Sunday, September 30, 2012

NFL Week 4 Picks

Not Your Type

I am not done blaming the replacement officials for my crummy record in picking games.  With that said, here's three more losers:

Cincinnati -1.5 @ Jacksonville (3 nuts)

Seattle -2.5 @ St. Louis (3 nuts)

Miami @ Arizona -4 (4 nuts)
1-2, -4 nuts

blue whale
It is time to come on with the come on and get down with the get down.  Off top...

New England Patriots -4 at Buffalo Bills (3 nuts)
must win situation for different reasons.  New England cannot go three losses in a row and Buffalo needs to be one up on the Pats in this series.  Belicheck will pull everything out of the playbook to cover on the road.
Patriots 52 Bills 28 Easy like Sunday Morning.. Vintage Belicheck running up the score with straight cockiness.  (3 nuts)

San Francisco 49ers at New York Jets +4 (3 nuts)
need to stop frontin and hand the rock to Bilal Powell.  I am a little bit concerned about McKnight playing in Revis' spot.  But this indicates that the Jets are desperate and will do anything for a win 49ers 34 Jets 0 I didnt expect a route.  I thought Sanchize was going to show up at home in front of the crowd against the cream of the crop.  You can categorize Santonio Holmes in the bitch section for that fumble.  It look like he got back handed by Madea in one of Tyler Perry's movies. (-3 nuts)

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans -13 (3 nuts)
Damn that line jump from 11.5 to 13 is a bit discerning.  But homefield advantage and the Titans atrocious D should allow the Texans to have their way with them.
Titans 14 Texans 38 Locker was taken out of this game early.  Would he have made a difference who know's the positive is that Chris Johnson finally came through.  Is it because the lanes have been open and the defense respected Hassleback's arm?  Nonetheless it another win under my belt. (3 nuts)

...defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals Ray Horton is hard. 

blue whale's week 4 results 3 nuts

known associate:
seattle at ST. LOUIS +2.5 (4 nuts)
- seahawks 13 rams 19. +4 nuts.
carolina at atlanta OVER 47 (2 nuts)
- panthers 28 falcons 30. +2 nuts.
SAN DIEGO -2.5 at kansas city (3 nuts)
- chargers 37 chiefs 20. +3 nuts.
dolphins and jags in the afternoon.
- miami should've won straight up.

known associate week 4 results: 3-0. +9 nuts. 

billy rubin:
these got erased somehow, but here are my picks:
san diego -2.5 @ kansas city (3 nuts)
san diego @ kansas city over 43 (3 nuts)
SD 32 KC 20. +6 nuts
seattle -2.5 @ st. louis (2 nuts)
SEA 13 StL 19. -2 nuts
Week: 2-1 +4 nuts
Season: 5-7 -6 nuts

records through week 3:
known associate. 4-5. -2 nuts.
nyt: 2-7, -17 nuts

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