Thursday, November 3, 2011

NFL Week 9

billy rubin:

i want to lock in a couple picks early, so here we go.

saints -8 vs bucs (4 nuts): brees' performance against tampa earlier in the season was an aberration. the saints are far superior to the bucs and the bucs are especially poor on the road. saints will win by two TDs or so.
- saints 27 bucs 16. this one got a little scary at the end as the saints coasted in the second half, but they held on for the cover. + 4 nuts.

niners -3.5 @ redskins (4 nuts): the niners head east for an early game, which is a concern, but this is another case where one team clearly outclasses the other. the skins' defense is quite good, which could pose problems for the niners, but the niners' d is even gooder and the skins' offense is so ungood, that this won't be a contest. niners should win by double digits.
- niners 19 skins 11. elite defense and mediocre offense triumphed over decent defense and horrid offense - hooray! + 4 nuts.

third pick coming at some future point. leaning buffalo, cincy and arizona right now.

bengals +2.5 @ titans (2 nuts): bengals' d is pretty solid. titans' offense has been struggling lately. cincy offense can put together some points. i think cincy should win this straight up like mrs. emilio estevez.
- bengals 24 titans 17. niners and bengals in the super bowl again? maybe just the super bowl of covering machines. + 2 nuts.

- billy rubin week 9 results: 3-0 + 10 nuts. and we're back!

blue whale:

Miami Dolphins +4 at Kansas City Chiefs

miami is 13th in the league defending the run and the chiefs are 9th in the league in running offense. Don't let that run offense ranking fool you, the air attack is so terrible they have no choice but to run. The only real threat seems to Dexter McCluster. Cassel is gonna have to beat Miami with his arm and I don't trust his arm. 3 nuts

Miami 31 Kansas City 3 it was written in the scrolls of Skellus- the old Wizard from Conan Destroyer +3

Denver Broncos +7.5 at The City Of Dope

Raiders are missing two key offensive elements that made them very potent. Mcfadden and Campbell. McFadden for obvious reasons the man is big play and can flat out run making defenders miss. Campbell was key because of his mobility and his knack for prolonging the play. His legs too made defenders miss and also gave his weapons time to get open. Now with Carson Palmer, who is a statue in the pocket, he will be sack target number one. 2 nuts

Denver 38 Oakland 24 besides the St Louis Rams, i think that the Raiders have a very underrated stable of wide recievers. Moore, Heyward Bey, Ford and Murphy. They shouldn't have let go of Higgins, now Housh is the odd man in. Raiders also have a very underrated O-line. If Taiwan Jones started he should go. Its obvious that Denver has alot of talent on that team, but their performance is construed because of the mishap opportunities Oakland ill afforded in this match up. +3 nuts

NYGz +9 at New England Patriots

Hate to say it but little Manning is playing at an elite level and the pats secondary is crap. New York's defense can provide the four man rush to keep Brady out of the pocket. Maybe not stop him but slow him down. The pats defensive saving grace is that they are good at defending the run and Bradshaw is playing with a broken bone is his foot. Pats will win this one but Giants keep it close. 5 nuts..also like the over.

New York G 24 New England 20 G-MEN are definitely sound on both sides of the ball. They are taking the NFC east, i can't see it go any oher way. Even with the slew of injuries in the secondary they experienced in the preseason, it seems that the schemes are solid as long as they have adequate talent in the right places. New england should definitely go off next week. +3

Teams with value are 415 niners, Nati, GB, and Browns (fade) and Indy (fade).

Next week Bears Bills Dolphins Pats Seahawks. this is also the week Chargers cover a game

Not Your Type

MIA @ KC -4 (2 nuts)

KC has a masterpiece while Miami gets put in a vice.
Turns out Crocket & Tubbs turned the Chiefs into BBQ sauce. (-2 nuts)

CIN +2.5 @ TEN (2 nuts)

You know which new show I like? Grimm.
You know how many nuts I got for this game? +2 nuts.

GB -5.5 @ SD (4 nuts)

The Packers will pack the box score with statistical meat. The Chargers will feel violated. Time to call the SVU.
This game was packed with offense. Aaron Rodgers was all, "Your momma smells like when I pee after I eat asparagus because I just golden showered her because she is dumb and ugly and walks with a limp and gave birth to you through her butt-hole and you throw three interceptions." And Philip Rivers was like, " Well, you are a dootie head." (+4 nuts)

known associate:
CIN +2.5 at ten (3 nuts)
GB -5.5 at sd (3 nuts)
bal at PIT -3 (3 nuts)

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