Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pick Dem Hoes: Week 5

Here are this week's picks.


Bill Rubin:

Vikings -10 @ Rams
The Rams are so good, like the best under-10 Pop Warner team in the NFL.
(Vikings 38, Rams 10 W)

Falcons @ 49ers over 40
The Falcons' defense is just crappy enough for the Niners to put up some good points, while the Falcons' passing attack is probably a little too much for the Niners to handle.
(Falcons 45, 49ers 10 W)

Jaguars +1 @ Seahawks
I just think the Jags are a better football team than the Seahawks.
(Jaguars 0, Seahawks 41 L)

(Week 2-1, Season 8-7)


known associate:
Browns+6 @Bills
(cle 6, buf 3 W)
Vikings-10 @Rams
(min 38, stl 10 W)
Colts-3.5 @Titans
(ind 31, ten 9 W)
back to sleep.
(week 3-0, season 10-5)


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