Friday, October 21, 2011

NFL Weak 7

billy rubin:

that's not a typo in the title, this week is weak! so i'm gonna lock my picks in early and not worry much about it.

redskins +2.5
@ panthers (2 nuts): cam newton's early season magic is wearing off. the skins have a solid defense. john beck can't be any worse than rex grossman. the skins should win this game straight up.
- redskins 20 panthers 33. so much for that redskins D, eh? -2 nuts

lions -3.5 vs. falcons (2 nuts): the lions lost to the niners and should come out guns a-blazin' on sunday. the falcons passing attack has not been good this year and the lions pass rush won't help the birds get on track this week. detroit's susceptible to the run, as proven by the niners last week, but the falcons' running game isn't exactly elite, although they did rush for 166 yards in week 6.
- lions 16 falcons 23. so much for that detroit D, eh? -2 nuts

ravens -8 @ jaguars (3 nuts): this line keeps going down and i don't know why. the ravens are a pretty solid defense, particularly against the run, going against a very one-dimensional offense, with the one dimension being the run. this one shouldn't be close at all.
-ravens 7 jaguars 12. so much for that ravens D, eh? -3 nuts

- billy rubin week 7 results: 0-3 -7 nuts.

Not Your Type
KC @ OAK -3.5 (3 nuts)

CHI -1 @ TB (3 nuts)

SD @ NYJ -1 (3 nuts)

known associate:
SD +1 at nyj (3 nuts)
sanchez is favored over rivers?
- chargers 21 jets 27. rex ryan was rightly favored over norv turner. -3 nuts.

GB -9.5 at min (2 nuts)
the vikes rookie qb may end up being an upgrade over mcnabb but only the packers can keep the packers from covering.
- packers 33 vikings 27. ponder kept the packers from covering. -2 nuts.

BAL -9 at jax (5 nuts)
what billy rubin said.
- ravens 7 jaguars 12. wtf? -5 nuts.

also like the steelers and the overs in carolina and london.
- known associate weak 7 results: 0-3 -10 nuts. fade away folks.

former ravens cheerleader, current clooney cumdumpster.

blue whale:

The Three B's

Chicago Bears -1.5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London Wembley Stadium 3 nuts

Chi 24 Bucs 18..too easy drill sergeant. Bears needed this win going into the bye week. Forte is too fresh. The bears are should cover or win straight up from here on out solely because of him.. +3 nuts

The Bolts 1 at New York Jets 4 nuts

Bolts 21 Gang Green 27. i don't know what happened in this game. All I know is Plax fuck shit up when up shit is vacant -4 nuts

Seattle SeaHawks at Cleveland Browns -3 3 nuts

Hawks 3 Browns 6. Alot of people in wasted their time, money and gas on this Sunday. In Cleveland. I think the only reason why people in Cleveland buy Browns Jerseys are because the team colors are nice. How about that one true fan who traveled from Seattle to Cleveland? I really hope the Niners drop 56 points on the Browns like its a college game. ahhh push it

looking ahead already...niners, black and yellow, balt and nygzzz. Why is Stanford 9 point favorites over USC? Is the line indicating that this is the first sound defense that Stanford's offense is going against? Or is it due to the fact the USC soundly beat Notre Dame on the road? Nonetheless Stanford is gonna handle biz dot com

just finished watching Beats, Rhymes & Life:The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest. loved it. notstalgic. made my head nod. Somewhere Micah 9 fumes.

records through week 6 (and previous week):
Billy Rubin: 10-7-1. +10 nuts. (1-2. -4 nuts)
known associate: 9-9. +3 nuts. (1-2. 0 nuts)
Not Your Type: 7-11. -2 nuts (2-1. +8 nuts)
Blue Whale: 7-7-1. -3 nuts (no plays)


  1. @billy rubin - Cam Newton is going to mistake the Redskins for dickskin.