Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pick Dem: Week 1

This is the best time of year for degenerate gamblers - football season has started. With that, the contributors to this blog will slug it out for pick'em supremacy. We each pick three games per week using the Friday lines from the Sportacular iPhone app so that we have uniform spreads. The winner gets 2 of something TBD!!!!

Tune in tomorrow for our picks.

I don't know about these other fools, but here are Billy Rubin's picks:

Vikings -4 @ Browns
Cowboys - 5.5 @ Buccaneers
Packers -4 vs. Bears

I haven't really had much time to research, so my picks are kinda seat of the pants. The Vikings have the Williamses though and the Browns are terrible. Ditto for the Bucs, whose best quarterback is named Josh and he isn't starting, nor was he drafted this year. I've been impressed with the Packers' defense this preseason and equally unimpressed with the Bears receiving corps.

(3-0, suckas!)


known associate is picking:

Panthers +1 vs. Eagles
Seahawks/Rams Over 41
Bengals -4.5 vs. Broncos

the eagles' revamped line is gonna need time to gel. plus, mcnabb says he's "excited".. which really means his bitch ass is nervous. the seahawks and rams were decimated by injuries on offense last season. both are relatively healthy and should be improved. and yes, i did pick the bengals.



I'm late to the party and there are only two games left.

Bills +10.5 vs. Patriots
Raiders +10 vs. Chargers
over 42 1/2 Raiders vs. Chargers

No research done here.

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