Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 2

it's the return...

known associate:
locking in one pick early...
BAL -5.5 at ten. 4 nuts
ravens are an elite team this year. titans aren't.
- titans 26 ravens 13. i need to constantly remind myself that no team is as good or as bad as they seem (unless they're the chiefs). bad bet. -4 nuts
and then...
kc at DET -7.5. 3 nuts
the bills were able to pressure cassel. stafford and the beastly d-line should rout. don't sweat the hook... -7.5 and -3.5 at -110 or better are two of the best bets in football.
- lions 48 chiefs 3. jamaal charles wouldn't have made a difference. easy money. +3 nuts.
SD +6.5 at ne. 2 nuts
henne was able to pass against these pats so take the points in this shootout. 1pm pst start so no early west coast team fatigue to worry about.
- patriots 35 chargers 21. the chargers offense showed no interest in covering the spread (4 turnovers in NE territory plus a turnover on downs at the goal line). bad beat. -2 nuts.
(bought full points on these last two for non-nut purposes.)

TB +3 @ MIN: 3 nuts
I'm in trouble if Donovan McNabb throws for 10% more yards than he threw for last week. On the wishlist: LaGarette Blount punching AP in the hamstring.
+3 nuts. It wasn't looking good for most of the day, but it happened.

KC @ DET -7.5: 4 nuts
Lions will eat Chiefs most days of the week, unless they are in the boardroom.
+4 nuts. I wanted to put all my nuts into this game, but I was too chicken poop.

ARI @ WAS -3: 3 nuts
I hate to trust nuts on a team led by Rex Grossman, but I'm going to go against my better judgement and do it anyway.
-3 nuts. I should have gone with my instinct to stay away from this game.

Blue Whale:
Tampa Bay at Minny -2.5
Vikes get no respect at their own house what happened to the courteous 3 point spread home teams are suppose to get. Minnesota pass rush was effective enough to prevent Rivers from airing it out big time. You think young Freeman will fair any better? Historically, Mcnabb never loses twice in a row. Or was that only when he was with the Eagles? Nonetheless, I have to pick against Just Not Your Type. 2 nuts

Houston at Miami +3
Damn Miami was 1-7 at their own house last season. Henne looked really good last week against New England and Houstons D looked really good against Indy impotent offense. I think Miami Offense will shine in this game. DBs can't keep up with Marshall and Bess. 4 Nuts

Philly -2.5 at Atlanta
Atlanta is hard at the dome. But I can see why the public swayed the Falcons from being -1.5 favorites to +2.5 underdogs. Who is Matt Ryan gonna throw to? Roddy? Covered by Nnamdi . Julio? Asante got him. Gonzalez? Whatever. Mike turner can't catch plus he lost a step. Philly got speed and starpower. That's AND 1 football. 4 nuts

Blue Whale gets 3 extra picks to make up for missing week 1 and he's opted to use them all this week...
chi at NOLA -4.5. 3 nuts
OAK +4 at buffalo. 2 nuts
DAL -3 at sf. 5 nuts

Billy Rubin:
kc at DET -7.5. 5 nuts
HOU -3 at mia. 1 nut
CLE -1.5 at ind. 1 nut

records (after week 1):
Billy Rubin. 2-1. 4 nuts.
known associate. 1-2. 0 nuts.
Blue Whale. 0-0. 0 nuts.
Not Your Type. 1-2. -4 nuts.


  1. @known associate: looks like we like the same games. i wanted to take BAL as well.

    @blue whale: my TB pick is based solely on Blount's punching power. apparently, floyd merriweather got some pointers from him and used them appropriately.

  2. @Not Your Type: yea i think the skins are a strong play too.. just never caught it below -3.5 for blog purposes. can't get with the bucs right now tho. freeman looks shook.

  3. @known associate: the books knew what they were doing in setting that line and it cost me three nuts.