Saturday, January 4, 2014

NFL Wild Card Weekend

     Indented Servant
NO +3 @ PHI (3 nuts)
Initially I liked the Eagles because they were coming in hot like when someone is trying to land on the ship in Top Gun for NES , but I changed my mind.  It would be a better story if the Saints won and went full heel.
SD @ CIN -7 (3 nuts)
The only things chargers will be good for tomorrow is charging my phone so that I  can type cool comments and for losing to a QB with some red-ass hair.
SF - 2.5 @ GB (4 nuts)
Terrell Owens' ghost will haunt the Packers into losing.  What?  Terrell Owens is still alive?  So what!  It's all about astral projection.

known associate:
SAINTS +3 at phi (3 nuts)
- no 26 phi 24, +3 nuts.
CHARGERS +7 at cin (1 nut)
- sd 27 cin 10, +1 nut.
NINERS -2.5 at gb (3 nuts)
- sf 23 gb 20, +3 nuts.

known associate Wild Card Week: (3-0, +7 nuts)
Season: (34-18-2. +51 nuts)
Final LVH Record: 40-32-3 (56%)

billy rubin:
PHI vs NO o55 (2 nuts) i could never land the plan on Top Gun
CIN vs SD o46 (2 nuts) red ass hair
SF -3 @ GB (4 nuts) asshole projections

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