Tuesday, January 4, 2011

College Bowl Plays Part Two

part one here.

orange bowl: stanford vs virginia tech
- STANFORD -3 for 1 unit
i'm usually partial to quarterblacks but the hokies thrive on forced turnovers and i just don't see the harbaugh/luck led cardinal committing many.
- STAN -0.5 1st quarter for 1.5 units
season averages for 1st quarter: cardinal 12, hokies 6.3. plus, a couple hokies will be benched.
- STAN -2.5 2nd half for 1 unit
i'm guessing tyrod won't carry his team for an entire 60 minutes.
result: win, win and win.
cardinal 40 hokies 12 and jed york busted a couple nuts picturing this...

jim harbaugh andrew luck san francisco 49ers
sugar bowl next.

sugar bowl: arkansas vs ohio state
- ARK +3.5 for 3 units
- ARK MONEYLINE +135 for 1.5 units to win 2 units
sec > big ten so tonight i'ma side with the melanin deficient pro-style quarterback again. i'll admit, i'm a bit wary of tOSU's nfl caliber talent but they played a cupcake schedule that included only 4 games away from home (going 1-2-1 against the spread in those games). the wrong team is favored here.
result: loss, loss. buckeyes 31 razorbacks 26
"i dunno right now... my foot, that's all i know." –#2
- ARK -0.5 2nd half for 3 units
result: win. razorbacks 16 buckeyes 3

small bowl, small play on thursday night.

godaddy.com bowl: middle tenn st vs miami (ohio)
- parlay UNDER 24.5 1st half/MIAMI +3 for 0.5 unit to win 1 unit
for fucks. stay shady, mr. dasher.
result: loss. redhawks 14 blue raiders 14 half.
damn those big plays.
- MIAMI +1 2nd half for 0.5 unit
result: win. redhawks 21 blue raiders 7.

cotton bowl: lsu vs texas a&m
- A&M +3 for 5 units
again, i think the wrong team is favored. hopefully it works out for me this time.
- parlay A&M +3/UNDER 24.5 1st half for 0.5 unit to win 1 unit
here i go again with the 1st half under.
- parlay A&M +3/AUB -0.5 1st half (monday night) for 0.5 unit to win 1 unit
- A&M -0.5 2nd half for 2 units
result: loss x4. i suck.

this dude has some knockers...

hunger bowl: boston college vs nevada
- NEVADA -7 for 2 units
the eagles boast the #1 rushing defense this season... but they've only played 2 top 50 rushing offenses; losing to both.
result: push. wolfpack 20 eagles 13. i saw it but i'm still not sure i believe bc scored 13 points.

mnc game: oregon vs auburn
the ducks' "blur" offense is scary but the tigers are battle-tested (6 wins vs top 25 teams vs 1 win for oregon) and match up fairly well. auburn's major weakness is their secondary but oregon's receivers are mediocre... so the auburn corners should be able to keep them in check with man coverage while the front seven (plus safety help) can focus on slowing down the prolific oregon running game. on the other side of the ball, i seriously doubt the undersized ducks will be able to contain auburn's smashmouth attack. in addition, the two most dominant players in this game will be wearing burnt orange– QB cam newton and possible #1 overall pick DT/DE nick fairley. definitely not the game to bet the mortgage on but i'll take the tigers.
my plays...
- AUB PICK for 0.5 unit
result: win. tigers 22 ducks 19.
- AUB -0.5 1st half for 2 units (locked in early)
oregon usually makes their run late in the second half when opposing defenses are gassed so auburn should control the game until then, at least. just wish i waited to place this bet as the line's moved to a pick.
result: win. tigers 16 ducks 11.
- UNDER 37 1st half for 2 units
one last go around with the first half under. this total is extremely high and although points will be scored, the majority should come in the second half when nerves settle and the defenses wear down. plus, these teams are coming off the longest layoff of any two teams playing in the mnc game. i figure there'll be some rust involved. a few punts and/or field goals (instead of touchdowns) should seal the deal.
result: win.
- parlay AUB PK 1st half/UNDER 36.5 1st half for 0.5 unit to win 1 unit
also added...
- tease AUB +8/UNDER 80.5 for 0.5 unit
results: win and win.

pending the lines, leaning over and ducks for the second half.
- OVER 38 2nd half for 0.5 unit
- parlay OREGON -1.5/OVER 38 for 0.25
results. loss, loss. ducks 8 tigers 6.

fade away!

final 2010-11 bowl season record:
straight bets: 18-14-1. 2 units
parlays/teasers: 3-10. -3.75 units
total -1.75 units

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