 @ NYJ(3 nuts) 

Week 3(1-2, -1 nut)
Season(4-5, 2 nuts) 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

NFL Week 2 Picks

     Indented Servant - All Road, All The Time Edition(2-1; 6 nuts)

NO -3 @ TB (5 nuts)
I'll bet this game all day.  For 5 nuts each time.  That's hella nuts if I bet that all day.  Like HELLA nuts.  More nuts than can I can count.  LeGarette Blunt is no longer in Tampa to punch the poo out of people's butts, so the Saints will easily cover this number - as easily as I will  be surrounded by nuts.

MIA +2 @ IND (3 nuts)
I'm going to keep wagering nuts on the Dolphins until they get caught in a tuna net and sold at a supermarket.  Mercury Morris approves this message*.
(*He does not.)

DET -1.5 @ ARI(2 nuts)
Detroit showed just how dynamic their offense can be after the addition of a dude that used to stick it to some famous chick.  If it were a dick length contest pitting this guy's dick length against the famous singer that was boning the famous girl in question, then I don't know if I would be so confident in betting nuts.  Good thing it's a football game.

Week 2: (1-2; -4 nuts)
Season: (3-3; 2 nuts)

billy rubin:

NO @ TB over 48 (5 nuts)
I'm putting lots of nuts on NO's offense being too good to TB's defense and NO's defense being too incompetent for even Josh Freeman. 

StL +5 @ ATL (2 nuts)
The battle for the letter t in the middle of your city's abbreviated name is on, son! I have this as a pretty close game, so I'm putting my nuts where my mouth is. 

MIN @ CHI over 41.5 (3 nuts)
Scoring will happen in this game and the total of the points scored will exceed 41.5. That is my prediction. 

Week 2: (1-2; -4 nuts)
Season: (3-3; -1 nuts)

known associate:
car at BUF +3.5 (4 nuts)
det at ARI +2 (2 nuts)
den at NYG +4.5 (3 nuts)

Week 2: (2-1; 3 nuts)
Season: (3-3; 2 nuts)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NFL Week 1 Picks

     formerly known as kNot Yore Type

MIA +1 @ CLE; 5 nuts
Dan Marino will be like "Uu huh." and Bernie Kosar will be like "No way." and Mark Duper will be like "Yes way." and Ozzie Newsome will be like "Nope." Larry Csonka and Jim Brown will run around. Then Cleveland will try to move to Baltimore, only to discover that they had moved there previously.  Then LeBron James will show off his championships.  And Bone, but 2 Live Crew.  So Miami, +1.

SEA @ CAR + 3.5; 2 nuts
Going on the road, to the east coast, to start the season?  That is a tough assignment.  Seattle's DBs may wish that they could play some Fantasy Movie Casting so they could add Errol Flynn.   Anyone?  Anyone???  
 The Waterhabitatingbirdsofprey may eek one out, and if they do, it will be by the slimmest of margins.  I can see Carolina winning this straight up because Seattle may not be able to sustain their energy level throughout the entire game, unless Starbucks shows up with some greenie-enhanced coffee. 

KC -3.5 @ JAX; 3 nuts
Alex Smith will Joe Montana the Chiefs to an at least two score victory.  Steve Bono and Elvis Grbac will read this and think they are better than Alex Smith.  Alex Smith will laugh.  He is way smarter than those two guys.  

(2-1; 6 nuts)

billy rubin says:

CAR +3.5 vs SEA; 2 nuts
What he said, plus Seattle's D is hurt and suspended. But Ron Rivera, though. 

AZ +4 @ StL; 2 nuts
Unless the Rams get really creative with Tavon Austin and catch the Cardinals off guard, I think this one goes to the birds straight up like Paula Abdul. 

GB @ SF over 49; 3 nuts
 This is the Packers' Super Bowl and the Niners D is as fresh and healthy as it will be all year, so there's risk with this, but there's just too much talent at the skill positions on both teams for this one to be a low scoring affair. 

(2-1; 3 nuts)

known associate's half-ass researched plays:
sea at CAR +3.5 (2 nuts)
oak at IND -11 (2 nuts)
tb at nyj UNDER 40 (3 nuts)
i prefer first half bets for both side plays, hope defensive scores don't push the total over.
3-0 for my wallet as i only played the 1H sides.
but (1-2. -1 nut)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Favorite Albums of 2012

While it's already 2013, the new year is less than a week old, so I think it's still reasonable to talk about my favorite albums from the year that just ended. In terms of new music, I listened to rap almost exclusively in 2012, so that's what dominates this list. Here are my favorite albums from the past year in no particular order.

