Thursday, September 26, 2013

NFL Week 4 Picks

known associate:
starting of with a homer play for tnf. the rest to follow.
SF -3 at stl (2 nuts)
betting the value and trusting that the past 2+ seasons are more indicative of this niner team than the past 2 games. everyone and their momma seems to think the niners super suck but this is still one of the most stacked rosters in the league. and a team with that talent coming off 2 losses is always a good bet. in short, teams are never as good or bad as they seem. unless they're the rams. nah, really.. good balanced offenses give the niners trouble. that aint the rams. the only thing i dont like is that it's a thursday night road game. sorry for the scattered 2 minute write-up.
- niners 35 rams 11. +2 nuts.
NE +3 at atl (4 nuts)
- pats 30 falcons 23. +4 nuts
mia at NO -6.5 (2 nuts)
- fins 17 saints 38. +2 nuts.
lvh supercontest picks: sf-3 (w), ne+2.5(w), no-6.5(w), cle+4.5(w), chi+3(l)
- lvh results: 4-1
also played hou.
maybe phi, buf, oak.

Week 4: (3-0. +8 nuts)
Season: (7-4-1. 10 nuts)
LVH picks: 5-4-1

     Indented Servant
NYG @ KC -4 (3 nuts)
DAL - 2 @ SD (3 nuts)
WAS -3 @ OAK (3 nuts)

Week 4: (2-1, 3 nuts)
Season: (6-6, 5 nuts)

billy rubin:
i posted my picks on time last week, but i guess i did it at the same time as known associate or indented servant and mine got erased, so you'll just have to take me word for it.
SEA -1.5 @ HOU (3 nuts)
CHI +4 @DET (2 nuts)
TEN @ NYJ u40.5 (2 nuts)

Week 4: 1-2, -1 nut
Season: 5-7, -3 nuts 

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