Monday, March 15, 2010

Album of the Week: The Stimulus Package

As you may have guessed from the above image, I spent last week listening to Freeway & Jake One's album, The Stimulus Package. If the internets are any indication, this album was one of the most highly anticipated hip hop albums in early 2010, and I am split on my feelings about it. Every song on the album was produced by The Emerald City's own Jake One and, by and large, the beats are top notch.  "Follow My Moves" is my favorite song on the album, which probably speaks more to my recent infatuation with ignant rap than to Jake One's beat making skills. Other stand out beats include: "She Makes Me Feel Alright" and "Microphone Killa".

So the beats hold up; "What about the lyrics?", you ask. I've never been a Freeway fan, per se, but I kind of always thought that he had some value as a rapper. Prior to the release of The Stimulus Package, if you had asked me about Freeway, I probably would've said that I liked his delivery. Apparently, I would've been wrong. After listening to The Stimulus Package several times, I am about 95% certain that Freeway can't carry an album on his own. He wastes a lot of Jake One's beats on this album, and his cadence, more often that not, is annoying and juvenile to me. In addition, he drops some pretty retarded lyrics like: "I'm the MC with the hammer that is too legit to quit", and "Row, row, row your boat". Yes, he actually says that. I'm not a big fan of listening to strictly instrumentals, but The Stimulus Package is definitely a hip hop album that's better sans lyrics.

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