Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Collits Football 2011 One

gettin an early start on college this year. the majority of picks will probably come from our newest associate, Blue Whale.

Blue Whale says:
LES MILES -3 vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs in Starkville 3 nuts.
Sprinkle 1 nut on UNDER 50 total.
No write up......feeeeeel.
- result: LSU 19 Miss St 6. win x2 = 4 nuts.

known associate thinks:
LSU is the better team but they're a bit overvalued at the moment. their passing offense was iffy (jarret lee, 10 for 22) while their defense was primarily responsible for driving up the score in their big season opening win vs the ducks. if their speedy, ball-hawking D can set up a few easy scores, the tigers should win by double digits. if not, i think the bulldogs will control the ball with physicality and be in position to win this game outright, perpetuating the ESPN thursday night home dog trend.

i'm laying off a side entirely but will be sprinkling a bit of cash on the under 50.5. no nuts though... this season, we're using current hilton sportsbook lines for blog pick purposes and i missed out on 50.

Blue Whale:
Kellen Moore n 'Nem at Toledo 61.0 total Over.
One high powered offense one pretty good offense. Garbage time points. Boise Stare should be up by 4 Tds by the third quarter even without Doug Martin. Coach Peterson has a knack for pulling out his starters when the game is out of hand. Five Nuts.

Boise State came into Hotlanta and defeated a declining Georgia program 35-21. Nonetheless it was still exceptional Bronco football. Last week Toledo came into THEE Ohio State University's house and messed around almost coming out as the straight up winner. Now they have to travel to Idaho on a short week to face a Boise State team that had two weeks preparation. That said Boise State Broncos -20. TWO Nuts though.

- result: bsu 40 toledo 15. 1-1. -3 nuts net.
the over was a bad beat. by known associate's count, there were 3 missed extra point attempts, 1 failed 2 point conversion and 2 turnovers in the redzone; not counting the times the broncos turned the ball over on downs due to lack of faith in their kicker.

Buffalo @ Ball St. -4.5: 2 nuts
It's only appropriate that I wager nuts on school named Ball State.

known associate:
The U -2.5 vs the ohio state university. 1 nut.
party time in coral gables as long as jacory harris doesn't shit the bed in his first game back.
- slurricanes 24 suckeyes 6. +1 nut.

may have a play on the stanford-zona game pending the injury report.

Blue Whale. 3-1. 1 nut.
known associate. 1-0. 1 nut.
Not Your Type. 0-1. -2 nuts.

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