Sunday, October 30, 2011

NFL Week 8

known associate:
cardinals at RAVENS -11 (3 nuts)

COWBOYS +3 at eagles (2 nuts)

PATRIOTS -3 at steelers (4 nuts)

- known associate week 8 results: 0-3. -9 nuts. ravens might've covered if they showed up for the first half. cowboys and patriots were bad bets. i'm on a roll, people!

billy rubin:

i don't have any fancy pictures...

DET -3 @ DEN (2 nuts): detroit burned me last week, but they're a better team than denver and denver shouldn't be able to exploit their weak run D like the niners and falcons did. i just hope tebow's christian god doesn't grant him this victory.
- lions 45 broncos 10. where's your god now, tebow? +2 nuts

PIT +3 vs. NE (2 nuts): yes, i'm crazy. betting against tom brady's handsomeness is probably a mortal sin. hopefully tebow forgives my sins.
- steelers 25 patriots 17. when good looks don't work, sometimes you just have to resort to rape. +2 nuts

DAL + 3 @ PHI (3 nuts): i think dallas is going to win this game, so i'll gladly take the points.
- cowboys 7 eagles 34. like ka said, this was a bad bet. hey, nobody's perfect. -3 nuts.

i also expect the niners and saints to cover, but those are pretty big spreads so they didn't make the cut for this blog's purposes. i have a feeling miami will cover too, but i'm not ballsy enough to put any nuts on it, but i will wager one labia on miami +9.5.

- bill rubin week 8 results: 2-1 +1 nut (and +1 labia)

Not Your Type
me no complete sentences or grammar

CIN -1.5 @ SEA (3 nuts)

BUF -4 @ WAS (2 nuts)

NE @ PIT over 52.5 (3 nuts)

blue whale:

Dallas Cowgirls at PHILADELPHIA IGGLES -3 3 nuts
What drawn me to this side pick was not the performance or defensive level of each side or who came off a bye week or which coach was running his mouth. What drawn me was that my book offered a plus value of 110 to the +3 points on the side of the boys at first glance. I am accustomed to a negative value on both sides of the wager, dog or favored. In most instances the dog points will offer a greater negative value. This was used as a marketing ploy to lure money to the dog side bet, as this wager was a better opportunity than the Cowboys Moneyline bet. Cowboys value adjusted from +110 to +105 to -110 right before kick off. +3

and the total 48.5 over 3 nuts
now I didn't account for the dallas cowboys to not show up at this game they were good for at least 17-21 points on the road. -3

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs -3 3 nuts
injuries have really molassessed the supposedly high powered offense. I also read somewhere that Philip River's arm strength is slowly diminishing and is also lacking confidence without his prime weapon in Antonio Gates. Hopefully the bye week has settled these issues but the new CBA imposed on teams a mandatory 4 day rest period in which there is no conditioning or practicing. Maybe the San Diego Chargers will come into Arrowhead a bit tighter than the Chiefs who have their 3 past games. Both teams are primed to explode offensively, my money is on the Cheifs at home.
happy halloween frakes my daughter is a pirate
It isn't like loosing money is not worse on this game, but i really dislike pushing. The NFL is all of sudden been consistent in throwing the dice up on some real crap matchups on Monday Night Football. There was too much talent on both teams to produce a real high scoring matchup. Once again it was very lack luster, even the outcome of the overtime was like playboy magazine titty. No No No Not a field goal, I was expecting a hail mary pass or a screen pass to McCluster and he would take it to the house. That boy was catching fire. It would be fresh if the NFL adopted the college rule of the overtime game. Something is wrong with River's psycology. It must be the amalgamation of all those concussions and the fact he has six kids. The NFL is entering a new era and Rivers knows that he can be replaced just like that, although it is a longshot for that too happen. San Diego should be thinking about drafting Landry Jones in 2012. Would you draft Keenum or RG3? Those studs are like 5 or 6 year seniors. Isn't that considered "old" by NFL draft standards? FINALLY$ap was released and it really was hyped up. In Tuscaloosa LSU at BAMA. Next Week off the bizzzaaatt....bills, pats (should be pissed), dolphins, ninas (NFL's Stanford) , steeltown (no let down), zona (st louis blew their load and on the road) and green bay bay bay.

records through week 7 (and week 7):
Billy Rubin: 10-10-1. +3 nuts. (0-3. -7 nuts)
Not Your Type: 9-12. +1 nut (2-1. +3 nuts)
Blue Whale: 8-8-2. -4 nuts (1-1-1. -1 nut)
known associate: 9-12. -7 nuts. (0-3. -10 nuts)

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