Saturday, September 14, 2013

NFL Week 2 Picks

     Indented Servant - All Road, All The Time Edition(2-1; 6 nuts)

NO -3 @ TB (5 nuts)
I'll bet this game all day.  For 5 nuts each time.  That's hella nuts if I bet that all day.  Like HELLA nuts.  More nuts than can I can count.  LeGarette Blunt is no longer in Tampa to punch the poo out of people's butts, so the Saints will easily cover this number - as easily as I will  be surrounded by nuts.

MIA +2 @ IND (3 nuts)
I'm going to keep wagering nuts on the Dolphins until they get caught in a tuna net and sold at a supermarket.  Mercury Morris approves this message*.
(*He does not.)

DET -1.5 @ ARI(2 nuts)
Detroit showed just how dynamic their offense can be after the addition of a dude that used to stick it to some famous chick.  If it were a dick length contest pitting this guy's dick length against the famous singer that was boning the famous girl in question, then I don't know if I would be so confident in betting nuts.  Good thing it's a football game.

Week 2: (1-2; -4 nuts)
Season: (3-3; 2 nuts)

billy rubin:

NO @ TB over 48 (5 nuts)
I'm putting lots of nuts on NO's offense being too good to TB's defense and NO's defense being too incompetent for even Josh Freeman. 

StL +5 @ ATL (2 nuts)
The battle for the letter t in the middle of your city's abbreviated name is on, son! I have this as a pretty close game, so I'm putting my nuts where my mouth is. 

MIN @ CHI over 41.5 (3 nuts)
Scoring will happen in this game and the total of the points scored will exceed 41.5. That is my prediction. 

Week 2: (1-2; -4 nuts)
Season: (3-3; -1 nuts)

known associate:
car at BUF +3.5 (4 nuts)
det at ARI +2 (2 nuts)
den at NYG +4.5 (3 nuts)

Week 2: (2-1; 3 nuts)
Season: (3-3; 2 nuts)

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