Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sic Mike Vick

i hate mike vick. i would imagine my dog would hate him too if he was aware of what mike vick's done to other dogs, or at least what mike vick's friends did to other dogs on vick's dime. also, i don't think mike vick should get another chance in the nfl, and i'm not even close to convinced that he's paid his debt to society. i think dog fighting, and the way that the bad news kennels' dogs were allegedly put to death, is nothing short of psychotic. but i'm a dog lover, so most of my opinions on the matter can probably be written off as irrational...or can they?

a recent article notes that, based on the most up-to-date research, a dog is basically "a toddler with a snout and tail". that may seem like hyperbole, but one researcher stated that dogs have "developmental abilities equivalent to a human 2-year-old". so mike vick and his boys were basically killing little kids. that's how i see it. the article goes on to say that recent research indicates that dogs can learn 165 words on average, count up to four or five (which is probably more progressions that vick can work through as a quarterback), and dogs can think and solve problems. further, dogs can "experience fear, anger, happiness and disgust". i wonder what emotions the bad newz kennels' dogs felt most often.

maybe we as a society need to reconsider how generally supportive we've been of mike vick. maybe tony dungy should get his head out of his ass. would someone who funded (and may have participated in) the mass murder of two-year-old humans be given another shot at life on the outside? or maybe we should collectively say "fuck it" and start training babies to fight to the death. and then whichever little babies lose we smash their heads into walls. or put them in standing water and electrocute them. then after that maybe we can all seek to become multimillionaires and play sports before millions of fans every week.

somewhere somebody is fiddling.

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