Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pick the teams to win - Week 2

Hi everybody. Welcome to the second installment of choo-choo-choose the winners. Billy Rubin went an impressive 3-0 on the first Sunday of the young 2009 season. Known Associate went 0-3, but it's way too early to count him out. I, Not Your Type, also went 3-0, but I didn't post my games up on time like the other two guys, so I guess I kinda cheated.

How are we gonna do this week?

Here are the picks:


Raiders +3 vs. Chiefs
The Raide-The Raiders will win.

Saints -1 vs. Eagles
Bobby Herbert will have a big game.

Ravens +3 vs. Chargers
Raven Simone can definitely beat a car.

( 3-0 [6-0 overall]; I like to choose the pretty helmets.)


Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy Rubin!

Jaguars -3 vs. Cardinals
Me no likey Kurt Warner.

Vikings - 10 @ Detroit
AP and the Vikings D are too good, and I'm already calling Stafford a bust.

Saints @ Eagles over 45.5
Philly's D cleaned up last week, but Drew Brees ain't no Jake Delhomme...Kevin Kolb be damned.

(2-1, 5-1 on the season. Damn you Kurt Warner, damn you straight to hell!)


known associate:

Vikings -10 @ Detroit
Stafford doesnt stand a chance.

Bills -4 vs Buccaneers

Sabby Piscatelli is not good.

Steelers @ Bears over 38
it'll be over in the 3rd quarter.

(2-1, overall still a shitty 2-4)

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