Sunday, October 12, 2014

NFL 2014 Week 6

STEELERS +3 at cle (3 nuts)
a.brown eats up browns haden and steelers dont let the browns come back this time.
- pit 10 cle 31, -3 nuts.
gb at DOLPHINS +3 (3 nuts)
banking on the inside intel from philbin + packers coming off blowout + afternoon miami heat helping the fins.
- gb 27 mia 24, 0 nuts.
backdoor push, an aaron rodgers specialty.
det at VIKINGS PK (3 nuts)
calvin out, teddy in.
- det 17 min 3, -3 nuts.
teddy overmatched.
bengals. aj's out but burfict's back. bounce back from embarrassment in foxboro. split the bet between full game and half.
- half hit, at least.
jets. holding my nose and hoping the jets come through in their superbowl.
- looked good until geno's pick 6.
giants. mckayla maroney face at the eagles.
- this loss was never in doubt.

known associate Week 6: 0-2-1, -6 nuts.
season to date: 5-11-2, -10 nuts

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