Sunday, January 15, 2012

TV Review - Napoleon Dynamite

I know I should start with a spoiler alert, but after watching the first few minutes of Napoleon Dynamite, there are no plot points to spoil. So why bother?

Being that I am probably the only one out of my friends who has never seen the Napoleon Dynamite movie, I was very curious to see how this show would turn out, given its cult status and quote-iness. Disappointment is the only way that can describe the feeling of watching the first five minutes. It could be that since I didn't watch the movie, I don't understand the humor. If that is the case, then that would make what I saw the funniest shit on earth. But the funniest shit on earth had no comprehensible story. Three year olds tell a better story than what I figure dozens of adults had a hand in cobbling together.

The gold standard for basing an animated show on a cult movie is still Clerks. Although Clerks was short-lived, it managed to build its own cult status among TV shows. It certainly was a lot more funny and cohesive than Napoleon Dynamite is. I don't know whose cocks the creators of this series had to suck to get this turd on Fox, but they wasted their time and got their stomachs pumped full of semen for nothing. I hate to see people out of work, but this show has to be taken out back and Old Yeller'ed so it can run around on that far-off farm with Work It .

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