Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 11 (Dick) Pic(k)s

This season is so fun so far! This week promises to bring more fun for everyone, something like the Dayman, ah-aaah!

billy rubin:

i don't know how much time i'll have to devote to research and projections, so i'm going to start early with thursday night football.

MIA +3 @ BUF (3 nuts): i'm pretty sure ryan tannehill is more handsome than ryan fitzpatrick so the buffalo LBs and DBs will alternately be blushing and all boned up when they see tannehill in his tight sexy football pants with his augmented dick protector cup bulge. in my honest opinion, that will be the difference in this game - the bills defense playing with boners because of the handsomeness of the dolphins qb. not to take anything away from fitzpatrick though, because i've heard that he has a reputation for having a giant penis and some of the dolphins defenders might get caught thinking about fitzpatrick's big ol' penis on a play action and lose track of cj spiller, who, i presume, is also well endowed in his crotch. basically, it all comes down to penises, per usual. put your money on that!
CLE +7.5 @ DAL (3 nuts): Surely, Trent Richardson has a big penis, and Tony Romo must have a small one, which is why he's always got a new girlfriend - can't keep them satisfied. Plus, Dez Bryant is too busy working on his doctorate to learn his routes. Reverse Cowboy all day!
SD +7.5 @ DEN (3 nuts): Peyton Manning might have the face of a horse, but I doubt that extends to the rest of his anatomy. Philip Rivers didn't get his last name by not being a prolific ejaculator. The luck of the Irish will not be with Willis McGahee this week.

2-1, +3 nuts

known associate:
gb at det OVER 52 (4 nuts)
rodgers and stafford indoors against banged up defenses.
bal at PIT +3.5 (3 nuts)
last play came down to cards, pats, raiders, panthers, or...
CLE +7 at dal (2 nuts)

TB -1.5 @ CAR (4 nuts)
CLE +7 @ DAL (3 nuts)
JAX +15 @ HOU (3 nuts)

records through week 10:
known associate: 14-15-1. +1 nut (last week: 2-1, +3 nuts)
nyt: 16-14, +4 nuts
billy rubin: 10-19-1, -23 nuts (last week: 0-3, -7 nuts)

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