Saturday, September 8, 2012

NFL Week 1 Picks

Are you ready for some borderline racism???

The NFL is back and Barack Obama is a Muslim who hates farming. What more is there to say?

Here are our picks for Week 1:

billy rubin:

PHI @ CLE under 43 (2 nuts): Cleveland's football team is clearly named after Leroy Brown, because they are bad, bad, baddest team in the whole NFL perhaps. For what it's worth, which is probably nothing, this pick was almost over 47 in CAR @ TB.

NO -8 vs. WAS (3 nuts): Redskins will win the battle of face grease and having players that look like Three Stacks, but the Saints will win the battle of scoring a lot more points than your opponent.

DET -8.5 vs. STL (3 nuts): Pretty sure lions kill rams in the wilderness and even if that's not the case, it will be on the gridiron on Sunday.

known associate:
mia at HOU -12.5 (3 nuts)
- dolphins 10 texans 30. +3 nuts. ea$y.
stl at DET -8.5 (3 nuts)
- rams 23 lions 27. -3 nuts. stafford threw 2 red zone interceptions and another pick-6. that's at least a 13 point swing right there. bad beat. fisher is still a good coach though.
- sf at GB -4.5 (3 nuts)
niners 30 packers 22. -3 nuts. go niners! i'll never bet against jim harbaugh in week 1 again.

Blue Whale sayin late:


NATI +6.5 at Balt
these games always play close to the vest.  And i might be crazy but Baltimore is a declining team especially in the secondary.  AJ green and rook Mohammed Sanu are going to run crazy all over that field.  I'm keeping my eye on baltimore rookies Tommy Streater from the U and Courtney Upshaw from the tide both have potential to contribute on their respective postions of the ball. ( 2 nuts)
i didnt account for the inept football security of young Dalton who fumbled the ball and over threw a pass for a pick six.  Also there was a terrible call on a boldin reception that should have been ruled an incompletion because he clearly did not have possession of the football as it touched the grass when he landed in the end zone.  Ravens looked scary good. -2 nuts
Diego at -1 The Town
i am going with the hometeam in this matchup and San Diego always starts the season on a slow and sour note. I love the Raiders Recievers, these boys have Hort (that's gangsterism for 'heart') plus its an extra added bonus that they drafted Juron Criner who was unhearalded coming out of the sun devils.  I expect DMC to have a good game and a good year.  (4 nuts) this was a garbage game that had no discipline of both teams on both sides of the ball.  I fooled my self thinking that Raiders were the better of the team.  - 4 nuts

Diego at The Town over 47.0
my fingers hurt (3 nuts) -3 nuts

but....from what i've seen on sunday: Panther's fadeable newton is exposed.  pete carroll is on some bullshit and he needs to invest in superglue for his recievers.  julio jones is the blue notes to matt ryan's Harold Melvin.  The Saints needed Vilma on D harder than a hog needs slop (nothing to take away from Greasy the Third).  Niners are the reason why Nortenos world wide are banging harder this season. and peyton Manning's multiple neck surgeries were a cover up to turn that dude into the quarterback version of Robocop, i mean he did all that without even grinning. word to Andre Ward.. more after monday night my good people.

2012 records through week 1:
known associate: 1-2. -3 nuts.
billy rubin. 1-2. -4 nuts.
Blue Whale: 0-3. -9 nuts.


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