Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soup or Crackers Sunday

This is it. The final weekend of the 2011-12 NFL season. Since there's only one game this week, we'll be making just two picks, but still adhering to the minimum 7/maximum 10 nuts wagers. Here are our picks:

bill rubin:

So this is what it's all led up to: two teams I hate playing for all the marbles. Yay, go indifference!

Patriots -3 vs. Giants (3 nuts): Both teams are flawed, which is just the state of the NFL these days. Neither team is the Niners, which sucks. Tom Brady is significantly more handsome than Eli Manning, and that's worth three points. In real life, I'd definitely buy the hook because I think this will come down to a field goal game after all the meaningless yardage is accumulated for both sides. Goddamn Tom Brady matching Joe Montana's jewelry though. But it doesn't matter, because Steve Young is the best ever anyway.

Under 53 (5 nuts): I should've locked this in earlier in the week when it opened at 55 or 55.5, whatever it was. I'm projecting Pats 27 Giants 23, so that's still under and I'm sticking with it. There's definitely the chance for a crazy shootout with two prolific passing attacks matching up against two porous defenses, but I think those rooting for the over will end up being disappointed when all is said and done.

known associate:
Patriots - 1 vs. Giants first half (5 nuts)
Under 54 (2 nuts)

billy rubin must've been a few beers in by the time i texted. my actual blog plays were (unfortunately):
PATRIOTS -3 (5 nuts)
UNDER 26.5 first half (2 nuts)
- giants 21 patriots 17 (9-10 halftime score). -3 nuts.

known associate's final 2011-12 nfl record:
25-34, -12 nuts. weak, like alex smith and wes welker.
previous seasons' records...
2010-11: 36-24-2
2009-10: 37-24-2

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