Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Used to Sell Mixtapes...

Kinda, but not really. I did, however, make an "underground hip-hop" mixtape sometime around 1998. It features a lot of the groups I was listening to back then: Living Legends, Freestyle Fellowship, C.V.E, Goodie Mob, Outkast, Bored Stiff, Organized Konfusion and some other artists I've since forgotten and most people haven't even heard of. I made it on an old analog 4-track and then burned it to CD using what is now an obsolete CD-burner. I made a handful of actual cassette tape copies and made a half-assed attempt to sell them, but mostly the original CD copies just sat in a random binder for the last decade or so. Then sometime last year an old friend started a new website,, where DJs can upload digital copies of their mixes and anyone can listen. If you want to download the mix you just need to sign up for a free membership. In addition to my mediocre mix, there a ton of really great mixes by some of the top mix DJs around. If anyone is reading this and likes music, you should go check out right now.

And if anyone is interested, here are the links to my mixes (remember it was originally an actual mixTAPE, so it has two sides): Side A & Side B

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