Sunday, November 13, 2011

NFL Week 10

BUF +5.5 @ DAL (3 nuts)

PIT @ CIN +4 (2 nuts)

HOU -3.5 @ TB (3 nuts)

blue whale be sayin:
Denver Broncos +3 at Kansas City Chiefs 2 nuts
I am not fond of Tebow. He does not make anybody around him better. It was either the Raiders caught themselves slipping disrepecting his arm by allowing him to throw or Denver's stable of wide receivers can catch..well. I am interested to see how he fares against the Chiefs who will be loading up the box to stop the run. Denver is the better team here. The NFL wants Tebow to succeed.
Memphis Tenn Titans at Cack Panthers -3.5 3 nuts
Off a bye week at home. This should be a high scoring affair. Chris Johnson is slowly showing some pizzazz. Cam Newton should be able to throw and run all over the Tennessee D.
Nawlins Saints at ATL Falcons PK 5 nuts
A win at home will put the Dirty Birds 1st place in the NFC south. In the dome they are unstoppable. Who has the Saints beat? Falcons had an impressive win over Detroit and convinced me that it is not Tampa Bay, but Atl that is gonna take their division. FYI Tampa Bay is gonna win at home against Houston.

billy rubin:

there are a lot of games i kinda like this week, but none i really love. so, here goes nothing:

texans -3.5 @ bucs (3 nuts): tampa is better, maybe even decent at home, but houston is better in general and playing well of late. the arian should assert his racial superiority over his foes.
- texans 37 bucs 9. + 3 nuts.

saints pk @ falcons (2 nuts): the saints seem to be an on-again-off-again team this year, and they were on last week, which would imply they'll be off this week. but, they're playing an average-at-best defensive team in atlanta and they're in a dome, so i like the saints' chances of eking out a win this week.
- saints 26 falcons 23. + 2 nuts.

bengals +4 vs steelers (2 nuts): the bengals, like my niners, have been covering machines this year, and i think they match up well against a not-elite steelers team. i actually think there's a decent chance the bengals win this one outright, although the steelers should come to play after losing to baltimore last week.
- bengals 17 steelers 24. - 2 nuts.

week 10: 2-1. +3 nuts.

i also kinda like buffalo, denver, detroit, jacksonville, niners and the jets.

known associate:
SAINTS PK at falcons (4 nuts)
TEXANS -3.5 at bucaneers (2 nuts)
giants at 49ers UNDER 42.5 (2 nuts)

records through week 9 (and week 9):
Billy Rubin: 15-11-1. +14 nuts (3-0. +10 nuts)
Not Your Type: 13-14. +7 nuts (2-1. +4 nuts)
Blue Whale: 12-9-3. +5 nuts (3-0. +9 nuts)
known associate: 11-16. -13 nuts (2-1. +3 nuts)

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