Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Want to Pick More Sleep

Happy All Saints Day! Here are our picks for Week 8:

Billy Rubin

Lions -3.5 vs. Rams
Possible Super Bowl match-up. Roger Goodell is nutting in his pants over this premium game.
(Lion 10, Rams 17 L)

49ers +13 @ Colts
Because I hope it happens, and that's always a good impetus for betting.
(49ers 14, Colts 18 W)

Jaguars @ Titans over 44.5
The pretty terrible offenses will take advantage of the pretty terrible defenses.
(Jaguars 13, Titans 30 L)

(Week 1-2, Season 12-12)


known associate:

Dolphins +3.5 @ Jets
The Jets couldn't figure out the wildcat last time around.
(mia 30, nyj 25 W)

Jaguars +3 @ Titans
I'm betting against Vince Young.
(ten 30, jac 13 L)

Ravens -4.5 vs. Broncos
Good spot for the Ravens.
(bal 30, den 7 W)

(week 2-1, season 15-9)

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