A$AP Mob, Lord$ Never Worry: It seems that you either love or hate A$AP Rocky. Personally, I enjoy most of the songs he's released thus far, regardless of the fact that he basically swagger-jacked Houston rap. But Rocky isn't the reason I loved this tape - A$AP Ferg is, which I've made no secret about. This tape didn't make any of the year-end lists I've seen and Fergie doesn't seem to be too critically acclaimed, but I'll be damned if his crazy raps aren't fresh to me.

Chief Keef, Finally Rich: This one totally surprised me. I loved "I Don't Like" and Keef's song with Fat Trel, but I wasn't sure how a full album of Chief Keef would be. Turns out it's pretty fucking great. And it's probably even better if you're on drugs, but I wouldn't know for sure. You definitely won't improve your IQ by listening to this though.

Van Halen, A Different Kind of Truth: Some people I know who are more rabid Van Halen fans than me and more knowledgable about rock didn't like this album at all. Sure, Diamond Dave has lost some range and some of the music is decades old and Michael Anthony and his falsetto are nowhere to be found, but anytime the brothers Van Halen and David Lee Roth make new music and it's not terrible, I'll eat it up. Maybe my ear isn't too discerning, but I listened to this album again this past week and it's still enjoyable to me, so it's presence on this list isn't merely for nostalgia sake.

Frank Ocean, channel ORANGE: Nothing I can say about this album that hasn't been said better elsewhere. This was basically the soundtrack to my summer. The music was much more exciting than anything I did.

Waka Flocka Flame, Salute Me Or Shoot Me 4: This is what Triple F Life should've been: a bunch of hard ass beats and yelling. I'm glad Waka still has this type of music in him. This shit knocks in the car too, and makes you drive with greater abandon, which isn't really a good thing. Be careful.

Cousin Fik, Sickest N***a Healthy: I just found out about this album within the last month and this and Chief Keef are pretty much all I've been listening to since then. I've always liked Fik and I really enjoyed his Hacksaw Ben Thuggin album from 2011. I'm not quite sure how Sickest and his Tonight Show tape came out this year and I missed them until recently, but I'm glad I finally found out about them.

I probably could've thrown on Roach Gigz for Bugged Out and iamsu! for either KILT or the more recent $uzy 6 $peed, but as much as liked those albums I didn't bump them that much last year.

So that's about it. I'm hoping I can add the new Tegan and Sara album to the 2013 version of this list.

NFL Playoffs, Round 1


CIN +4 @ HOU
I know I'm posting a bit late on this one, but it's not like there's 1 second left in the 4th quarter with Cincy up by a point.  I like the Bengals, mostly because I don't like Houston today.

MIN +9.5 @ GB
I don't know if they can beat the Packers two weeks in a row, but that is a lot of points.

IND +7 @ BAL
I'm going to beat all the headlines and call it the Colts' "Luck-y Day".

SEA @ WAS +3
All underdogs this week.  Subway sandwiches on RGIII after this one.

billy rubin:

good thing i missed the early game because i totally would've chosen the bengals.

MIN +11 @ GB (3 nuts): i also benefit from the announcement that ponder is out. joe webb isn't much of a traditional qb, but i think he might do just enough to flumox the packers and make this less than an 11-point win for green bay. that's all i'm looking for here.

IND +7 @ BAL (2 nuts): indy's been doing it with smoke and mirrors all season and that can't go on forever, but the ravens aren't the ravens of yore. all it takes is some joe flacco-ness and a big play from ty hilton to keep this close enough for indy to cover.

