Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Little tidbits of arrogance throughout this past season culminated in Hue Jackson getting the boot as the Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders. These two things are what I believe to be what sealed his fate: 1)He threw his players and coaching staff under the bus by heaping the blame on them for the horrible finish of the 2011 season. 2)He thought he should be involved in finding the next GM.

"Coach" Jackson should not have put his staff and team on blast like he did when he went on his rant after the San Diego game. Although there is probably some truth to what he said, ultimately, the performance on the field is up to the head coach. Hearing him go out of his way to say that he wasn't going to take one for the team would not make me want to play for him, work with him, or pay him. Eff all that.

When was the last time that you got hire your boss? If the answer to that question was "after the regular season was over", then you must be Hue Jackson on Fantasy Island. I do not know what his motivations were when he said that he wanted to help find the next GM, but it made me think one thing right away - Who does he think he is? Al Davis? John Madden? Amy Trask? Mark Davis?

If this were a Greek tragedy, Mr. Jackson would certainly be guilty of hubris. Look at how he built himself up and watched everything crumble at the end. Hue pissed off the gods (or possibly just the ghost of Al Davis) of the Oakland Raiders, and his ruin came swiftly.

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