Monday, January 10, 2011

Divisional Weekend Preview - Part 1

The following is some expert analysis for the Bears-Seahawks game that will take place this Sunday in Chicago. Feel free to use this inside information as you please.

10:49 AM billy rubin: i kinda like seattle again this weekend
opening line is chicago -10
i think it should be closer to chicago -5
10:50 AM not your type: What's the weather forecast?
10:51 AM br: is the game saturday or sunday?
it's sunday
low 20s/high teens
partly cloudy
10:52 AM 0% chance of precipitation
but it's supposed to snow on saturday
nyt: Hmmm
br: that forecast will probably change by sunday though
nyt: Yeah
10:53 AM I think if it's ugly, I like the bears
br: there are a lot of things to consider though
10:54 AM both teams' return games
and both teams' qb's liking to throw to the opposition
and both teams' inability to run the ball
damn, fuck the seahawks if they advance to the nfc championship game
10:55 AM nyt: I think the bears will win simply because in the would a bear would definitely eat a seahawk
10:56 AM In the wild
br: but a seahawk could shit on a bear
and taunt the bear with fish from the sea
all it has to do is not go within striking distance of the bear
10:57 AM and attack stealthily from behind with its talons
nyt: But a bear can have tissue crumbs on its ass
br: that is true
if tv has taught me anything in the last few years, that is it
10:58 AM byt: Once a seahawk can do that, I might change my mind


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