SEA -3 @ MIN (3 nuts): battle of the quarterblacks. i'm partial to al b brees myself, but that's no knock on greasy 3000. the best unit in this game is the seattle defense, but seattle has been a far inferior team on the road, although they've had some good road games late in the season. nonetheless, betting on them to win by more than 3 in washington is probably foolish, but my season is lost already so i'm just going to roll with what my projections say.

known associate:
ind at bal OVER 47 (2 nuts)
arians's absence is a bit concerning (given his familiarity with the ravens d) so i knocked off a nut. both Ds are bullcaca though. the greatest murderer linebacker of all-time will help mentally, not so much physically. i think his buddy ed reed can have a bigger impact against andrew luck and his league high (by my count) 22 adjusted interceptions.
sea at WAS +3 (3 nuts)
everyone's sucking seacock but russell wilson will come up... short. skins control with their run game.
sea at was UNDER 23 first half (2 nuts)
run that clock.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

College Bowl Picks Part Two

known associate:
hny bitch.
NORTHWESTERN -1 vs miss st at jac, fl (3 nuts)
the 9-3 wildcats could've been in a better bowl, blowing 4h quarter leads in all 3 losses. they'll be amply motivated for their first bowl win since 1948.
more in the morn if my ass wakes up.
lean wolverines, under and under in capital one bowl (aka citrus bowl) for the other morn games.
nwu vs msu UNDER 55 (1 nut)
- wildcats 34 bulldogs 20. +4 nuts.
tease PURDUE +24.5/OVER 62 vs oklahoma st at cotton bowl (1 nut)
- boilermakers 14 cowboys 58. -1 nut. not close.
nebraska vs georgia UNDER 31 first half at citrus bowl (1 nut)
- cornhuskers 24 bulldogs 23. -1 nut.
nebraska vs georgia UNDER 33.5 second half (1 nut)
- cornhuskers 7 bulldogs 22 (31-45 final). +1 nut.
MICHIGAN +4.5 vs south carolina at tampa, fl (1 nut)
mich vs sc UNDER 24 second half (1 nut)
- wolverines 15 cocks 12 (28-33 final). -2 nuts. 
lost both bets on that td in the final seconds. fuckin cocks coulda just kicked a fg. great game though.
jadeveon clowney, ├╝berbeast, right after bullcaca officials "misread" a measurement, giving michigan the ball on downs:

tease WISCONSIN +11/UNDER 54.5 vs stanford at rose bowl (1 nut)
wisc vs stan UNDER 23.5 first half (2 nuts)
- badgers 14 cardinal 17 (14-20 final). -1 nut. 
tease hit. shouldn't have pussed out of the 2h under chase.
niu vs fsu UNDER 28.5 first half at orange bowl (1 nut)
- huskies 3 seminoles 14 (10-31 final). +1 nut.
5-5, +1 nut to start off the year.
LOUISVILLE +14.5 vs florida at superdome (1 nut)
gators have superior players but the cardinals have the best individual talent in teddy bridgewater. sprinkled a tiny bit on first half +7.5 over parlay.
lou vs fla UNDER 24.5 second half (1 nut)
- cardinals 33 gators 23 (9-13 second half).  +2 nuts.
teddy bridgewater is my latest quarterblack mancrush.
ksu vs ou UNDER 38 first half at glendale, az (2 nuts)
and Blue Whale won't like this but...
KANSAS STATE +9 vs oregon (1 nut)
- wildcats 17 ducks 35 (10-22 first half). +1 nut.
cats fucked it up with poor clock management at the end of the 1st half. actually, they probably fucked up from the get by kicking it to de'anthony thomas to start the game. smh.
texas a&m vs OKLAHOMA +3.5 at cowboys stadium (1 nut)
tease OU +10.5/over 66 (1 nut)
- aggies 41 sooners 13. -2 nuts.
johnny football is the white rg3 (and bridgewater is the black andrew luck). 
pittsburgh vs mississippi UNDER 27 second half at birmingham, al (1 nut)
- panthers 7 rebels 14 (17-38 final). +1 nut.
i'll be playing this bowl under system next season.
arkansas st vs KENT ST +3 a mobile, al (1 nut)
- red wolves 17 golden flashes 13. - 1 nut.
ALABAMA -9.5 vs notre dame at miami, fl (3 nuts)
tease ALABAMA -2.5/OVER 33.5 (1 nut)
tide pull away in the second half (at the latest).
- crimson tide 42 fighting irish 14. +4 nuts.
sabanism defeats catholicism.
young yeldon's been an impact player from game one but fellow frosh amari cooper was even more impressive in this game. let's hope next year's "title" game brings the tide a more formidable opponent. it should be the ducks but don't count out the aggies, buckeyes or even the cardinals (plural) and my nig teddy bridgewater.

2012 NCAA final bowl record:
known associate: 18-15. +6 nuts.

2012 NCAA final regular season record:
known associate: 19-17-1. -6 nuts
Blue Whale: 1-5. -12 nuts.