Sunday, October 18, 2009

NFL Weak 6, as opposed to Bionic 6, Picks

49ers are on bye this week because Roddy White ran circles around them and sent them into the speed-force.

Here are our picks:


Panthers -3 @ Bucs
Sex Panthers out-must the naturally BOey Bucs because 60% of the time, it works every time.

Ravens +3 @ Vikings
This is My Edgar Allan Poe pick of the week.

Eagles -14 @ Raiders
Blacked out in the Bay Area because 14 points makes children cry.

Chiefs @ Redskins
Somebody, somewhere, is offended by this game. Not the White Man, though. Beads and blankets for everybody!!!!


Billy Rubin

Eagles -14 @ Raiders
Randall Cunningham is looking real good these days, and word has it that Marcus Allen won't be available for the Raiders
(Eagles 9, Raiders 13 L)

Texans @ Bengals over 46
There'll be more passing here than when people who smoke drugs pass the drugs to each other after they take a puff of some of the drugs
(Texans 28, Bengals 17 L)

Panthers -3 @ Buccaneers
Kinda bad versus really bad.
(Panthers 28, Buccaneers 21 W)

(Week 1-2, Season 9-9)


known associate

these got deleted somehow...

Chiefs +6.5 @ Redskins
(kc 14, was 6 W)
Rams @ Jaguars over 42
(jac 23, stl 20 W, barely)
Eagles -14 @ Raiders

(oak 13, phi 9 L)

(week 2-1, season 12-6)

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