Friday, January 6, 2012

NFL Wild Card Weekend

Per known associate, first half bets are open in the playoffs since there will be fewer and fewer betting options as we progress.

known associate:

giants -3 vs. falcons (7 nuts)

saints first half -7 vs. lions (2 nuts)

bengals @ texans under 38 (1 nut)

billy rubin:

bengals +4 @ houston (2 nuts): of all the QBs involved in this game, i'd want andy dalton on my side. although, of all the RBs involved in this game, i'd want aryan foster on my side.

falcons +3 @ giants (2 nuts): gays can get married in new york, so why can't one win a football game there? well, i guess technically, matty ice will have to win in new jersey, but maybe if he does he can bed eli manning afterward.

steelers @ broncos under 33.5 (3 nuts): i should've locked this in earlier in the week when it was at 35. i like it a lot less now.


PIT @ DEN +8 (3 nuts)

These two teams should just play Rock/Paper/Scissors so that nobody gets hurt. Tebow's unorthodox R/P/S motion will be just enough for the Broncos to take this match-up.

PIT @ DEN under 33.5 (3 nuts)

Gimpy-legged QB vs gimpy-throwing-motion-having QB will result in less points than what Drew Brees can do by himself while he's hopped up on NyQuil.

ATL @ NYG over 47.5 (3 nuts)

Eli will look confused. Julio Jones will run fast. Victor Cruz will salsa dance while eating salsa after scoring a TD. The Dirty Bird will make a comeback. A bunch of points will be scored.

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