Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The T.O. Show, No Homo.

i'm a 49er fan, die-hard.
i'm also a T.O. fan, always was and never stopped being.
in his prime, he was the most entertaining player i've ever witnessed don the red and gold, rivaled only by Ronnie Lott.

i also thought he was gay. not that it mattered... i just figured a repressed homosexuality accounted for his eccentricities, flamboyant nature on the field, cycle of ruined relationships with his QBs and general detachment from reality. oh and a friend of a friend who once dated him also told me as much.

then i watched The T.O. Show. now it all may be an act but just one episode into the series and it's evident that T.O. pulls some serious ass. breezies of all sorts-- from pigeon ass realtors to his dime piece ex-fiance.

or maybe he really doesn't care whom or what he fucks... as long as it makes his dick feel good.

go Niners.

image via VH1

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