Saturday, January 5, 2013

NFL Playoffs, Round 1


CIN +4 @ HOU
I know I'm posting a bit late on this one, but it's not like there's 1 second left in the 4th quarter with Cincy up by a point.  I like the Bengals, mostly because I don't like Houston today.

MIN +9.5 @ GB
I don't know if they can beat the Packers two weeks in a row, but that is a lot of points.

IND +7 @ BAL
I'm going to beat all the headlines and call it the Colts' "Luck-y Day".

SEA @ WAS +3
All underdogs this week.  Subway sandwiches on RGIII after this one.

billy rubin:

good thing i missed the early game because i totally would've chosen the bengals.

MIN +11 @ GB (3 nuts): i also benefit from the announcement that ponder is out. joe webb isn't much of a traditional qb, but i think he might do just enough to flumox the packers and make this less than an 11-point win for green bay. that's all i'm looking for here.

IND +7 @ BAL (2 nuts): indy's been doing it with smoke and mirrors all season and that can't go on forever, but the ravens aren't the ravens of yore. all it takes is some joe flacco-ness and a big play from ty hilton to keep this close enough for indy to cover.

SEA -3 @ MIN (3 nuts): battle of the quarterblacks. i'm partial to al b brees myself, but that's no knock on greasy 3000. the best unit in this game is the seattle defense, but seattle has been a far inferior team on the road, although they've had some good road games late in the season. nonetheless, betting on them to win by more than 3 in washington is probably foolish, but my season is lost already so i'm just going to roll with what my projections say.

known associate:
ind at bal OVER 47 (2 nuts)
arians's absence is a bit concerning (given his familiarity with the ravens d) so i knocked off a nut. both Ds are bullcaca though. the greatest murderer linebacker of all-time will help mentally, not so much physically. i think his buddy ed reed can have a bigger impact against andrew luck and his league high (by my count) 22 adjusted interceptions.
sea at WAS +3 (3 nuts)
everyone's sucking seacock but russell wilson will come up... short. skins control with their run game.
sea at was UNDER 23 first half (2 nuts)
run that clock.

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