Monday, October 17, 2011

If It Isn't Love On Top

What the shit, Beyonce? You jacked New Edition's dance moves for your VMA performance, and then you use them again in the actual video too! In a rehearsal studio, no less. I've seen this video before and it was better when Ralph Tresvant was singing lead. Paying homage to the greatest R&B video of all time is all well and good, but at least give New Edition some credit in the video so all the youngsters know where you got your moves from.

Be the judge yourself, here's Beyonce's video for "Love On Top":

Here's the original, far superior New Edition video for "If It Isn't Love":

Also, here's where Beyonce got her moves at 1:21 of "Love on Top" (O:51 of "Every Little Step"):

I will say that Beyonce's T&A > Ralph T.

Also, special thanks to Juanito for the title to this post.

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