Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ever vigilant in the fight against things I don't know about


I was invited to contribute to this blog by my esteemed colleagues after a long and thorough search by them for others to help out in this endeavor.

I have sent random samples with no subjects from several anonymous e-mails to various newspapers, magazines, book publishers, movie studios, television executives, and a lady that lives fours doors down from me to no avail in getting a real writing assignment. This is the most legitimate opportunity that's been granted to me so far. I plan to blind you with my deftly authored posts and pummel your thoughts with the fists that will be the messages I deliver. I will turn your gray matter into red, green, yellow, purple, and black and blue matter because you will be thinking so hard and so deep. So deep, in fact, that the depths can only be measured in light years, because there is no measuring device long enough to extend as far as I will take your mind and only math equations can solve what I have planned to unleash onto all those who feel they are intellectually challenged enough to not only read this sentence and all others the have come before or after but can also follow that they are superior to all beings not reading everything on known associates and knowing that a simple sentence cannot communicate the idea that the concise message of read this blog can say.

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  1. I love run-on sentences. Not Your Type, you are perhaps my type, of the type of which is the type of friend who types sentences of this type in this type.