Saturday, December 28, 2013

NFL Week 17

     Indented Servant
SF -1 @ ARI (2 nuts)
GB -3 @ CHI (6 nuts)
CLE +6.5 @ PIT (2 nuts)

known assoiciate:
i took browns at +10 and the over as well as the jets for the AM but picks will be from the afternoon/snf games...
phi at COWBOYS +7 (4 nuts)
no romo but the 'boys still have plenty of weapons. plus, this eagles d got ran by the peterson-less vikings in week 15. plus, the plus seven.
- phi 24 dal 22, +4 nuts.
NINERS +3 at ari (2 nuts)
must-win for cards, but teams in that position don't fair well ATS unless they're home dogs, which the cardinals aren't. (minus home dogs, must-win teams are 13-21 ATS since 2007). plus, 'zona sucks at defending opposing TEs and #2 WRs (DBs suck besides peterson now that mathieu is out). plus, the cards blitz more than any other team and kaep's QBR of 85.1 against the blitz is the highest among QBs with at least 10 starts. plus the plus three.
- sf 23 az 20, +2 nuts.
buf at PATRIOTS -7 (2 nuts)
bills are a good team, at home. belicheat is 10-2 ATS in week 17.
- buf 20 ne 34, +2 nuts.
also played the over in chicago small.
lvh supercontest picks: dal+6.5(w), gb+4.5(w), ne-9(w), sf-1(w), stl+10.5(l)
- lvh: 4-1

known associate Week 17: (3-0, +8 nuts)
Season: (31-18-2. +44 nuts)
final LVH record: 40-32-3 (56%, which might've won me some money had i actually entered)

billy rubin:
these are late, so you'll just have to take me at my word
SF +3 @ AZ (3 nuts): i actually liked AZ earlier in the week when they were a dog, but not as favorites
CHI  +3 vs GB (3 nuts): chicago been doing me wrong all year, so they owe me
DAL +7 vs PHI (3 nuts): reverse reverse cowboys, no romo

Week 17: 2-1, +3 nuts
Season: 25-26, +10 nuts

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