Sunday, September 11, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 1

known associate:
PIT +1 at bal. 3 nuts
CLE -6.5 vs cin. 2 nuts
NE -7 at mia. 5 nuts

billy rubin:
PIT +1 at bal. 3 nuts
HOU -9 vs ind. 3 nuts
CIN +6.5 at cle. 4 nuts

not your type:
DET +1 @ TB: 3 Nuts
I am buying into the hype of the Lions. Hopefully LaGarrette Blount doesn't punch Matt Stafford in the dick.
Three nuts! Zero confrimed dick punches.

NYG -1 @ WAS: 4 Nuts
The functioning Manning has to succeed because science tells me that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be transferred from one state to another; therefore the "Manning Success at Throwing Things Energy" has to go somewhere if Peyton is not playing because it has nowhere else to go, unless it goes to Archie and/or the non-NFL Manning.
-4 nuts. Cam Newton is a Manning.

CIN @ CLE -6.5: 3 Nuts
clean orange helmet > orange helmet with an oil spill on it
-3 nuts. The lesson here is that the Exxon Valdez > Prince William Sound. That equation was proven again with this match-up. I need a math tutor.

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