Sunday, September 7, 2014

NFL 2014 Week 1

known associate:
not sure if my cohorts will be posting this year but i will (for now)...
min at RAMS -2.5 (1 nut)
just betting value. this line moved 2.5 points after the bradford injury. i don't think sam bradford is worth 2.5 points. also, 75% of bets are on the vikes and the only thing worse than a public fave is a public dog.
- vikings 34 rams 6
still don't think bradford is worthy of the line move but hill's in-game injury didn't help matters. -1 nut.
cin at RAVENS -1 (2 nuts)
week 1 road dogs that made the playoffs in the previous season are just 2-21-1 ats since '89. (i.e. it's a fade of the weaker playoff teams.) plus, i think the ravens bounce back a bit this year.
- bengals 23 ravens 16
i get bad flacco about 75% of the time i pick the ravens. wish i had more fantasy stock in giovani bernard this season. -2 nuts.
ind at BRONCOS -7 (4 nuts)
the system fits this as well, and i like it even more in this matchup. colts defense is still doodoo and the broncos will want to avenge their first loss of 2013 and also prove that they're better than their showing on super bowl sunday.
- colts 24 broncos 31
what the shit second half was that? backdoor push, no homo nor nuts.
smaller on texans, dolphins, raiders, saints.
- texans were easy. the dolphins handled biz on a hot and humid miami afternoon like the usually do. raiders came through with a backdoor cover. saints got matty iced.

known associate Week 1: 0-2-1, -3 nuts

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